Test Your Meth and Proper Use of a Bubble!

Test Your Meth and Proper Use of a Bubble!

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So at least in the city I used to deal in, a big problem was that users did not care at all how to or want know how to look for cuts or impurities. Its not that it was that they couldn?t, there only main concern only was the dollar value and not quality. This was a huge cause in this city for the majority of the products being cut or just extremely bad product. But I?ll cover more on that in another post.

To start I will break down the easiest ways to test and tell the difference. Remembering that not all of the test are 100% accurate and they don?t have many scientific studies backing them. They will however help you at least be able to spot the difference more easily and help you avoid the crap as much as possible.

Image for postMeth pipe sold at corner stores near you as ?Valentine Roses?

Smoking it (technically vaporizing):

Using the bubble:

Step 1: First thing you need is a decent bubble. Doesn?t have to be fancy or expensive but one that should last you for a while. Each bubble even from the same vender will have different thicknesses of the glass which will cause the heat transfer to change between different ones. Learning and knowing how your bubble works and how quickly it heats up is key.

Also would strongly recommend, more so for your ?testing bubble? is to ALWAYS keep it clean. After every use. This allows you to know for sure that there is no left over residue or anything that may cause the following steps harder to judge. Soon I will make another post on how the fastest and safest way to clean even the worst of bubbles. See link below for the best way to make your bubble like new!

Cleaning the Dirtiest Bubble?s with Ease!

As stated in this post, keeping your bubble clean makes it much easier to identify the quality of your crystal. Most?


Step 2: Only load a small amount into the bubble. This is generally a good idea for smoking it as that way if you over cook or burn it you don?t have to worry about wasting lots. Plus depending on what its cut with or if it was a bad cook, you won?t want to smoke a lot.

Step 3: Heat the bubble. Use a standard Bic ligher as they are the most forgiving. Never a torch! You will just burn it no matter what. Candle works also. You then MUST keep the flame around an inch away from the glass or you will also burn or over cook the meth. Meth has a melting point of 175 C and a boiling point of 215 C. Once you hit the boiling point the meth will start to over cook. Rolling the bubble helps prevent this from happen as the glass on the sides are cooler then where the flame is, thus helping slowing down the heating process. Continue doing this till the crystal has recrystallized. Also let the bubble cool between hits.

So now that you know the basics on how to roll a bubble, what do you look for to tell the different between quality and cuts?

Recrystallization, Odor/Taste, Color/looks and smoke/vapor. These are the 4 easiest ways to help you find out the quality. When remembering to follow the steps above.

First lets start with recrystallization. After taking your first hit, let the bubble cool while rolling it. You should see it start to form crystals quiet fast as it touches the cooler side of the bubble. Then as the bubble it self cools down you should see it all recrystallized fast. If its slow to recrystallize this is a good indicator that its either a bad cook or cut. A another thing to look for as long as you let it recrystallize spread out and not in a big blob is that you should be able to see lots of thin lines running through the product.

Now onto Odor and Taste. The cleaner/purer it is you shouldn?t be able to smell much of anything along with it not having much of a taste. A lot of people believe the ?good shit? should have a strong smell, some refer to as smell like cat piss, plastic or chemicals. These are not properties of the meth but properties of the cuts or the because the chemical used in the cooking where not cook off properly. If it has any kind of strong odor or taste, stop using the product.

Now Color and look. Avoid any powder. This is either ?biker meth? and usually is strong yellow color. It is also sold in powder form as it also easy to cut. As a rule of thumb, I would avoid anything with powder in it. Even if there is some small ?powder like? shards in it, it should be just that, shards. The color and look of the meth should be clear to opaque. The clearer it is the better. But thicker crystals will always have a haze to them from all the fine lines. These fine lines should also be present. Any color to it means that it wasn?t cook properly usually. Here is a list of the most likely causes of the colors if not added on purpose by the cooks:

Red Meth: is made from pseudoephedrine, and the red coloring of the tablet was not adequately washed away.Orange Meth: is made when ephedrine sulfate is used, and some of the sulfate was reduced to sulfur.Purple Meth: is made when Iodine from a phosphorus-iodine reaction is not washed out.Green Meth: is made when copper salts make their way in to the process, mainly due to the reaction vessel used.Brown Meth: is made when a oxidized red coloring, or tablating agent was present in the reduction.

The last color is yellow. This can be pretty common even in quality products. Some will argue the best meth has yellow tinge to it. This is a very debatable, I still uncertain of it.

