The Conspiracy Theory About Celebrities Being Murdered, and Cloned is Real

The Conspiracy Theory About Celebrities Being Murdered, and Cloned is Real

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There have been stories about celebrities being murdered, and cloned, sounding like a pile of malarkey ? but unfortunately it is true.

However, much misinformation has been put out into the world by the organizations doing the murderering, and cloning of celebrities. They you, the public, to be dimissive of the idea.

They want you to think that people, like myself, are unhinged, crazy, conspiracy theorists, who are overly paranoid, and dressed in tin-foil.

If you knew me, you might call me a curmudgeon, but I am not crazy, conspiracy theorist. My view of the world is skeptical, and based on fact. My character is always searching for the truth, and I avoid substances that may alter my state of mind. I do not drink alcohol, I avoid doing drugs, and thus keep my vision clear (so to speak).

Recently, I was contacted by a friend, a scientist, and amateur journalist from the United Kindgom. In his hotel room, he showed me compelling evidence regarding the whole ?conspiracy theory? about celebrities being killed, and cloned.

I thought he was crazy at first, but came around to his point of view when I saw what he had obtained ? the dossier he compiled showed audio, various documents, and photographs proving that celebrities were being cloned, and killed for nefarious reasons.

Unfortunately, as he was telling me more about what was actually happening, he received a phone call. While on the phone, I could see the blood drain away from his face. It was hard to hear, as he was pacing up, and down his room, but it was obvious someone was threatening them.

I heard the cry of his wife on the other side. I believe they were physically threatening his family. If my friend said anything more, they would hurt them.

Well, my friend hung up the phone, and clung to his dossier. He was terse, and told me I had to leave. I tried asking him more questions, but he wouldn?t answer. He just told me to go.

I couldn?t argue with him, so I left. But I was worried. I never completely left my friend. I left the hotel, but stayed hanging around outside. I sat on the edge of a concrete planter, and stared up at his room. I was thinking what I could say to him, whilst wondering if what I was told was real.

Then I saw my friend go over to the window, and look out. I don?t know if he could see me, but I could see him, and he took out a cigarette to smoke. As he was smoking, a hand grabbed him, and pulled him back.

Acting on instinct, I ran back into the hotel. I raced up to the door of my friend?s room, and turned the knob. Locked. So, I took a few steps back, and then charging forward kicked it open. I was surprised that no alarms went off, but I didn?t care, because I got into my friend?s room.

I ran inside, and looked around. No one was there. I stepped out into the hallway confused. A cleaning lady looked at me, and I asked her if she had seen my friend. I described him as best I could ? a balding guy, like myself, with grey hair, thick glasses, and a bit of a hunch.

She said she didn?t see anything, so I quickly left before she could find that I had kicked open one of her hotel room doors. I went outside into the parking lot, and then went to the bus stop to get picked up.

I got on the bus, and went home. It took about an hour time. I didn?t have a cellphone (believe it or not), so contacted the police on my landline phone, and told them about what happened. The call was strange? The police were completely skeptical of me, and threatened me, saying that if I filed a false report, I?d be summarily thrown into prison.

I was even more confused than before. I guessed that whoever killed my friend had somehow screwed around with my telephone, and routed me to them, and posed as the police. I do use VOIP after all ? is spoofing not possible? I didn?t understand it.

I hung up, and went to sleep on an old massage table, which was my makeshift bed (since I didn?t have an actual bed). I hoped that what I had seen was just part of an elaborate nightmare.

It wasn?t. When I woke up, at four in the morning, I received a phone-call. A man threatened me, telling me to go outside. I didn?t want to, but since I live with my parents (one of whom is very sick), I couldn?t take the risk of refusing.

Foolishly, I went outside. A man, who may have been the man that grabbed my old friend, was standing in front of me. It was hard to see who he was. He was definitely a white man, but sunglasses, and a large hat obscured his face.

?W-what do you want?? I asked him.

He told me in no unclear terms that if I tried digging around for more information, or tried contacting the police again, he would kill me, and my family.

I was such an idiot, but I said, ?Yeah, you, and what army??

The man showed me a gun, which frightened me. I put up my hands like, ?Whoa, easy now.?

?Heh, too easy,? he said in an almost robot-like voice. ?I?ll do this the fun way.?

He closed up his coat, and instead took out a knife. He held it out, and started chasing after me. I tried running back into my home, but he blocked my way; so, I went onto the street in an effort to escape.

I took a turn, and went down a pathway, and went onto a sidewalk. I ran across the main road, and thankfully there was little traffic at four-something in the morning.

I sprinted across, and glanced over my shoulder. The man was still chasing me. After that, I kept my head forward, and just kept going, and going. I took at turn at a major traffic light, and ran straight down Kennedy.

Being out of shape, I became tired. I looked around, and didn?t see the man. Yet I was still weary. I kept on walking just to move. I walked around randomly for hours, and hours.

