The 10 Best PlayStation 2 RPGs — the gems you would not expect

The 10 Best PlayStation 2 RPGs — the gems you would not expect

The 2 PlayStation 2 models: the Fat and the Slim

To call the PlayStation 2 an epic console really does not do the machine that much justice. It is not only the best-selling system ever made, but it also has one of the deepest benches when it comes to quality games that you would not be remiss in just passing up the current generation entirely and just delving into the PS2 library instead.

But, unlike its predecessor, the PS2 has decidedly more Western tastes when it comes to a lot of its games. That is because the JRPG explosion initially kicked off by Final Fantasy VII was largely passed by the time the PlayStation 2 came out. Even so, the PS2 had some amazing titles when it came to the role-playing game genre, and I am going to explore that today.

In this article, I am going to talk about the 10 best PlayStation 2 RPGs. These are some of my favorite role-playing games on the system and represent a good swath of what it had to offer. Naturally, each gamer will have their own particular list but I think this is a fair representation of the PS2 at its RPG best.

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