Last but not least, the smoke/vapor. This one is simple. It should continue to smoke long after removing the flame. If it dies out quickly after removing it this is also a bad sign. Again shouldn?t have much taste or smell to it and should be a nice white vapor.

Bonus tip! When cooking it, it should look like a thicker oil. If it is waxy looking at all this is a very bad sign its been cut. It should also melt clear if not over cooked.

Liquid tests:

There are two quick tests to do using either water or bleach. Both will help tell you if its been cut.

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Bleach test:

Drop a small crystal into a small glass of bleach. If it floats or sinks, both are bad signs. What should happen is it should jump around and melt fast leaving nothing but a oily residue on the top of the bleach. Please remember to dispose of this properly.

Water test:

This is the most simple and basic of tests. Any IV user will know this but people who don?t shoot up might not. Mix about equal parts water as meth. Warm water works better. The crystals should dissolve pretty fast. Depending on the size will depend on the speed though. It should also dissolve clear with no other impurities in it. Also will turn out oily. Depending on how much water you added will make the thickness of the oil vary.

This test you can see reuse the meth. Just leave it out to dry and the water will evaporate leaving it to recrystallize again. Once done your good to go!


There are more test you can run, including using Test Kits to test for common cuts. There is no true purity tests but I will cover this topic in future posts.

Another way to find out, if it past the other test, is to try it. How did it make you feel? Always start out with a small amount first and work your way up slowly. Here is a good quote from this link that will help explain it better then I can:

Try to identify the noticeable change in perception you get from batch to batch. If you?re thinking ?no shit, dumbass?, you?d be surprised how many people don?t or can?t analyze their own feelings well enough to tell the bad shit from the good shit. But it all feels good you say? WRONG BRUH and you?ll know once you smoke that fateful bowl that leaves you feeling like a emotionless husk of a man, a robot, dead eyed stare, can?t even masturbate til you comedown cause yeah you felt the rush (kinda), but you only feel hot as fuck and sweaty as fuck, your pupils are huge BUT WHAT THE FUCK why isn?t your mind racing, why do you feel zero mental stimulation from this?

This feeling sucks ass. You?ll smoke another bowl or rail another line thinking maybe shit is weak. You just fucked up though cause now you?re gonna be up for hours and hours in this fucked up state, and time opposes you yet again, because now that you need that change in time perception, you get it in reverse. ?What the hell that was only 5 minutes?? There is no enjoyable time passing task to fuck around with cause everything sucks right now. You start to feel dead inside. Numb. Perhaps the deepest thought of the night will be how much you regret smoking that shit on a scale of 1 to 10, shit maybe I?ve completely destroyed my entire dopamine system somehow, oh my god I will never be the same! What have I done to my brain!

Bad meth can leave you feeling like utter shit and can take you to places you don?t want to go. So what makes you feel like shit? There?s a whole fuckload of forces at work here you sexy bastards and there?s no way to pinpoint the exact cause without complex scientific equipment so I?m gonna speculate on one possible cause instead:

One of the largest causes of unwanted shit feelings is the percentage of levomethamphetamine to dextromethamphetamine. I?m sure you all already know but just in case, methamphetamine has two isomers, dextrometh and levometh. The left handed isomer, levometh does not act on the dopamine receptor, only on norepinephrine. So it mainly gives you the physical effects of meth. The right handed side, dextrometh primarily causes the dopamine release and the euphoria, the mental effects.

Levomethamphetamine is so useless for getting high they put it in those Vicks inhalers. Because no one is gonna abuse that shit except out of curiosity and they sure as fuck aren?t gonna abuse it twice. It?s like taking one of those useless ?nonabusable? ADHD medication that only releases or inhibits the reuptake of norepinephrine, after doing a little you feel meh, after doing too much cause you think you haven?t done enough, you feel wide awake, but no euphoria, feeling zombied out, looking so serious..

So that about covers it for this post. I will break down a lot more of this and really explain things more fully along with making many posts about other ways to protect yourself, keep yourself healthy, misconceptions, how to use properly, and much much more so stay tuned!

If you have any questions, want to ask for a post about a topic, tell me I?m wrong or even want me to go into more detail about something comment below or make a private note! I?ll respond to most! And don?t forget to follow me to get updates on new posts!

Safe using!


Bonus tip: Shards should take a bit to break. If they break and turn into fine powder with out much force, this is a bad sign. It should be relatively hard to turn into a fine power.


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