Testro-X Review: Remarkable Testosterone Boosting Results In The First Week

Testro-X Review: Remarkable Testosterone Boosting Results In The First Week

You?ve heard about testosterone.

It?s that hormone that makes bodybuilders huge, causes people to burst out in fits of rage, and that old men rub into their skin to prevent getting old.

But that?s not quite an accurate representation ? just the mass media?s version of ?how can we make you click this??.

In truth, testosterone is an extremely important hormone for male health, and it?s on the drastic decline in men all over the globe.

As a Nutritional Science graduate and independent health researcher for over a decade, I recognize the impact hormonal health has on every area of your life, and testosterone is one of the biggest players.

Low testosterone is the reason so many men today are suffering from depression, low confidence, poor sleep, obesity, low muscle mass, lack of motivation, and all-around living a low quality of life.

Because this hormone is so important, it?s crucial that you take every measure possible to raise it and keep it high ? it?s literally the hormone of youth for all men.

In order to do this, you need to look at your diet and lifestyle to ensure you?re taking steps to keep your testosterone levels in check.

From the diet angle, this means eating plenty of fruits, enjoying plenty of red meat and eggs (which contrary to popular belief are NOT bad for your health in the slightest), and avoiding vegetable oils, which are laden with hormonal-degrading polyunsaturated fats.

From the lifestyle angle, it means getting 7.5?9 hours of quality sleep per night, avoiding plastic containers (the BPA wrecks your internal hormonal environment), and improving your body language, which has a surprising effect on your testosterone levels.

But on top of these simple habits, I?ve always been interested in the research on certain key nutrients and herbs, and their ability to naturally increase testosterone in a healthy way. After all, naturally raising testosterone is the only way to actually improve the health and function of your body, since synthetic gels and pills will only shut down your body?s natural processes and destroy your long-term health.

In looking around I found many ingredients that had a surprisingly powerful testosterone boosting effect.

Minerals like zinc, magnesium, and boron all have research showing a positive boost in testosterone.

Certain amino acids and sugar alcohols like l-glycine, l-theanine, and inositol show improved GnRH and LH levels (which stimulate testosterone production).

Specific herbs like ashwagandha and forskohlii have very promising studies backing their testosterone boosting potential.

On the other hand, compounds like D-aspartic acid, saw palmetto, and maca root initially looked like they may help in boosting testosterone, but turned out to either have no effect, to be unhealthy, or to exert their effect in a way that decreases any benefit.

But what was most interesting was that almost every single supplement marketed towards increasing testosterone did NOT contain many or all of the ingredients that the research showed to be effective, and many of them contained the outdated ingredients shown to be ineffective. Some of them had downright scammy formulas that clearly would have no clinical effect on any man?s testosterone.

However, there was one supplement that seem to have the research guiding the formula, called Testro-X. Because it contained all the research-backed ingredients and none of the scam ingredients, I decide to give it a try.

As such, I wanted to give an honest Testro-X review. Here?s what I found.

Image for postTestro-X Review: The Crisp-Looking Bottle

Testro-X Review: Ingredients

The company that makes Testro-X is called ?Truth Nutraceuticals?, and they claim to be scientifically-driven, only creating supplements based on what the research says.

While there?s arguably some interpretation involved in scientific studies, their formula did seem pretty solid based on the research I had personally done (which was what attracted me to give it a try in the first place).

What I also found incredibly refreshing was the lack of a ?proprietary? blend, where you can?t tell the actual dosages of the ingredients used. Instead, every ingredient is listed with the dosage and they claim to be third-party tested to ensure the ingredients listed are actually in the supplement.

Here?s what they list in the Testro-X testosterone boosting supplement:

  • Magnesium ? 150 mg
  • Zinc ? 15 mg
  • Ashwagandha (KSM-66) ? 400 mg
  • Forskohlii Root Extract ? 250 mg
  • Inositol ? 200 mg
  • Glycine ? 200 mg
  • L-theanine ? 100 mg
  • Boron ? 10 mg
  • Bioperine ? 10 mg

So far this was good start for Truth Nutra, avoiding the scammy route and seeming to be focused on quality. ?Truth? seems a fitting name.

