The Night Nurse (a short erotic story)

After a well deserved vacation to Tahiti, Yarielis Irizarry returned to her job as an RN on the graveyard shift. It?s been two years since transferring to the VA Hospital in Jamaica, Queens from Winthrop in Mineola near her home. Yarielis enjoyed working in the city, especially since there was little traffic to fight at night. She also liked her patients, many of which were injured in the multiple wars the U.S. has waged for the past forty years; From Vietnam to Afghanistan, her concern for them all is both emotionally draining and spiritually satisfying. At the nurses station, Yarielis shows vacation pictures to jealous co-workers who fawn over her swimwear choices and the beautiful layout of the resort. ?I bet you were sipping on those island drinks with those funny names like, Mai-Tai?s, Sex on the Beach, and Blow Jobs??, says Heidi to the laughter of the other three women working on the floor?two of which are at the end of their shift and heading out the door. ?The first two days it was Rhum Swizzle and Maiden Name?but the last day I was downing Long Islands?guess I got homesick.? ??Sacaste Pene??(Did you get some dick?), asked Saskia Ivelisse, the only other spanish speaker besides Yarielis that works on the floor. ?There were a few candidates, but no winners.? she replies to her latina sistren in english.

Saskia slowly shakes her head and says, ?No WEPA for you.? Yarielis smiles, then makes her way to the fridge in the break-room to drop off the lunch she brought, and put her coat in the closet before starting her rounds. Usually her rounds consist of looking after six patients on her wing of the floor. But on this night, two of the rooms at the end of the hall are empty.

Wearing her scrubs and white sneakers, Yarielis checked in on her first patient, Louis Brock, a sixty something year old, six foot tall former Army sergeant with broad shoulders and a milk chocolate complexion who looks just as intimidating while sleeping than most people look wide awake.

Sometimes Yarielis would find her patients handsome with their large muscular battle-scarred bodies and powerful calloused hands. Some would say Yari is a full figured women?but with measurements of 54?40?56 and height of 5’11, she would call herself fat. And the issues she?s had with past lovers is they would handle her too passively and she?d become sexually frustrated. Maybe that explained her attraction to dominant men in uniform.

She would sometimes think that if some of her patients were more her age, she would give them a shot in the sack. She makes her way to the next patient with the door cracked open. Peeking through it, Alonzo Montez is sitting in bed reading a book. The light source above his head illuminates the room. Yari grew up in the same neighborhood as Alonzo during the mid-1980?s, being one of the more popular guys around the way where they called him ?Flaco? due to his slim figure as a teen, but soon he became known as ?Fly Flaco? when he became a break-dancer. When he returned home from the Gulf War with his right leg amputated, people still called him ?Fly Flaco?, but he never danced again.

?Hey Flaco?how are you??, she asked with positive intent. Alondro looks up from the book, looking pass his reading glasses to see his favorite nurse smiling back at him. ?Aye mija??, he replies. ?I keep telling my mom I?m going to finish this thing?, while motioning to the book, and shows the cover to Yari which is called ?We The Animals? by Justin Torres. ?It?s a short read, but pretty intense?Mom won?t let me join her book club until I finish it?, as they share a laugh.

As a teen, Yari had the biggest crush on Alondro and loved seeing him dance with his friends at parties outside of his project building, the Puerto Rican Day parade, and that time she went to her older cousins wedding where he was the life of the reception. Even though she was about twelve at the time and he was a decade older, watching him move gave her a tingling feeling between her legs?something she had never felt before.

?Can I get you something to drink??, Yari asks.

?Got any Hennessey laying around in the break-room?? he asked with a sly grin. ?I think we?re fresh out?you got a second choice?? ?Nah?I?m gonna lay it down now and have some OJ in the morning?, putting the novel on the nightstand, and pulling the covers over him. ?See you in the morning ?Fly Flaco?.?, as she starts closing the door. ?See you in my dreams ?Sweet Yogi?, he responds before turning off the lamp.

Yari was shocked that he remembered her childhood nick-name. It took a lot of willpower for her to not enter the room, close the door and jump in bed with him. Making her way further down the hall toward the empty beds, Yari checks in with Kenard Freeman, who was admitted the day before she went on vacation.

According to the notes in his chart, he?s stubbornly non-compliant which lead him to suffer a mild heart attack. Yari enters the room and sees Mr. Freeman sleeping in bed, connected to an IV and a heart monitor. She approaches the bed to get a good look at him. ?Not bad for a seventy year old?, Yari thinks to herself while checking out the Vietnam veteran; a fair skinned black male, slim figure with a balding head of soft curly hair. ?If I?m the one that gives him a bath in the morning, I might throw in a happy ending?, Yari says to herself.

?Is he awake??, were the words she heard behind her. Turning around, Yari is face to face with a younger version of the man who was laying in the bed. ?I take it you?re his son?? ?I?m one of them?, replies the guy who?s still standing by the door. ?My name is Flint, by the way?, he says putting his hand out and Yari walks over to shake it. His other hand is holding a Styrofoam food container. From the scent it smells like Chinese food?maybe Thai. ?I?m Yari?his nurse for the night.?

?I hope he hasn?t been giving you a hard time?he can be a handful sometimes.?

?When he was being admitted a few days ago, I was on my way out the door?I?m just getting back from vacation.?

After another minute of chit-chat, Yari tells him she has to go back to the nurses station to fill out some paperwork. ?Well I hate to eat alone?what time is your lunch break?? ?Whenever I want to take it?give me a few minutes?, says Yari with a lustful grin on her baby face.

