The difference between smart and Intelligent (Once and for all)

The difference between smart and Intelligent (Once and for all)

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There has been a long debate between the similarities that the meaning of the word ?Smart? may have to the word ?Intelligent?. First of all I would like to mention that this article does not refer in any way, shape or form that smart people are not intelligent or vice versa. I would like to state the clear difference in the drastic meanings that the two words have.

Being Smart

Being smart can focus more on the idea of being good at something by having a broader knowledge in that specific something compared to the majority. A good example would be taking a look at the quote ?Work smarter not harder? (Allen F.Morgenstern, 1930) as the quote describes a person that has a certain way/style of working that conveys high efficiency or production. The style of work that the person imposes has been developed through experience, therefore we are required to put extensive effort into achieving ?smartness?. This is one of the big huge differences as many people affirm that we can learn to be smart but not cannot acquire intelligence through any means as it is something we are born with.

Being Intelligent

Many people attest that intelligence is gained through education but no, what you gain from education is cleverness as well as knowledge. Intelligence it is truly something we are born with and it can be manifested trough varies ways. I have looked to see if there are any scholars talking about this but sadly no. Intelligence is having the ability to find solutions to difficult situations quicker than other people or having different abilities that enhance the way you think. A study in 2004 has proven that people that are intelligent tend to think more outside the box. Therefore they extend the boundaries of thinking. There is not a specific way to measure smartness or how smart you are but, we are able to measure intelligence by IQ (intelligence quotient).

A brooder difference

Smart can be described as a student that has a correct answer but, intelligent can be described as a student that solves the problem or tries to answer the question from a different perspective or by using other means/resources. Trying to overcome the barriers that are set by the boundaries you set yourself based on your knowledge as well as personality.

As mentioned before you need to work in order to become smart as it is an earned status whereas intelligence is something that you have been fortunate enough to gain from your parents. There have been many different tests proving that 75% of the intelligence of a child is actually inherited from the parents. This also justifies that intelligence is inherited and not developed over time as the status of smart is. Mark M. Lowenthal mentions in his book (Intelligence: From Secrets to Policy) that an important factor to the difference can be the perspective as well as the approach that people have. I would think intelligence represents our won degree of sophisticated knowledge.


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