The Best Modeling Agencies for New Models in Miami Florida

The Best Modeling Agencies for New Models in Miami Florida

A beginner?s guide to becoming a model in Florida

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Starting out as a model in any market is very difficult. Finding a legit modeling agency in Miami Florida can be even harder since it is a smaller tier market. In this article, we discuss the best ways to become a model as a beginner and how to get the attention of modeling agencies in Florida.

This article contains two main pointers:

  1. How to Find a modeling agency for your look, even if you are not super skinny or tall?
  2. Why is photography is so important for a model?

When people think of becoming a model the first thing that they think of is that you have to be perfect, super skinny and very tall. While that may have been the requirement back in the 1980’s, it couldn?t be more wrong for the year 2020 and beyond. Models of all shapes and sizes, including petite models which are under 5’8 and plus size models which are over size 6 in dress, are being signed by top agencies left and right. Becoming a model and getting signed to an agency are two completely different things and standing out from the rest is the main focus any new beginner model should build on.

Modeling in Miami is more difficult compared to larger markets such as Los Angeles or New York City, as there is not as many modeling agents as there once was. While this is changing rapidly, in order to land a modeling agent or scout you have to present the best marketing materials as you can.

Image for postBecoming a Model is easy, once you know how to start

Rule number 1: Focus on agencies that work with your look

Every modeling agent works with a specific type of talent. Agencies such as Ford Models, which are considered legacy agents, typically focus on editorial male and female models which are over 5’8 in height as a female and over 6’1 for male models.

If you are petite model or a curve model which are specific divisions within an agency, it may be best to keep your focus on small and upcoming boutique agencies which typically have a smaller roster of talent. Front Management, a modeling agent in Miami Beach is a boutique agency with a history of high end booking for their models.

Before you begin your search and start submitting to modeling agencies as well as open calls in Florida, you have to make sure that you?re presenting the best marketing materials that you can find. While having a parent take a couple of photographs of you may seem like the way to go as it?s capturing your look, Modeling agencies want to see your versatility.

Rule number 2: Build Your portfolio

Getting started in modeling is like anything, you have to have experience. The best way to get started as a new model in Florida is to get professional photography to help build up your modeling portfolio. While there are many photographers that can produce head shots or comp cards, you want to work with a real company that has actual experience working with models and actors, not just any photographer. The Studio Miami is highly rated and works with models and actors of all experience levels.

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