The Thumbs Up Sign: New Symbol of White Supremacy

The Thumbs Up Sign: New Symbol of White Supremacy

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The thumbs up.

It?s long been a hand gesture of general positivity. A sign that says everything is good, that everything is okay. It?s a comforting signal. It?s reassuring. I have used the thumbs up often for most of my life, especially in photos, many of which I post on my social media. I love what the thumbs up stands for!

But I?m here to tell you, that the thumbs up no longer means what it used to mean. It has gone the way of the okay sign?

That?s right.

The thumbs up is the new symbol of white supremacy.

They couldn?t leave well enough alone could they?

First, a bunch of snarky, angry-tech-Bro-cismale-hetero fascist-incel-scum on 4chan took the innocuous okay sign and turned it into a hate symbol. They passed around joke memes and trolled the rest of us into believing that the okay sign ? essentially your three last fingers extended, while your index and thumb join tips to make a circle ? really meant white supremacy.

They conned us into seeing that the three extended fingers form the letter W and the circle fingers plus the middle finger forms a P. So you have a W and a P, which stands for White suPremacy.

Image for postTake that thumb and shove it!

The okay sign was a part of friendliness. Another positive hand gesture. Well, they stole it from us. And now they are stealing our thumbs up!

It used to be that when I thought of a thumbs up I thought of joy, optimism, and affirmation. All I can think of now is racism and white privilege!

You know what I want? For these white supremacists to take their thumbs right up their asses! And if they can then turn around clockwise, then back again like washing machine cycle that would be awesome.

Do you people see what they are doing?

They are taking away all our positive hand gestures and transforming them into something evil! Hatred! This is violence! This is physical violence bestowed upon us! I don?t even care if it?s just a joke?everyone with a heart knows humor and sarcasm is the bane of our existence.

We need to stop them or we will never be able to make a sign with are hands to indicate we?re okay.

Now I?m not saying to keep using the thumbs up sign in defiance. I?m not saying to just ignore these subversive attempts to take away our precious, few positive hand signals and just continue using them as if this never happened.

I am very aware that these signs have already been labeled as hate, and there is no turning back on that. I?d be an insensitive bigot if I were to use the thumbs up sign after some people have already been affected negatively by it. It wouldn?t be woke of me. Not by a mile. And nobody is going to tell me I?m not the wokest person they have ever met?ever!

Instead, what we need to do is find the racist jerks who have been doing this and kick them off the godamn internet! Can we have someone do that please? Where is the button? Where is the switch. Somebody make a freakin? call here. Michelle Obama? Anyone!

Free speech? That?s just another way of saying Free Hate to me. And I don?t stand for hate. I make a point of letting everyone know this.

I hate hate!

In the meantime, I propose we start putting up our pinkies as a replacement to both the okay sign and the thumbs up. Pinkies up everyone!


Oh and by the way: I Love you?re new sunglasses!


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