The Real Meaning of 여보세요 [yeoboseyo]

The Real Meaning of 여보세요 [yeoboseyo]

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When the phone rings, Koreans say ?????[yeoboseyo].? It is a Korean way of saying ?Hello? on the phone.

? The meaning of ????

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???? is a short way to say ??? ????. It is like ?Look over here!? to others.

(Actually, Koreans don?t really know about the meaning or why we began to use it.)

? The original usage of ????

Technically, ?????? is used whenever you?re not sure who you?re talking to.

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?????? can be used in this situation because she is talking to an unspecified person. Actually, this was the ?original? usage of ?????? before the telephone was invented.

Naturally, Korean people started to say ?????? on the phone because when you first pick up the phone you don?t know who you?re talking to.

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