The 16 Best Truck Stops in America 🇺🇸

The 16 Best Truck Stops in America 🇺🇸

This one is for all you hard-working truckers out there…

It may seem like most truck stops out there are sub-par. They may serve up mediocre food, have dirty bathrooms, or even not have enough parking. However, the following 16 truck stops are sure-fire great spots. All of them have good customer service, are packed with amenities, and serve up tasty food. If you?re in the area of any of these places, they will serve as worthwhile places to take a break.

Image for postIowa 80 (Source)

Iowa 80 (Walcott, IA)

If you?re a trucker, then you have probably heard of Iowa 80. This ?Trucker?s Disneyland? has been open 24/7 since 1964 and has just about every amenity you could possibly want including a gift shop, barber shop, dentist, chiropractor, movie theater, fitness center, laundromat, truck wash, service center, pet wash, 24 private showers, a truck museum, and 8 restaurants. If they don?t have it, then you don?t need it!

Image for postLittle America Travel Center (Source)

Little America Travel Center (Little America, WY)

You can?t go wrong by stopping at one of the Little America truck stops but the original location in WY is great. They have an extra large lot that accommodates 150+ trucks, good grub, a nice hotel, private showers, and a large convenience store.

TDP Pro Tip: Make sure to get yourself one of their famous 75 cent ice cream cones. Now that?s a good deal!

Image for postTrail?s Travel Center (Source)

Trail?s Travel Center (Albert Lea, MN)

Who says truck stop food had to be mediocre? At this Minnesota truck stop you will find an Iron Skillet, a tavern (their homemade pretzels look delicious), a Cold Stone Creamery, a Pizza Hut, and, of course, a McDonalds. They also have 300+ parking spots, a truck wash, service center, CAT scale, good coffee, gift store, movie theater, and free modern showers (as long as you purchase 50 gallons of fuel).

Image for postJubitz Travel Center (Source)

Jubitz Travel Center (Portland, OR)

This stop has been providing truckers with a ?World Class Customer Experience? since 1952. Their Cascade Grill offers delicious home-style meals and you can relax and enjoy a movie in their cinema for only $6. If you?re looking show off your moves on the dance floor you can head on over to their Ponderosa Lounge & Grill to experience the thrills of Portland?s biggest country western bar.

Image for postJohnson?s Corner Truck Stop?s famous cinnamon rolls (Source)

Johnson?s Corner Truck Stop (Johnstown, CO)

If you happen to be in the area and need a place to stop for the night, go here. It?s full of trucker-centric amenities such as a load board, ShorePower, live video with CO road conditions, a TV lounge, free WiFi, CAT scales, and even a place to get your DOT physicals done. Johnson?s has a bakery offering some of the most delicious baked goods anywhere in the country.

TDP Pro Tip: Do yourself a favor and try one of their famous cinnamon rolls that are offered in 15+ different flavors.

Image for postThe Ethyl Burger (Source)

Morris Travel Center (Morris, IL)

Do you like hamburgers? If you answered yes, you need to stop by Morris Travel Center?s phenomenal R Place restaurant. It offers hungry truckers an opportunity to go one-on-one with its 4 lb burger known as the Ethel Burger. They also have every amenity you would expect out of a top truck stop such as a travel store, showers, truck maintenance, and even a walking trail where you can walk off some of those calories you consumed from their Ethyl Burger.

TDP Pro Tip: The TV lounge with NFL Sunday ticket makes it a great Sunday stop for all you diehard football fans.

Image for postDysart?s Truck Stop (Source)

Dysart?s Truck Stop (Bangor, ME)

Dysart?s truck stop has become a staple among Northeast truckers. They have a bakery offering some seriously tasty treats, a travel store, an arcade room, free WiFi, showers, a chapel, and a full-service repair shop. If you?re in the mood for fresh seafood, their two restaurants can definitely accommodate your appetite. The haddock chowder and the fish and chips two of their popular seafood dishes.