After walking for 8 hours or so, I couldn?t take it anymore. I stopped off at a mall, and went to rest. I spent several more hours in the mall. I passed the time sitting, and looking around shops. I didn?t buy much. I bought some drinks to quench my thirst. Then I finally headed home.

Other than my friend being gone or dead ? relatively speaking, everything was okay. I received no more threats, and everything seemed somewhat normal.

I tried contacting my friend again, but nothing came through. I could only assume the worst. I hoped that they had kidnapped him rather than killed him. He was a very smart scientist, so (to keep myself from breaking down) I convinced myself that they were keeping him around to continue doing their bidding, whatever that was.

But who was ?they?? Who was this organization that kidnapped my friend? Who was taking celebrities, and killing, and cloning them? And why? Well, I?m going to divulge that information to you, even though my life may be in jeopardy.

It probably isn?t in jeopardy though, since I figure, I?ll probably be brushed off as a lunatic. That?s what makes it safe for me to tell you about this.

Okay, the quick, and dirty of it is that there is an organazation kidnapping prominent celebrities, and killing, and cloning them; in other words, these famous people are being replaced with duplicates.

These duplicates/clones are very sophisticated. They?re rapidly grown in a laboratory, and then given memories. They get the memories of the celebrities they?re replacing, and other things too, so that they can be controlled, and will be inclined to helping the organization that made them.

And why are celebrities being cloned? These clones are being used to influence society. That?s it. That?s what I was told. The clones of celebrities are being used to influence the public, politics, law, and business.

Now, the question is, what the fuck is the name of this organization? I don?t know, but what I do know is that the scientists who worked on Dolly the Sheep are a part of this organization.

This organization is actually based in the United Kingdom. They?re connected to the Roslin Institute, and the BBSRC, which stands for ?Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.?

The organization is part private, and part government. The name of the organization, however, is unknown. Well, it is, and isn?t. The organization can be found on paper, but they are masquerading as another type of business. What could that be?

My friend suspected they were in the real estate business. So, which of the real estate businesses that we know about is actually in the business of cloning?

Even if we knew it wouldn?t matter. The ?kill and clone? organization is constantly changing names. That?s why my friend had no clue as to its name. He said one day it would be one thing, and the next another. And it all looked legitimate, having records, and assets, and income, so nobody could suspect a thing.

Okay, now the question is, ?Who uses the services of this kill and clone business??

My friend told me it was mainly the Americans. Specifically, the Democrats. Not every Democrat, no, but some of them. He suspected the Clintons of getting celebrities put on ice (i.e. killed), and cloned to support them. Of course, you can?t know this for sure.

Money does not directly change hands. You don?t just pay for this service. Payments are convoluted, and done in such a way that they are masked. The politicians, and businessmen usually do favors, and make under the table deals to access the cloning organization.

One example is, a politician will change the law, so it is favorable to the cloning organization to whom they owe a favor. Of course, you can only do so much with this, so it is not commonly done. A lot of times it is just signing off on a particular project ? aka a boondoggle.

Yes, I know this all sounds crazy. It is! It sounds very, very crazy! But even, you, as an outsider can spot the signs that this is happening, that celebrities are being offed, and replaced with clones.

The dossier that my scientist friend presented showed me evidence of a couple celebrities being replaced. Strangely, most of them were singers. Why singers? I don?t know.

Miley Cyrus was one of the celebrites that was replaced, and so was Taylor Swift. Miley Cyrus seems obvious, but Taylor Swift less so. I believe that there was a failure with Miley Cyrus, with her personality going off the rails, so they toned it down for the Swift Clone.

When they ?changed? her from a country darling to a generic, virtue signaling, lecturing Democrat, they made sure not to tip it too much one way. The Taylor Swift clone still has some semblance of the old Taylor Swift.

But I suspect that this Taylor Swift clone subconsciously knows what has happened. In the ?Ooh, look what you made me do? song she says the old Taylor is dead.

Sadly, this is actually true. The old Taylor is actually dead. My scientist friend showed me a photograph of Taylor being approached by trench-coated men, like the one who attacked me.

Then she was shoveled into a van, which sped away. She was kidnapped that?s for sure. I was told it happened some years ago, but I don?t know the exact date. Though I know it happened before she switched genres in music.

But they replaced her? They killed Taylor Swift, and replaced her with a clone. Even from the outside you can see that they did. Can?t you? It?s subtle but the differences are noticeable, if you pay attention.

Taylor Swift?s personality is not the same as it used to be. Yes, people change their personalities, but the change in personality combined with the actual evidence I saw proves that mega celebrities like her are being killed, and replaced with clones.

But what about Taylor Swift?s personality has changed?

A) She dropped her guitar to make awful pop music, even though she was successful as a country-lite singer, and receiving plenty of praise. She took the risk to change genres. But it wasn?t done to be shrewd. It was done to gain a larger following ? so she could influence politics for the Democrats. Now, listen, this doesn?t sound too strange (switching to another musical genre) but Swift used to be highly risk-averse, taking care to upset no-one, and being a people pleaser. Yet she made a big leap into pop music, running the chance of discarding her established fan-base?

