The “Confused Math Lady” Meme

The “Confused Math Lady” Meme

According to the Urban Dictionary, a meme is a popular image, video, or text that spreads on the internet. Memes can be very relatable, which is why my generation is so attached to them. It has come to the point in my life where the only reason I still log onto Facebook is because I want to see all of the new memes that appear on my wall. Kind of sad? I know.

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There are so many different and unique memes that people create out of the most generic photos that you can find. Some examples of popular memes from 2017 are ?cash me outside,? ?Joe Biden,? and ?the United Airlines.?

Today I will be uncovering the famous meme of ?the confused math lady.? This meme originated from a blonde actress named Renata Sorrah in a Brazilian show called Senhora Do Destino. The scene that this meme comes from has the actress looking very confused. In the show, the actress is in jail which is causing her to look stressed, making this meme possible.

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The ?confused math lady? meme has been around since October of 2013 but didn?t become popular until almost 3 years later in 2016. Math symbols were added to the photo, giving the meme more of a meaning. Since then there has been hundreds of different captions made about it. Here is just one out of many examples of this meme:

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Here is a graph that displays how many times the search ?math lady? has been entered to Google between November of 2017 and January of 2018. As you can see, it has stayed popular over a long period of time, and I don?t believe that this will change any time soon.

And here is my own twist on the meme:

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