Image for postFlorida 595 Truck Stop (Source)

Florida 595 Truck Stop (Davie, FL)

Are you tired of going to truck stops that don?t have enough parking? Well, that shouldn?t be a problem at Florida 595 because it has 450+ parking spots and 12 fuel lanes. This stop also has a large convenience store, a radio repair shop, a service center, a sports bar with cheap drink specials, a diner, and even a chrome shop.

Image for postNorth Forty Truck Stop (Source)

North Forty Truck Stop (Holladay, TN)

Breakfast buffet alert!!! Who doesn?t love a good breakfast buffet? Every day from 5am-11am you can indulge yourself with some home-style breakfast food. North Forty has a game room, tv room, laundromat, nice showers, a gift shop, free WiFi, and a barber. They are known for overall excellent service and their fried pies.

Image for postColdfoot Camp (Source)

Coldfoot Camp (Fairbanks, AK)

If you happen to find yourself 60 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska then you should visit the world?s northernmost truck stop. This stop has good grub, service, and scenic views of the sublime landscape. You can even order a sack lunch from their deli the night before you leave so it?s ready for you to pick up on your way out.

Image for postBoise Stage Stop (Source)

Boise Stage Stop (Boise, ID)

You?d be hard pressed to find a stop with more history than the Boise Stage Stop that has been in business since 1891. Don?t let its age fool you, as this place has all the modern amenities we?ve come to expect out of a truck stop such as clean showers, a laundromat, a movie theater, free satellite TV, and, of course, a 24 hr convenience store that also sells locally made jewelry and leather.

Image for postPalace Truck Stop and Casino (Source)

Palace Truck Stop and Casino (New Orleans, LA)

This unique truck stop has 15 acres of parking, showers, free WiFi, good food, and a TV lounge for truckers. However, its main attraction is its casino that offers complimentary snacks and drinks to gamblers. After gambling, you can head on over to their Huddle House restaurant for a hearty meal.

Image for postLodi Travel Center (Source)

Lodi Travel Center (Lodi, OH)

The reason Lodi Travel Center is on the list is because of it has every convenience a trucker could ask for including 237 parking spots, Country Pride Buffet, Burger King, Starbucks, Popeyes, laundromat, lounge w/ Direct TV, game room, pet area, travel and country store, walking trail, basketball hoop, chapel, service center, and more. Long story short, if they don?t have it then you don?t need it!

Image for postWhiskey Pete?s (Source)

Whiskey Pete?s (Jean, NV)

Whiskey Pete?s truck stop is located about 40 miles south of Vegas and gives truckers the opportunity to gamble at their large casino while they’re taking a break from the road. Along with gambling, they have a hotel, Pilot Flying J travel center, and a plethora of dining options including Qdoba, iHop and Starbucks.

TDP Pro Tip: On display inside the casino is the bullet-riddled car that infamous gangsters Bonnie and Clyde were shot and killed in.

Image for postWillkomm?s Petro (Source)

Willkomm?s Petro (Racine, WI)

Willkomm?s Petro in Racine is a quality stop for anyone driving in the area between Milwaukee and Chicago. Its Iron Skillet serves up good homestyle meals and it has plenty of amenities such as an arcade, movie theater, chapel, salon, service center, and a doctor on site to conduct DOT exams.

TDP Pro Tip: Make sure to treat yourself to a delicious danish at the local OH Danish Bakery.

Image for postCLEAN bathroom at Sapp Bros (Source)

Sapp Bros (Sidney, NE)

If you are tired of dealing with disgusting truck stop bathrooms then this is the stop for you. Sapp Bros truck stops have a button outside each restroom that you can press if your bathroom isn?t clean enough. Press it and someone will be on their way ASAP to clean. Their private showers rooms may even make you think you?re staying in a luxury hotel. Although they have locations across the region, this Sapp Bros claims you will never need an appointment to get your truck serviced.

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Be safe, be healthy, and keep on trucking.


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