The Real Twin Flame Runners Perspective

The Real Twin Flame Runners Perspective

There is so much written every single day from the POV of the chaser. And that?s because the majority of us discussing the journey online tend to be the more awakened one which leads us to be the chaser (more often than not although this does vary of course).

Trying to understand the perspective of the twin flame runner is one of the most important parts to making your journey easier for both them and you. It?s also, sadly, one of the least talked about and a lot of the twin flame readings I do involve trying to help people understand what their twin is going through.

It?s important to remember this changes over time and the roles can (and often do) reverse. This is an interesting story from the runners perspective ? but remember yours might be different as no two twin flame paths are ever exactly the same.

I ran at First Sight. Ran to hide.

I?ve always ran when a stranger has suddenly approached me, wanting to hook up. ? Well, not quite true? I?ve accepted their offer twice, and dated them for a while. Just to give it a chance. But that has never really worked for me.

So when I was approached again ? this time by a man very apparently young enough to be my son ? I did what I?m used to doing. Ran.

Only this time, it was somehow different. He was different. He seemed totally smitten by me, telling me I was the most beautiful woman he?s ever seen. I was flattered enough to give him a hug for making my day. He begged for another hug, which he finally got. And used the opportunity to shamelessly grab my behind and thrust me against his pelvis. That left me speechless!

So I tried to get rid of him, but he just followed me like a love-sick puppy. He kept begging to see me, being at the same time both innocent and foolish, so I couldn?t help smiling at him. In the end, I fled to my neighbor. And that was that.

Or so I thought.

Two days later he asked me again, online. I was surprised, shocked and now convinced that he was a Stalker. So I blocked him, which I?ve never done before. I was scared that he would track me on all social media, so I tried to hide by erasing most of my accounts.

Can?t really say what I was afraid of? Probably of him showing up at my doorstep. As he was too young for me to even consider seeing. And so totally NOT my type.

But at the same time? he was tempting. Despite the absurdity of it all. There was something about him ? maybe in that whole-body hug ? that made him stick to my mind like bubblegum to a shoe sole. Totally annoying, but you can never really get completely rid of it.

My kundalini awakened a few weeks later, driving my sexuality through the roof. I had occasional sexual fantasies of him for over 4 months. I tried to hook up with someone else but in vain. My thoughts returned more frequently to that young stranger.

At last, I caved in. I was like a cat in heat, in desperate need of a mate. And thought of him constantly. As I was somehow totally convinced he would still be interested. So I dared myself to unblock him and contact him. And I was right ? he was still as interested as before.

That was the start of our Twin Flame Journey. Which he then ran from, once we fell in love.

Now we?re friends ? but once again, my biology urged me to ask for us to meet. And he has agreed.

So let?s see who will do the next running?

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