“Can society function without respect?”

Laurence Sterne once said, ?respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners.? When we respect others, we become closer to being a better person. But is this really the case for today?s society? Some people might agree that our generation has lost our morals. Without respect, our society can not function.

Many teenagers feel that they need to rebel in order to have a voice. They throw rowdy parties and do other terrible acts just to prove a point that they are no longer kids and need to be treated as adults. This is ironic due to the fact that they want to be respected as adults but act as children. Unfortunately, these disrespectful acts shape our society in a very bad way. Peer pressure is one example of the result of disrespect. Most teenagers think that they need to act a certain way so others can ?like? them, but it?s not always the right thing.

My generation needs to do a better job of showing respect for others. If we become a better example and show others how to act, we can truly make a change. If our society had respect, we most likely wouldn?t have the problems we have today. If we had respect for the hungry, perhaps we could solve the underlying issue of world hunger. If we had respect for people different than us, perhaps we can be one step closer to world peace.

It?s essential that our society has respect. Without it, our society wouldn?t be able to function. Respect is now considered a luxury, rather than a common curtesy. If you see a homeless person at the side of the road, the unfortunate reality is that they rarely see respect as an individual. We must think about the way we act to others, because the smallest act of kindness can truly make a difference and change somebody?s day.


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