The 13 Rules of Drug Dealing I Learnt As The Son Of A Dealer

The 13 Rules of Drug Dealing I Learnt As The Son Of A Dealer

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My father was a drug dealer. He would use the profits from what he sold, to pay for what he used himself. Growing up I was exposed to his dealing on a daily basis. I watched and learnt. Taking in all of the lessons he didn?t realise he was teaching. I had to keep myself safe. In that environment, every piece of information helped.

Addicts are notoriously volatile, generally unhinged from reality, and are always desperate to score. Learning how everything worked was vital for my survival.

Please don?t let the following list project any sort of Walter White kind of glamorous/exciting lifestyle. A typical day involved complete and total boredom; I spent most of my childhood watching television and playing in the dirt.

It was only when someone knocked at the door did things get interesting. I would answered the door and entertain our guest, whilst my stoned father ?went and got the stuff?.

Here is what I learnt:

1) Never show all of what you have. – You will be expected to sell/share a significant portion of your stash (whatever you show), regardless of how much you have, or when you expect to get more yourself. 2) Always say you have less total than what you do. ? Similar to above. Drugs can be hard to come by, so you always need to assume that they are in short supply. This way you will never run out for yourself (or your more reliable clients).

3) When splitting a purchase always get the money first. ? A typical move of a user is to get you to ?go halves? in a purchase and promise to pay you for their half later. They will take their drugs, make the promise and leave. You never see your money, and they return to pester you for more of the drugs they know you have. 4) Your Clients Are Also Your Only Friends – Dealers that are also users themselves will inevitably become ?friends? with some of their clients. Every catch up, social gathering and pop in will result in usage. This is fine until ?

5) If you give some drugs away socially, you will be expected to give them away socially forever. ? Users are like seagulls. They will shamelessly keep pestering you for more and more. Rarely (if ever) will they return the favour. If, as the dealer, you choose to share your stash socially, you have turned your clients into seagulls (thankless pests). 6) When purchasing, always keep the cash in a separate pocket (not your wallet), prior to seeing the drugs. ? That way you are not going through your tempting wallet in front of them. You take what you owe (in exact change because you are not getting anything back), hand it over, pocket the drugs and quickly leave.

7) When delivering or receiving, be quick. ? Unless you are close, you shouldn?t spend any more than five minutes delivering or receiving product. Get in, make the transaction quickly and leave. Dawdling and small talk creates unnecessary tension and anxiety.

8) Always assume dodginess. ? If you ever provide an opportunity to be ripped off, you will likely be ripped off. Most users are poor and desperate, with little ability to consider long term consequences of their actions against you.

9) Respect and fear is everything. ? Remember that if there is a problem, it is on you. You have no legal recourse for anything that is stolen, or broken deals. The only way to ensure smooth operations is through fear and respect.

10) If you make a threat, carry it out. ? Following on from the prior point, if you make a threat (or promise) you must carry it out. So choose your words carefully, and be prepared to stick by them.

11) If they stop returning calls, stop making them. ? If your client/dealer stops responding to your calls (or texts/messages), assume the worst and break all contact. It is not worth the risk. 12) Always have more than one dealer. ? Similar to above, as a dealer and user it is vital that your supply does not run out. Always have at least two dealers on the go at once, preferably dealers that don?t know each other, just in case.

13) Always remember that you are dealing with a high person. ? Most users are high, or looking for their next high. Always remember this. Every decision, dream, plan, and memory they have is coming from a place of inebriation. Filter your expectations of that person through that lens.

~ Zachary Phillips

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You can read more about my experiences as the son of an addict in my book, Under The Influence ? Reclaiming My Childhood

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