The Mystery behind Lebron James Father?

The Mystery behind Lebron James Father?

Today I will be putting on my secret agent skills to work. I will try to find out who Lebron James? dad is. Lebron?s mom Gloria James was only 16 when Lebron was born. Let?s investigate the 1st person.

Investigation #1:Bryce Stovell the first witness said that he and Gloria hooked up in 1984 the same year Lebron was born. He told Prime News that around March he met her at a bar called DC Space. She was 15 and he was 29. He proclaims that Gloria lied and said she was in her early 20?s. Bryce tried to sue Gloria and Lebron for fraud and tampering with the DNA test. In my opinion, Lester looks nothing like Lebron. The DNA test said that there is a 0% chance that Bryce was the father. After researching and just looking at them it is safe to say Bryce is not the father.

Image for postBryce Stovell (Right) and Lebron James (Left)

Investigation #2:Former NBA legend Nate Thurmond is the second witness but this one doesn?t make sense to me at all. Thurmond would?ve been in his 40?s when Gloria was pregnant. The reasons behind this one are Thurmond was also born in Akron and played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Their body structure is the same and not to mention the hairline. Maybe, Thurmond is hiding it so people don?t say his son is better than him. It is safe to say this one is false with not enough evidence. RIP Nate Thurmond.

Image for postNate Thurmond

Investigation #3 and #4:Roland Bivens star basketball player at the same high school Gloria went to in the early 1980?s. *Anthony McClelland has said to be the father by Gloria James.* I actually believe that these 2 gentlemen are the same people. When you look up pictures for Anthony McClellan it comes up with pictures of Roland Bivens. Roland was 18 or 19 was Gloria was 15 or 16, which would?ve been statutory rape, just like the first 2 victims. Friends of Gloria and Roland said they always hung out with each other and even dated at one point. The reason I believe Roland changed his name to Anthony is that Roland was charged with arson and theft. Roland?s high school coach said that Roland?s play style was the exact same as Lebron?s. If you look at a picture of Roland in high school and Lebron in high school side by side they look very similar. *This is where it gets confusing and really deep.* The reason why Roland never stepped up and said he was the father is that he died in a drive by in 1994. Lebron was 8 years old and wasn?t known across the world yet when this incident happened. But here is where it gets confusing Roland died in 1994 but Anthony McClelland whom I believe is the same person as Roland was arrested in 2002! Earlier that year before he was arrested he tried to get in contact with Lebron. But how could all of this happen if he was murdered 8 years ago? Go back to the middle of this paragraph where Roland was charged with arson and theft, well guess what the same McClelland was arrested in 2002 for arson and theft. So was my prediction for them being the same person wrong? Was Roland Bivens just a guy who looked just like Lebron and dated Gloria.

Image for postRoland Bivens

Metta World Peace stated ?My brother was in jail with Lebron?s father. My brother spent 10 years in jail, they were locked up together.? There is nothing that says his older brother was locked up but in article about Metta and his brother Daniel, it shows some evidence stating that Daniel was bad in high school and went to 4 different high schools in his 4 years.

Did you know that Lebron James might have a step brother? Lebron was the only child of Gloria stated many times by her. After Lebron was born she did have many boyfriends but never had a baby with any of them. So that means that McClellan had a baby with someone else. There is a man by the name Aaron McClelland Gamble. Aaron and Lebron look so much a like it is actually insane.

Image for postLebron James (Left) and Aaron McClelland Gamble (Right)

After thinking about this for some time, I believe the Roland Bivens that died in 1994 was a different Roland Bivens. When Roland was charged with arson and theft he changed his name to Anthony McClelland to get away from going to jail. Comment down below out of these guys who you think is Lebron?s father.


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