The Iranian Hulk “Sajad Gharibi” Announces His MMA Debut This Year! Hold on, We Are Getting Serious!

The Iranian Hulk “Sajad Gharibi” Announces His MMA Debut This Year! Hold on, We Are Getting Serious!

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Currently sitting at around 450,000 followers on his official Instagram account, Sajad ?Iranian Hulk? Gharibi is probably one of the strongest people when it comes to powerlifting. It would be extremely hard to find a person involved in any sort of lifting, not knowing about the remarkable videos and pictures of this freak of nature.

However, considering he is a 6?2 mixture of high-level testosterone and unshakable confidence, it?s not a surprise hearing the ambitious plans to ?put his muscles on the line? inside the MMA cage/octagon. Quickly, the massive interest followed and he instantly received a lot of critics and mockery from the general public. The fact that UFC Featherweight Brian Ortega(14?1?0) had a message for him during the TMZ Sports interview, says it all about the spotlight he is getting in the last couple of months. Maybe he simply had enough of those ?Muscles are useless in a street fight? ??kes?

?I would just gas him out. When I ride that wave out, it?s done deal man. He?ll gas out and he?ll be mine? ? Brian Ortega, TMZ Sports

It seems like being called out by a significantly smaller Californian and laugh at all over the internet is only building up his confidence! A 360-pounds giant issued a strong statement earlier this week that his MMA debut is developing into a reality!

Let?s carefully pull the handbrake at this point and try being real and honest right from the start. We?ve all seen these rare types of scenarios before and their unfortunate endings in most cases. The internet is always there to prompt us about those pure beat downs and gassed out hugging?s in the past. Basically, there is no valid argument to convince us this possible fight for the ?Undisputed Anabolic Title? can end up being any different. But hey, it?s the entertainment business! Just take a look at the guy and imagine squaring him off against the physically equal opponent. My evil instincts are going wild and inner voice whispering ?Lock the damn cage??

Speaking of the opponent, Iranian Hulk himself stated:

?I?m finally accepting my first professional fight from the Brazilian fighter before 2020.?

Taking into account that he agreed to fight famous Brazilian Hulk, Romario dos Santos Alves earlier this year, we may reasonably assume that the ?Battle of Hulks? is close to being booked.

Although the massive Brazilian has biceps similar to the medium size watermelons, the Iranian will experience big size advantage. However, if we move from bodybuilding rules to the MMA rules, smaller fighters are more agile, typically have a much bigger gas tank and enjoy considerable speed advantage.

Also, after going back and forth on social media with Britain?s bodybuilder and yet another version of Hulk, Martyn Ford, the fight between the two giants almost got materialized last year.

So far, the only thing that we know about Iranian Hulk?s MMA skills is the exceptional trash-talking game.

Even if we eventually see Gharibi making the walk towards the cage in the possible future, another question remains: Which promotion will be privileged to organize such a freak show? It?s reasonable to assume that both fighters would instantly fail the drug tests by simply talking with the commissioners. If we exclude UFC, Bellator, ONE FC, the European KSW would be undoubtedly the perfect choice.

To sum it all up, the MMA debut of Iranian Hulk will be enormously promoted through the vast majority of modern media which will typically do everything it takes to convince us that the battle is worth watching. Surprisingly, the majority of us will actually be watching, but will the fight live to the expectations? Well?Go and watch Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal if you are eager for technique!

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