B) She started diving into feminism, and being vocal about it. Not that there?s anything wrong with this, but again she is not being less risk-averse. She is dabbling in (some may consider) controversial issues such a feminism, which many view simply as hating men. This has made her come off somewhat irritable, and angry. But feminism is a part of the package that is given when you have a clone. Clones unvariably support ideologies that support abortions. Why? The organization killing and cloning celebrities is involved in the business of abortions. They use aborted fetuses for experimentation, and for their pluripotent cells to grow clones. They need women to abort fetuses for genetic material.

C) ?Taylor Swift? went from not speaking about politics to giving detailed messages, and directives about politics ? i.e. vote for Democrats. So, Swift went from being a red state girl to a proud supporter of the blue? Of course she did. The Taylor Swift clone has been programmed to support them. The whole reason she exists is for the Democrats.

D) Though Swift is not dating celebrities like she used to she has actually taken on a remarkably more promiscuous image, dressing up like a stripper, and writing songs about buying dresses just to take them off. It?s a strange shift in behavior. Very strange. When men, and women hit a certain age usually their mode of thinking stays the same. Yet Swift is okay with dressing trampy all the time? That is a major difference to how she used to portray herself, and no, you don?t need to look, or behave promiscuously to have fans. Adelle certainly dresses well, and is ever popular, even though she is modest. But the Taylor Swift we have today is a clone. They cloning organization has made her more promiscuous in an attempt to broaden her audience, and influence for Democrats, who have paid for her cration.

E) Swift is no longer a strong, capable girl. I mean, sure, she waves around her feminism ideologies, but she constantly plays the victim. Why now? Why be the victim now? One may think it is to gain a wider audience, but I don?t think it is. I think it?s because Taylor Swift, the clone, is subconsciously aware that she is being used as a puppet. Something in her brain is telling her that she is being used to push an agenda, and she doesn?t like that, so she?s crying out. But it is a cry for help. She wants someone to help her. But how can you help someone, who is a clone of someone else?

F) ?Taylor Swift? is now annoyingly preaching, and lecturing people about homosexuality through her music. There?s nothing wrong with that, but this shows a deep change in her personality. Suddenly, she wants to touch on (according to some) controversial issues? Again, the Taylor Swift Clone is much less risk-averse.

G) There has been a significant decline in Swift?s talent. She no longer plays musical instruments, and she no longer writes music on her own, with any personality, and real feeling. Her music is factory produced, artificial, and poppy in a bad way. Why? The Taylor Swift clone doesn?t have as much talent, or creativity as the original Taylor Swift. The cloning organization/company could not transfer creative abilities to another person. Today?s Taylor Swift, a clone, is missing the ?X? factor that made the old Taylor Swift so special. She?s missing something in her soul, having a false life. She is grasping to have a personality, but really has none. It?s not her own personality. Her family isn?t her own, and neither is the rest of who she is. The Taylor Swift we know today is a clone.

?I realize this is all much to take in, and congratulations if you?ve made it to this point, but I want people to know what?s happening in the world. Your favorite celebrities are being captured, killed, and cloned to shape the world narrative.

But of course. Why do you think so many celebrities are left-leaning, and supportive of illegal immigration, open borders, and abortions, and so on? It?s because they are clones, living puppets for large organizations that want to obtain world domination.

It all sounds mad, I know, but I?ve seen the evidence, and logically speaking, the dots all connect. I am deeply saddened by it. Not just because they are unethically trying to take control of our planet, but also because people are being murdered.

Every celebrity clone is a symbol of the death of individuals that had real, meaningful lives. They?re gone now. Their spots have been taken, and the majority of the public don?t even know it. They think these celebrities just took a left turn, and switched teams.

They didn?t. They were bumped off, and had clones take their lives. It makes me cry. I cry thinking about how a sweet girl like Taylor Swift is literally dead. If she had just changed her personality, I would be okay with taht, but no. No, no, no.

The kind, lovely Taylor Swift, the one was used to know, has been killed. She?s been taken away by death. We will never see her make a return. All we have is this Taylor Swift clone that is a cheap imitation. Today?s Taylor Swift is an abomination, a representation of mankind?s evil, and never-ending greed.

A shadow organization, founded on science, killed America?s sweetheart. They did it for money, and influence, and power.

I know this is all sounds so unbelievable. Some of you may ask why they don?t just take people, and make them into celebrities through the media, instead of cloning.

Well, if they did that, there would be a loss of control, and it would take a long time to shape someone to their exact desires. They also don?t know if it would work out. People?s tastes in entertainment change so much over time, and it is seemingly random.

Why do you think movie studios make movies based on books, and comics that are already popular? It?s quicker, easier, and requires less risk. Take what the public already like, and exploit it, right?

So, if you are a shadow organization, trying to exert influence, how do you do that? Take an already popular celebrity, and kill, and clone them with some modifications. Success is virtually guaranteed.


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