The History of the ‘But that’s none of my business’ meme

The History of the ‘But that’s none of my business’ meme

Kermit the frog is a frog puppet character whose first television appearance was in 1955 on the show Sam and Friends. The character has become iconic, most notably through appearances on The Muppets and Sesame Street. In recent years, Kermit has been used extensively in Internet memes.

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Arguably the most popular of these is the ?But that?s none of my business? meme. The expression is a sarcastic remark often used after pointing something out (often negative) about somebody or insulting him or her.

The origins of the meme can be traced back to January 2014 when Instagram users used images of Kermit and the hashtag #kermitmemes. One of the first of these memes is shown below.

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The earliest use of the phrase ?that?s none of my business? in conjuncture with a Kermit image was seen on June 17, 2014. It was posted by @kermitbelike on Instagram in a meme that mocked ?ratchet? women (shown below).

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The meme really began to gain popularity on June 20th, 2014 when the @thatsnoneofmybusinesstho Instagram page was made. This page posted photos of Kermit with the phrase, ?that?s none of my business? as the punchline of the caption. The page gained upwards of 130,000 followers within four days. Kermit?s popularity was not just isolated to Instagram. Twitter users began posting tweets utilizing the #NoneOfMyBusiness and #Kermit in the posts. These hashtags were used 19 000 and 11 000 times within four days respectively.

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Two days later, the tumblr blog ?Kermit the Snitch? was created and it showcased many Kermit memes. A picture of Kermit drinking iced tea was the first post on the page. It was a meme that mocked people who wear fake pairs of the popular shoes, Jordan?s (seen below).

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By early 2015, the memes popularity had died down and it seemed like it would become a relic in the meme hall of fame (if there even is one). However, the meme was repopularized when Lebron James wore the hat with Kermit the frog on it after winning the NBA championship in June 2016. In the photo below, he is seen wearing the hat in a message to the haters who had said he could not beat the Golden State Warriors who were seen as the best team in basketball at the time. The meme was repopularized for a short period, but its time ultimately came to an end.

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The ?none of my business? Kermit meme was certainly one of the most popular memes, and personally my favorite. Whether you like it or not is up to you, but that?s none of my business!

Bonus MEME!

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