The Real Definitions of Indigo People — Are You One of Them?

The Real Definitions of Indigo People — Are You One of Them?

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Before I was diving deep into spirituality, I had no idea what indigo people are.

It is ubiquitous in my country (Indonesia), and people said this word all the time. But the word indigo here in the country indicating the spiritual possession someone has, their ability to communicate with other dimension.

?My aunt is an indigo.? My friend told me this one day, back when I was still in school. ?She could see ghosts and talk to them.?

I nodded when I heard that, interested by her propositions.

?Yesterday, She was visiting my home and strange things happened.?

My attention to her became undivided. She got me hooked on this stories of her ?indigo? aunt.

?I was about to pee. And when I enter the bathroom, She stopped me.? My friend looked at me with serious-looking eye. ?She said there?s someone at the bathroom!?

My eyes widened.

?There is a girl ghost that were sitting in the toilet. Her hair was so long and she just sit there, crying.?

?Oh My God!?

?I know!?

We spent the next hours telling each other bunch of other creepy stories. Since that day, the definition of indigo people in my mind would be this : A person with the ability to see or communicate with ghosts.

Fast forward years later, I was sitting on the verge of my own spiritual awakening.

I was groggy, anxious, feeling attacked and worried about all of the things that happened to me in such a short time.

I remember that I?d consumed hundreds of pages of books a day and countless videos regarding spirituality.

The word ?Indigo? come back to my life.

But this time, it was different.

It was so very different than what I had known before, and yet it felt so real.

I will share with you what is the real definition of indigo people, and whether or not you know one. You could even be one of them, you know! 😉

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It is no secret that we live in a rather messed up world.

Inequality spreading out everywhere and each side feels like they are the best side, or the most right ones.

What if everything (Beliefs, race, countries, etc) are only illusions that makes us separate ourselves from others?

Afterall, the core self of human beings are all the same.

We want happiness. We want to feel loved. We want to live peacefully and purposefully. We want to love and be loved.

Indigo people are aware of this fact, and they are usually come here to emphasize on new way of living.

Indigos are people that understand the fact that we are rather behind in our spiritual life and essence. They came here to revolutionize the world, with their own way.

Their sense of individuality are usually very strong.

These people are not afraid of anything, as long as they know they are on their path.

The messages that indigos carries in this world are usually very clear : They know something isn?t right in our rigid life system, and they are here to change it.

If you are an indigo, you could be :

  1. Creative, innovative beings. You questions everything and usually rejected doing things ?just because other people doing it?. You want to do something when you know there is a meaning behind every act you commit. Oftentimes, the meaning is to purge out the old way of doing things, and replace it with new, better way that benefits people at general.
  2. Anti-authoritative. Deep down, you are aware that we are equal. So hierarchy seems a bit funny for you. Having to be afraid to someone else just because they are in a higher position than you doesn?t makes sense, oftentimes. For you, things that separate us as human beings are our empathy and ability to makes ourselves useful for people around. Material possessions doesn?t mean much.
  3. Feeling like you don?t fit in. The feeling of not fitting in are very common in indigo people. They could feel that there are something strange in the way ordinary people interact and socialize with each other. Material possessions, status, and appearance could feel like another illusions of what?s important. This is because deep down, they know what?s important : their soul growth.
  4. Have unusual Spiritual Experiences. Indigo people are usually having strong ties with their spirit guides. For example, they could be having strong intuitions, are psychic (clairvoyant, clairsentient, etc), and an empath. These things help them understanding, discovering, and makes their mission in life comes true.
  5. Unstoppable once you?ve found your mission. Indigo people are brave people. They often don?t give a shit to other people?s opinion. They know society?s pressure and illusions, and won?t stop to be their authentic self. Society are often pressure us to be certain person with certain title. However, these things aren?t always makes us happy. The true happiness comes when we are being authentic to ourselves, and indigos are very aware of this fact.

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Being an indigo could means loneliness.

You could be living your whole life feeling secluded and not really belong to a place, that?s because you aren?t meant to fit in. You are meant to shake the old world and introduce new way of livings.

What you can do if you are one of them (Or if you know one that happen to be an indigo), is to find another people that are like you.

Join indigo community, try to talk with other people that has the same language as yours. You can find these people through facebook, meetups, or any social medias you fancy.

I always says that we are so lucky nowadays because we live in a digital era. This makes it very easy for us to connect and find our tribes, where ever we live or stay.

Good luck manifesting your tribes, wish you all the best luck in the world! 🙂

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