TFTI Meaning: What Does TFTI Mean and Stand for?

What does TFTI mean? What does this text abbreviation stand for? Learn the definition and when to use this internet slang word with ESL infographic and useful conversation examples in English.

TFTI Meaning

What Does TFTI Mean?

Mainly used in online gaming the abbreviation ?tfti? means ?Thanks For The Invite?.

You will find this term used highly in online mmo (Massive Multiplayer Online) games such as World Of Warcraft or moba (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games like League Of Legends.

In some cases, you will find ?tfti? used while texting and even in sarcastic ways. If you haven?t been invited and find out about a party a random ?tfti? to the party host will be sent.

Conversation Examples

This is how you will find this texting abbreviation used.

Example 1

LOL Player 1 : Hey you know anyone else who would want to play?

LOL Player 2 : Just a sec.

LOL Player 3 : brb

LOL Player 2 : What about Bob?

LOL Player 1 : Oh please not Bob.

LOL Player 3 : I?m back, Alice said she would join.

LOL Player 1 : Awesome!

LOL Player Alice : Hey guys!

LOL Player Bob : TFTI

LOL Player 1 : ?

Here you have friends playing an online game needing more teammates and one invites a friend neither of the others want to play with.

LOL ? League Of Legends

brb ? Be Right Back

sec ? second

Example 2

WOW Player 1 : Hey guys TFTI .

WOW Player 2 : I didn?t invite you.

WOW Player 3 : Who are you?

WOW Player 1 : I got an invite aren?t you the guys I just did the dungeon with?

WOW Player 3 : Nope sorry man, glitch I guess.

Here you have a guy who thinks he joined some friends after playing a dungeon with them, but that isn?t the case. He joined a group of random people and thanked them for nothing.

WOW ? World Of Warcraft

Example 3

Texter 1 : Hey girl you wanna go with me to the party?

Texter 2 : Yeah sure.

Texter 1 : Alright I will be there soon.

Texter 2 : Thanks, and tfti .

Another way you will see it used is while texting friends will thank each other this way because it?s fast to type and saves them time.

Example For Sarcastic Use

Texter 1 : Hey you busy?

Texter 2 : Yeah I?m having some friends over.

Texter 1 : Wow? TFTI .

Here you have a friend a little upset and being sarcastic due to the friend they thought they had didn?t include them in the invite for the gathering they are having.

TFTI Meaning Infographic

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