However, I wanted to know if it ACTUALLY worked. Not just what some scientific studies say that may or may not actually impact my personal health.

I was able to find some really good reviews on Testro-X, including a Testro-X review on a fitness site I love, which was encouraging for starters.

Since they have a money-back guarantee, I figured it was worth a shot.

Testro-X Review: Ordering & Delivery

The website for Testro-X, and the store on TruthNutra.com, looked very professional and organized which, combined with their heavy focus on the research and science behind what works, made me feel safe to order from them.

The actual checkout process was pretty easy and quick ? not much else to say about it!

I received my bottle of Testro-X 2 days after placing the order, and it was packaged in a standard manilla envelope ? nothing special, but the bottle did look crisp and professional.

Testro-X Review: Initial Trial & The First Week

I took my first serving the night I got the bottle, and felt very calm afterwards ? I assume this was the ashwagandha or the glycine, both of which have shown to have calming effects in the research.

It was actually nice to feel that relaxed before going to bed, but I?m not sure I?d want to take it in the morning and be that calm while at work.

Over the next few days of taking it, the calming feeling persisted which probably contributed to the better sleep I was getting. I woke up feeling pretty great, which might be a cool side effect of the supplement.

However, during that first week I started to feel some changes. Since the product claims to boost testosterone, I was specifically looking for the feelings testosterone has an effect on ? motivation, confidence, mood, sex drive, sex performance, muscle mass, fat loss, etc.

I have to say, despite knowing that the ingredients showed a clinical testosterone boost in the research, I was pretty skeptical since so many supplements make claims like this.

But after that first week I was pretty amazed. I definitely noticed differences that I couldn?t chalk up to a placebo effect.

I felt stronger, my workouts improved, I felt more motivated and sure of myself, and I was able to catch myself whenever I started thinking negatively (not sure if this is specifically a testosterone effect, but I do know testosterone improves mood and well-being).

What?s more, I actually noticed that my skin was looking better and I was waking up with really hard morning wood (sorry if that?s TMI ? but it was worth noting!).

Testro-X Review: Longer-Term Effects

Over the course of the following month taking it, I continued to have the effects are noticed in the first week, and they even continued to improve a little bit.

Lots of times with supplements, they seem to work for a little bit and then stop, but with Testro-X, I felt like they remained.

But one other cool longer-term effect I noticed was that I felt like I was unstoppable and completely bulletproof against stress. Normally I can overthink a lot and become obsessive about stuff going on with my life, but I had a much stronger sense of calm and relaxation.

Combined with the increase motivation and drive, it was a really nice feeling, and I was able to actually improve my performance at work.

My lifts in the gym kept going up too, which I?m always excited about. With those increased strength gains, I was filling out a bit in my shoulders, and my waist was looking more trim.

Interestingly, a man?s shoulders contain the most androgen receptors, meaning that testosterone binds to receptors in your shoulders more than other muscles, making them grow.

Since my shoulder in particular grew so well during the month I was on Testro-X, I can only assume that it was doing what it claims to do and increasing testosterone (of course, like I said, I was training too, so that was the main stimulus for my growth).

My sleep continued to be great and overall I felt energetic and on top of the world.

Testro-X Review: Side Effects

I didn?t really notice any side effect from taking Testro-X, other than the slight drowsiness that I?m sure is due to the ashwagandha and glycine.

I didn?t feel like it had any effect on my digestion and only seemed to do positive things for my mental and emotional state.

Overall, Testro-X seems to work like the research says. I?ll continue to update after I?ve taken the supplement for a bit longer to see if the effects continue.

And if you want to read more, definitely check out this good Testro-X review, this Testro-X review on Kinobody, and finally this Testro-X review on AnabolicMen.


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