The Real Meaning Behind Justin Timberlake’s- Mirrors

The Real Meaning Behind Justin Timberlake’s- Mirrors

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Year 2013, Mirrors cause an uproar in the music industry because of it?s savvy tune and romantic meaning. The one who sang this is no other than, Justin Timberlake, he?s known as a famous American singer-songwriter, actor, dancer, and record producer residing in Los Angeles, California. With his team they created the The 20/20 Experience- the title of his album. His album became the best selling album in the said year and eventually crowned as the Billboard Year-End number-one album. The 20/20 Experience album also in compiled with ?Suit & Tie? and ?Tunnel Vision? together with ?Mirrors?, Justin Timberlake proudly present this songs to his supportive fans. He says that it took a lot of time and patience writing this song with the other composers- Timothy Mosley, Jerome ?J-Roc? Harmon, and James Fauntleroy. If I would give my own interpretation theme of the song, It?ll be ?Granted Romance?. Maybe because the singer found his other half and love him just the same. Mirrors is mysterious and hard to expound the real meaning of it, but I?ve come to realize it was made that way. Justin Timberlake is a romantic kind of person, obviously he speaks through his heart that made him one kind of a talented person.

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Justin Timberlake surely knew how to sooth your heart by just listening to his songs. Mirrors has a lot of great lyrics phrase that will make you think deeper. (?Cause I don?t wanna lose you now, I?m lookin? right at the other half of me?) I think this line pertains to the singer?s fear of losing his love one, at the same time his realization that he already found his partner for life but didn?t realized it sooner. This could also be the singer?s life is too dark at the moment, his demons is covering his shadows and all he could see is his reflection, the old version of him that he didn?t want to lose. Another line from song that made me awe is, (?Comin? back into you once I figured it out, you were right here all along?) this opened my eyes that we all have our unanswered questions in our mind. Unrecognizable feelings can always makes us feel scared, yet we?re tempted to take the risk. But when we felt the courage in our hearts, we?ll come back to the time when we feel so weak and embrace all the flaws. Sometimes, we worked hard to find answers to our questions, little did we know that the answers were just right in front of us. Lastly, my most favorite line in Mirrors would be, (?You reflect me, I love that about you. And if I could, I would look at us all the time?) All of us wanted to meet our destined one or what we called, soulmate. The singer must be happy, the one that he loves the most loves him back. They share the same feelings. Grief, longing, heartaches, happiness they felt that together and even if they turned back to each other once, at the end of the day, they found themselves in each other arms. The relationship they shared wasn?t a perfect relationship, maybe it?s full of mistakes and regrets, but those things only made them stronger.

The music video of mirrors is as confusing as it?s song?s meaning. But as I?ve watched the video, it turned out that the story it?s been telling is a deep kind of love, but couldn?t be seen. A person who fall in love but didn?t know how to react because it?s a strange feeling and wasn?t really aware of the word love. The music video has an aesthetic vibe to express the art and color of love to emphasize those characters who resemble his/her past. Since Mirrors is the title of this song, they made it as the main symbol of the music video. Maybe, the message it?s been telling us, that sooner or later, there will be someone who will have the same feelings as you.

This song may have a different meaning for me, as I?ve always looked at the mirror, all I could see was the indifference of me to other people. It?s like my whole personality is speaking up, it all reflects and show my reason why I have to be strong. There was a dark time when I lost my confidence but when I caught a glance into my mirror in the wall of my bathroom, I suddenly smiled even if my make up is all ruined, then I said, ?There?s still a reason to fight.? I remembered all my dreams, I?ll made it come true, someday.

I?ll give this song a 5 star for waking my emotions and making me realized the important things in my life.


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