Terrace House: Ultimate Tiered Ranking

Terrace House: Ultimate Tiered Ranking

Boys & Girls in the City

A slice of life reality TV show you don?t want to miss!!

Anyway this show was magnificent and touching, up until the very last episode. I thought I would try to reminisce and rank the members in terms of how much I liked them and their contribution to the show as a whole. This is just for fun so don?t take it too seriously 😀

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D tier

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17. Makoto Hasegawa (????) * Makocchan * Occupation: University student & baseball player * Age: 22

This dude thought he could guilt trip a girl into dating him. Look I bought you these shoes! His actions are pretty grimy, stirs up drama but not in a good way. No surprise he ends up being one of the first to leave, but I hope he learned some valuable lessons!

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16. Yuriko Hayata (????? ) * Yuriko or Yuri * Occupation: medical student * Age: 23

This girl played my man Tap. Naive or not, she should have been more conscientious of Tap?s feelings, Blue Note or not. That said, she was diligent and hardworking for her medical school pursuits.

C tier

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15. Hikaru Ota (???? ) * Hikaru * Occupation: model * Age: 18

Hikaru didn?t really leave any lasting impressions on me other than being a pretty boy and leaving Misaki heartbroken. Something to note, he may be super chill offscreen. This might be why Arman and him got along so well. I liked their brotherly affection.

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14. Momoka Mitsunaga (???? ) * Momo-chan * Occupation: ballerina * Age: 20

Man this girl literally did nothing on the show besides go on one date. Sure, she was hardworking but then again I feel like it?s part of Japanese culture to be hardworking. She was a ballerina version of Arisa, with less screen time.

B tier

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13. Hayato Terashima (???? ) * Hayato-kun * Occupation: chef apprentice * Age: 29

This guy? Hayato to me was a mix of creepy and honorable. This dude did like Riko and turned down Martha because of it. However his over-confidence at times with Riko along with his thousand year stare makes Hayato a less like-able character. All that said, he was a very good chef and did take care of his housemates when it came to food.

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12. Arisa Ohata (????? ) * Arisa * Occupation: hat designer * Age: 25

Ah Arisa. Comes in and takes my man Arman from Mizuki and later family-zones Arman. #neverForget

To be fair, I think she was looking for ?husband material?, someone stable and ambitious to match her personality. She did show she was a hard worker.

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11. Natsumi Saito (????) * Nacchan * Occupation: model * Age: 26

What a natural drama creator. Nacchan was someone who was pretty blunt and straightforward but also very sensitive when others commented about her. This caused for some hilarious tension between the housemates.

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10. Yuki Adachi (????) * Yuki or Tap * Occupation: tap dancer * Age: 27

My man Tap! Sometimes folks without the heart and hustle just won?t understand you. All I can say is that Tap was a bit low on the EQ side, unable to realize that not everyone shared his goals and ambitions. While it?s good to share, it?s not good to shove it down someone?s throat.

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9. Riko Nagai (???? ) * Rikopin * Occupation: high school student & gravure model * Age: 18

Rikopin sometimes pissed me off, giving off an aura of childishness. However, she has shown to be very mature, bending her own black and white rules to meet Hayato halfway, rejecting Hayato at the end because of his wishy-washy behavior, and providing the occasional life tip to Misaki.

Her adorable kid nature was also a plus. Her swag af bunny slippers. Her idea of discovering new things with her significant other. The way she wore the Cup Noodles at the museum.

A tier

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8. Mizuki Shida (????) * Mizuki * Occupation: office worker * Age: 22

I really want to get to know Mizuki better. She seems like a very loving character, very supportive of her friends and cheerful of a person. I actually think her and Arman would have hit it off quite nicely if it wasn?t for Arisa coming in and wrecking everything.

Overall Mizuki seemed super fun and got along nicely with Uchi and Arman on their dates as well as the other housemates. Perhaps she was too nice. I was surprised when she left Terrace House single at the end.

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7. Masako Endo (???? ) * Martha * Occupation: model * Age: 23

Martha was so chill. She really was the female version of Arman on the show. She brought forth what the youth sometimes refer to as big dick energy. She was a breath of fresh air, speaking her mind but not in a derisive fashion like Nacchan.

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6. Minori Nakada (?????) * Minori * Occupation: university student & model * Age: 21

I could live forever doing nothing. This girl is hilarious. It?s something we can all relate to, more or less. Her omurice fiascal was hilarious and the meat incident she caused was even more dramatic.

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5. Tatsuya Uchihara (????) * Uchi * Occupation: hair stylist * Age: 23

What I loved more than Minori?s hilarious actions were Uchi?s earnest responses. This dude looked like a fuccboi when I first saw him but the show later revealed him to be soft and naive, with good intentions. Between his reaction to being called a coward to his tears with the thought of breaking up with Minori, Uchi definitely brought entertainment value to the show. I?d get a beer with him.

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4. Misaki Tamori (???? ) * Misaki * Occupation: entertainer (Ebisu Muscats) * Age: 23

I had no idea the Ebisu Muscats have a bunch of AV and gravure models amongst its members? ANYWAY, Misaki gave me that slice of life feeling, that feeling you get when you feel more mature, when you?ve overcome some of your inner demons. When we first see her, she seems like a happy go lucky girl, almost ditsy in a way. While the former is good, the latter caused Hikaru to reject the idea of dating her, calling her out by saying she has ?no core?.

Later when Yuuki Byrnes comes onto the show, we see how much she?s been able to learn and change. She?s become more accepting of who she is while still trying her best to improve her insecurities. In the cutest way possible too with Byrnes by her side.

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3. Yuuki Byrnes (?????? ) * Yuuki * Occupation: hip hop dancer * Age: 23

Krump fo shizzle. Prosecutor Byrnes is the man. There are not many people that can cure a Hansan hangover quite as quickly as Yuuki Byrnes. While some folks question his moral high ground and whatnot, I think his position is very relatable and not at all fake. We can see he truly is trying to provide help and we can see his frustrations when dealing with the Hayato and Riko drama.

His relationship with Arman is also endearing, and in some ways funny too. He feels very sad that he wasn?t able to provide more guidance to Arman as he was learning how to skateboard and subsequently gets hit by a car. Yet, despite this, he naively asks how Martha?s outing went with Hayato right in front of Arman. But then he gets scolded and because of his openness and love towards Misaki, he apologizes and acknowledges this for the future! Terrace House hitting you with that quality content.

S tier

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2. Yuto Handa (???? ) * Han-san * Occupation: architect * Age: 27

Mr. Perfect! Hansan was the only person on the show who came in already in a relationship. Even so, he manages to sweep all three girls off their feet. Quality man alert.

Hansan is a really talented, hardworking architect. He works passionately on designing cafes and building facilities for the physically disabled. Hansan also provides a voice of reason for all of the cast members, especially Nacchan, and helps resolve conflicts.

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1. Arman Bitaraf (????????? ) * Ah-man * Occupation: aspiring firefighter * Age: 24

Ma man. What a legend! Dude is the chillest person on the show and quite possibly all of Japan. Yet he is very hardworking according to his employer during his stay at the Terrace House.

This dude doggie paddles like a pro, holds hands like a true Gaijin, kick-boxes like a champ, and plows through hangovers like a m*tha f*ckn boss. He is super easy going and at some point, Hansan even points out that Arman?s life motto should be to be happy. This man provided good humor and blithe entertainment throughout the show, to viewers and house members alike. I hope to drink with Arman one day in Hawaii.

Aaaaaand you read all the way to the end! Here?s is an extra treat for you, a nice crossover between Terrace House and Full House:


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