?Mr. Freeman?s son is kinda cute??, says Saskia to Yari, who?s typing something into a computer back at the nurses station. ?He?s alright??, Yari shoots back in a bland tone, trying not to be too ?hot in the pants? in front of her co-worker. ?Bitch, don?t play like your pussy ain?t jumping right now?you just got back from a topical paradise and you ain?t even get poked out there?How long has it been since you had your pussy played with??

?Not since I broke up with Esteban.?, Yari answers back while wrapping up her computer work as she leans back in her favorite swivel chair.Saskia?s eyes widen while staring at Yari. ?You haven?t been fucked in three months!?, she exclaimed. ?Can you talk a little louder?I don?t think the staff below us heard you?, Yari shoots back with sarcasm. ?Listen?if you don?t go down there and ride that motherfuckers face and dick, I?m gonna go and get served.? Yari stares at Saskia and says to herself, ?Bitch?I already made up my mind to fuck him, I just want you to think it was your idea?.

Saskia chimes in, ?You know if someone ask, Imma cover for you.? She stares at Saskia for a beat, then gets up from the chair, heads to the fridge to grab her lunch to put in the microwave. In Mr.Freeman?s room,Yari eats her arroz con pollo and carimanolas and Flint tears into his beef and broccoli.

She finds out Flint?s mom separated from his dad, taking him and his older brother to Atlanta in the early 80?s. But since his father has gotten older and can?t properly care for himself, Flint is going to take Mr.Freeman back to Georgia to look after him. Mr. Freeman?s ex-wife passed away twelve years ago.

Whenever Flint turns his head to look up at the TV that hangs from the ceiling, Yari?s eyes looks down at the bulge in his crotch, trying to figure out if he?s hard or soft. Flint turns his head back to Yari, and catches her staring at his dick print. After a few seconds she looks up at his face, as he is starring straight at her. ?See something you like??, he asks with a slight smiles on his face. Yari nods her head. ?How about you?? Flint looks down at her chest. Yari slowly lifts her scrubs shirt up over her belly, then lifts it higher, exposing a crimson red see-through push up bra that contains her ample size D breast.

Yari?s light brown skin tone and bra color compliment each other. Flint can see her dark brown nipples poking out of the sheer material. He can even make out the small bumps that surround her areolas. She looks down at his lap, noticing that the bulge has gotten larger in width and length. The sight makes her take a deep breath as she pulls down the bra cups, and being pinching and teasing her erect nipples.

Flint slowly pulls down the zipper on his pants, reaches inside and pulls out an erect penis that points up to the ceiling on it?s own.

Yari feels herself getting wet between her legs as she stares at his swollen member; The veiny shaft is slighty darker than the rest of his skin tone, with the bulbous head a light pink color. Flint starts stroking it a few times before a small bubble of pre-cum appears. ?There?s an empty bed next door.?, Yari says with a rapidly beating heart inside her chest.

After moving into one of the empty rooms, which contains a bed with fresh linen, Yari and Flint are standing next to it probing each others mouth with their tongues. After a few minutes of lip-locking, Flint squats down in front of her, pulls the drawstring loose as her scrub pants fall to the floor, revealing her fleshy thighs that lead up to a pair of red see-though panties, not only exposing a thick amount of pubic hair, but the wetness from being so turned on.

Caressing her thighs, Flint plants kisses on both of them, then licks the damp panties causing her knees to get weak in delight, as her hands reach out to hold his head in place as he continues to flick his tongue over her sensitive area, massaging not just her bushy mound but searching for the clitoris to tease.

With her legs becoming wobbly Flint stands up, pulls the scrub top over her head while pulling her close to him. ?You should be an underwear model.?, he says while checking out her sexy two piece combo. ?Who?s gonna watch my fat ass model some underwear.?

This causes Flint to chuckle.

?Me?I?d be sitting in the front row of the cat-walk?, before sticking his tongue back into her mouth, then pushes her back onto the bed, pulling her legs up then taking off the scrub bottoms, leaving sneakers on.

He then pulls off the panties, allowing Yari?s legs to spread as wide as they can go. Starting with small licks to the labia, then giving the clitoris a deep tongue kiss, sending waves of warm pleasure throughout Yari?s body. A soft moan escapes from her mouth.

Buy this point Yari?s vulva is glistening?with Flint finding the juices intoxicating.

Her clitoris went from being the size of a pea, to it?s current shape of a swollen throbbing cherry. He gives it just the slightest lick, causing spasms in her thighs and a jiggle in her belly. Yari grabs the pillow from behind her head, putting it over her mouth, letting out a deep moan into it.

After moving it, she says, ?Take your pants off?my G-spot wanna talk to your dick.? As Flint hops off the bed, unbuckling his belt, Yari wants to ask if he has a condom on him, but figures he wouldn?t just be walking around with one in his pocket. When he pulls his pants down he?s wearing underwear with a small pocket, and pulls out a gold foiled condom packet, which puts her at ease.After a minute of slow strokes, Flint starts speeding up the pace while Yari smothers his face with both breast.After twenty minutes of getting into multiple positions?and experiencing multiple orgasms, Yari asks how long would it take for him to cum so she can get back to work. ?I have a hard time of cumming during sex?I?ll just jerk off later.??I?ll come back later to finish you off.?

He gets out of bed, putting on his underwear/pants as she puts back on her bra/panties. Flint goes into the restroom to flush the rubber and wash up. When he gets out Yari is fully clothed and it?s her time to wash up and take a piss. When she gets out they kiss and decide to get breakfast after her shift is over.

Yari makes her way back to the nurse station, taking a seat in the same swivel chair and leans back.

Saskia is still sitting in the same chair, talking on the desk phone. After a few moments she wraps up the conversation and hang up.

?Did you get properly dicked down??

?Oh yeah??, Yari says with a deep sense of satisfaction.

?Good?now your vacation is over?, Saskia replies.



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