| Reasons why has been Regarded as a Scam | Reasons why has been Regarded as a Scam

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With the increasing number of dating sites, the number of imposters has grown at an alarming rate as well. While some of them are genuine ones, there are many which tend to host fake profiles just to trap people into subscribing to their monthly or quarterly subscription plans. Reviews of have been full of complaints from people who have signed up in the website in expectations of meeting their special one.

A little bit about it

The website is primarily developed and run by FH International Limited, which mainly operates dating sites and not just one, but a few. Some of the other websites under this organization are,,, and a few more. All the aforementioned websites have the same criteria and features with a different domain name, but the entirety of the websites are the same.

The website harbors fake profiles of women

Several reports have justified how the website has profiles which are automatically created and are not legit profiles of women in real life. Many people have claimed that it is actually the staff of the organization that makes and handles the entire website and the profiles which are put up. It has been the member of the website who has actually claimed to have been behind these virtually generated profiles and do not claim them as real.

On the other hand, there might be two out of the ten profiles which are legit, but finding the real profiles from the sea of fake ones is a pretty tough nut to crack. The profiles are managed mostly by the interns and the employees and the few people who have actually met someone through the website have reviewed it as an okay website.

Automated chat messages and e-mail

Given the fact that 90 percent of the profiles on the website are not legit, it has been informed by some of the subscribed users that they still received some messages and e-mails from some of the accounts of the website. The team behind has continuously claimed that they use an automated method to generate replies or even simple e-mails to send to their subscribed users.

The reviews for the website have also claimed to use broadcast messages as a click bait to draw a number of users for their website. It is always the computer-generated e-mails that are sent to the users.


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