The Art of Having Sex with Strangers

The Art of Having Sex with Strangers

Science says no-strings-attached could be good for you

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We all have done it.

I have. Maybe you have too.

You know ? had sex with a stranger.

Or maybe you fantasized about it.

Either way, sex with strangers is nothing new.

While people like to treat it like a taboo subject we have been participating in this risky act for years.

And if it?s your thing, you probably like it.

As a matter-of-fact, you more than like it.

Prior to my committed relationship status, I had my fair share of partners, men and women.

I pranced around town on Friday and Saturday nights with a confidence that could kill looking for my next fuck. And I loved it.

I loved the thrill of the flirt at a bar. The guy who makes eye contact with you when you first walk in. Then you play a little game and eventually if you are good at it he?s buying you a drink and maybe if you are lucky, there is chemistry ? even if it is just for a night.

This is the art of having sex with a stranger.

We do this and we live to tell great stories about it.

We even have a famous walk-of-the shame the next day.

But what is so shameful about having sex with a stranger?

What if having sex with strangers was good for you?

Casual sex could be good for you

New science is proving that casual sex could be good for you.

A study done surveyed 371 college students found that over a period of 9 months the sociosexually unrestricted students typically reported higher well-being after having casual sex compared to not having casual sex.

The participants who were sociosexually unrestricted, having casual sex was associated with higher self-esteem and life satisfaction and lower depression and anxiety.

So in basic terms if you are into it and you desire casual sex then this no-strings-attached act could be good for you.

A sociosexual unrestricted person is one who looks for casual sex and desires it versus a sociosexual restricted person would not be as interested.

You can have your cake and eat it too.

Casual sex isn?t better than relationship sex

The thing about having sex with strangers is that if you desire casual sex it doesn?t imply that you only want casual sex.

People who are attracted to casual sex may also desire and create a relationship but also enjoy casual sex while single.

So it doesn?t mean that casual sex is any better than relationship sex.

It only means that if you desire and have casual sex and you are into it, then you are living an authentic version of yourself.

Personally, I can say there were times I enjoyed casual sex but I also desired a relationship.

Own your sexual desires & you will thrive

When we live true to our sexual nature we thrive naturally in our lives.

We don?t have to suppress what we feel.

We don?t have to inhibit our desires or feel ashamed.

The guilt that comes from casual sex usually is because of lack of protection, under the influence or coming from a broken place, i.e. rebound sex when you aren?t over your ex.

If you are aligned with what you want and are okay with the sex you have then you are living true to your nature.

This is what it means to be authentic.

Let us live more sexually-expressed and free lives with mindfulness and of course, protection.


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