How Does Course Hero Work?

How Does Course Hero Work?

Learn how Course Hero?s platform of 20 million study documents, videos, practice tests, and other materials can help you graduate confident and prepared.

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With more than 20 million study documents, Course Hero is the ultimate destination for students who want a study help. Our platform features course-specific documents for classes at colleges throughout the country, offering students the exact insight and content they need to master what they?re learning. But how does it all work? Here?s a how-to guide for all of Course Hero?s features.

Sign up for a free Course Hero account

In order to access most documents on Course Hero, you will need a free account. Creating an account only takes a minute, and you can do it using your Facebook account, Google account, or email.

Add your courses

After creating an account and logging in, use the dashboard to search for and add the classes you?re taking this quarter or semester. All of the available resources for each of your courses ? student notes, study guides, videos, and more ? will be easily accessible from your dashboard, aka your new study hub.

Upload your notes and documents

Course Hero?s biggest benefit is its course-specific notes and documents uploaded and shared by students (and educators) who have studied (or taught) the exact classes you?re currently studying. When you upload your own notes and course documents to Course Hero*, you earn free unlocks, which you can use to access other content on the site. You can also earn unlocks by rating documents. If you do not want to upload your own notes, you can subscribe to Course Hero on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. (*Before you upload any documents, be sure you read and follow the rules outlined in the Course Hero Honor Code and Terms of Use.)

Find content to help you study and learn

Whether you have a Course Hero subscription or you?ve earned free unlocks by uploading documents, you now have access to Course Hero?s library of more than 20 million study resources. For every class you?re taking, you can find notes uploaded by students who took the exact same course, study guides created by educators, videos, insights from tutors, and much more.

When you find helpful study materials, save the content, access it from your dashboard, and return to it when you need a refresher ahead of big tests or assignments. You can also find all relevant documents and guides that pertain to your specific classes on course pages.

Test your knowledge with Practice Problems

When you are browsing study materials, you may encounter the option to ?Start Practicing.? Clicking this will launch Practice Problems, an interactive practice test that will help you master the material.

Taking practice tests is an important part of learning and understanding difficult core concepts, and using this tool will help you feel confident and prepared come real test time. Last but not least: using Practice Problems is free!

Get homework help from expert tutors

Stuck on a difficult question or concept? Let our tutors help. They?re available 24/7 to provide step-by-step explanations to help you understand your most pressing questions. Earn tutor questions by uploading your course notes or by subscribing.

Get advice and inspiration

Course Hero?s College Life offers invaluable tips and advice for studying, achieving good school-life balance, and much more.

Remember: When it?s time to study, it?s time for Course Hero.


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