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Tattoo Sizes: Knowing What you Want

Want to get a tattoo, but not sure what size to get?

Or maybe you?ve heard terms like ?6 inch? thrown around and have absolutely no idea what that means or how a ?6 inch? tattoo would actually look on your skin?

Perhaps you have an idea of what you want to get, but are having difficulty figuring out how your desired tattoo size is priced?

Our Sizing Guide can help you figure this all out ? from learning how to properly measure a tattoo to knowing what to tell your artist when they ask you what you really want!

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Tattoo Measurement

Why Measure a Tattoo?

You might wonder what the point of measuring a tattoo is ? just go in and get it done, right? Wrong! Size matters (for a tattoo, that is!).

Firstly, knowing what size tattoo you want to get narrows down the places on your body you can get it inked on.

For instance, you can?t get a large size tattoo on your finger. Knowing how small or big you want your tattoo can help you pick the right placement for your new ink.

Secondly, size impacts design.

You can?t get a tattoo that has a lot of detail done in an extra small size, because many of the details might get lost.

Think of trying to get a beautifully detailed portrait of a loved one to fit into an extra small tattoo ? doesn?t really work, does it? At least not unless you invest in a VERY skilled artist!

Thirdly, size impacts price.

While some artists charge an hourly rate, most tattoo artists will charge per square inch. That means the larger your tattoo, the higher the cost.

If price is an important factor for you, choose a smaller tattoo or alternatively break a larger tattoo into multiple sessions so it fits into your budget.

This is a much better option than choosing a less experienced artist because they charge a lower rate ? trust us!

And fourthly, tattoo sizing impacts which tattoo materials are used.

Tattoo needle sizes vary depending on the tattoo being inked. Smaller, more minimal tattoos would generally require a single needle for fine lining, while very large tattoos with lots of filling and shading will require larger clusters of needles.

Want to know more about tattoo needle sizes and their uses? Check out Tattooing 101: Tattoo Machines & Materials

Now you know the why ? let?s talk about the how!

How to Measure a Tattoo

Knowing how to measure a tattoo will help you explain to your artist what size tattoo you want. It also helps you estimate a price based on the artist?s rate. So how do we do it?

First ? measure the height and width of the design you want to get. Next, convert it into inches ? tattoos are almost always measured in inches and square inches.

So when you work out what you want, make sure you make a note of your tattoo size in inches.

Second, multiply the height by the width to get the square inch size. This is what you?ll tell your artist when you discuss your design with them, so be sure to double check that you?ve got the right size!

And that?s it!

Putting it all Together!

Let?s say you want an ankle tattoo. This is a small area, so you?re looking at getting a small tattoo. But how small?

Consider getting a tattoo that is 2 inches in height and 1 inch in width. Multiply 2*1 to get 2 square inches. Based on our guide below, that makes it an extra-small (XS) sized tattoo.

It would look a little something like this:

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Fits perfectly, doesn?t it?

To make things a little easier for you, we?ve made a full sizing chart with some of the common sizes of tattoos people get inked. Check it out below!

*Please note that these sizes are only an estimation, and the actual size of the final tattoo varies depending on the design, placement, and the size of the body part being tattooed, among many other things!

The Jhaiho Sizing Guide

Our handy sizing guide comes with a handy tattoo sizing chart!

And now you know what tattoo sizing means and how it works!

So the next time someone says ?a 6 inch tattoo?, you know what they?re talking about is a tattoo that is 6 square inches in size. Now this could mean anything from:

  • a 2*3 inch or 3*2 inch tattoo, to
  • a 1*6 or 6*1 inch tattoo.

It all depends on the design of the tattoo, but all of these dimensions will result in a tattoo that is 6 square inches in size.

Now you?re probably thinking ?enough of all these numbers! What do these sizes look like in actual tattoos?!?

Go on and check out our visual sizing guide below!

Visual Sizing Guide

*Images represent an approximate size, not the exact size of your final tattoo.

Extra Small (XS), Small (S), and Large (L)

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Large (L) and Extra Large (XL)

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Half-Sleeve (H-S) and Full Sleeve (F-S)

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And there you have it! Tattoo sizing ? explained!

Now go on and get inked!

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