The Controversy Behind “Captain Marvel” Star Brie Larson

The Controversy Behind “Captain Marvel” Star Brie Larson

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In the publicity build-up to the movie release, Captain Marvel star Brie Larson has found herself suddenly as one the most controversial female celebrities of 2019. But why are so many MCU fans obsessing Larson? There are three mains reasons:

Reason #1: Sexist Fans Who Are Uncomfortable With A Female Superhero Being The Strongest MCU Character

Captain Marvel was announced by producer Kevin Feige as the strongest and most powerful Marvel character ever. Many people and fans were so quick to dismiss the thought of Captain Marvel being the strongest character because she is a woman and the actress is a controversial figure.

?The world is masculine,? says Eastside senior Samuel Walker. ?Seeing a female as someone stronger than a man degrades other men, which is why it is such a personal issue to a lot of men.?

Reason #2: Men Who Hate The Film?s Message Of Feminist Empowerment

Captain Marvel is a female protagonist who shows an excessive amount of power and ambition. For some fans, that equates to the excessive spreading of feminism. Marvel doesn?t often release solo movies where a woman is the main protagonist, and that makes some male fans extra critical of this film. Many female fans are celebrating Captain Marvel, however, because having a powerful female hero on screens is amazing for women, no matter how men want to take it.

?It shows us females that we are stronger than we think,? says Eastside senior Sahely Monreal. ?We shouldn?t let anyone bring us down.?

Reason #3: White Fans Who Believe That Brie Larson ?Hates White Men?

It is no secret that Larson is known for ?hating white men,? but that is just a false rumor. The rumor started when Larson came out with a statement during her Crystal Award acceptance where she spoke out about how the film industry should be more diverse, hiring more black critics and featuring more black leading roles in its films. Even at the time, she made it clear that she doesn?t hate white men.

?Am I saying that I hate white dudes?? Larson asked. ?No, I?m not. What I am saying is if you make a movie that is a love letter to a woman of color, there is an insanely low chance that a woman of color will have a chance to see your movie and review your movie.?

Brie Larson has an established record of supporting the black community and the feminist community. For these reasons, men ? especially white men ? seem to make up the largest part of the hater army that has formed against her. Their hatred reveals more about the insecurities of these supposed ?fans? than it does about Brie Larson or about the film itself.

Captain Marvel is out right now in theatres at Cinemark 22 & IMAX on West Avenue I and at the Antelope Valley Mall Cinemark on West Avenue P.

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