The Locks of Love Scam

The Locks of Love Scam

They can?t be trusted

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Locks of Love poses as a charity organization that accumulates and donates human hair to be turned into wigs for cancer patients. In principle, this is a noble thing to do for a good cause, but as with so many good causes, one can?t take anything at face value. One has to look a little closer to determine if Locks of Love can be trusted.

By Locks of Love own admission, the organization is extremely hesitant to process hair that is received in the mail. In an email, a Locks of Love spokesperson stated that human hair is known to contain any number of parasites and has to go through a cleansing process before it can be used. This cleansing process he stated is rather expensive and Locks of Love cannot afford this process.

As such, hair that is received in the mail or dropped off at the office is sold to wig manufacturers in California who have to facilities to cleanse hair. Most of the hair ends up in the wardrobe studios of Hollywood where it is worn by the actors and actresses or is sold to European wig manufacturers.

Family members or friends of a child with cancer often donate their hair in the hope that a wig can be created of their hair. This is not a realistic expectation. Eight to ten ponytails of a similar color and texture are needed to make one wig. The bottom three inches are cut and throw away. Hair that has been permed, straightened or colored is also throw away.

Lock of Love?s claims that wigs are donated to children suffering from cancer is less than true. In general kids with cancer are rejected for a wig as their baldness is temporary. Their baldness is a direct result from chemo and radiation treatment. Once the treatment has been concluded, the child?s natural hair grows back. As such, the hair loss is temporary and the child does not qualify for a wig.

One insider stated that Locks of Love doesn?t give wigs to kids with cancer, Locks of Love simply uses them to create sympathy with the public.

Only children suffering from Alopecia and other long-term hair loss conditions are being considered, which are very small in number. For the Alopecia patient to receive a wig, the parents of a child can apply but are not guaranteed to receive a wig. The parents have to write a 2,000-word essay stating why they think their child qualifies for a wig, send a photo of the child and need to pay for the wig in accordance with their earnings. Children of families that have an income of $100,000 or more are not illegible.

Lock of Love claims to be a not for profit organization, but that is not quite true either. Take a look at a financial statement for 2009 from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and draw your own conclusions.

Total income $1,925,345

Program expenses $1,041,105

Fund raising expenses $20,185

Administrative expenses $230,207

Total expenses $1,291,497

Income in Excess of Expenses $633,848

Beginning net assets $4,586,851

Ending net assets $5,220,699

Total liabilities $11,144

Total assets $5,231,843

If you?re considering donating your hair ? DON?T! You are being scammed.

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