Swipe Right Meaning: How to Use the Idiom “Swipe Right” Correctly?

?Swipe right? is an idiomatic phrase heard or seen frequently in today?s everyday conversation and writing. Here you will find the meaning of the phrase, along with the story behind its origin. You will also see examples of how to properly use this phrase in conversations/statements and other ways to say the phrase and convey the same meaning.

Swipe Right

Swipe Right Meaning

The idiom ?swipe right? means to accept or show approval of something or someone.

Origin of this idiomatic expression

This is a more recently accepted idiom. In 2012, the popular dating app Tinder was released to the public and requires its users to swipe right for people they are interested in meeting and swipe left for those they are not interested in meeting. Since 2012, the phrase ?swipe right? has been used as a popular slang term to show approval of something or someone.

?Swipe Right? Examples

Examples in Statements

A statement in a newspaper article in response as to whether a local mayor would accept the new law or not.

?When asked how he felt about the proposal of the new law, Mayor Pete said that he would swipe right .?

A statement made by a critic about a recent movie she had seen.

?This movie is so good. It is worthy of a swipe right .?

Examples in Conversations

A conversation between two friends about a boy at school.

Friend 1: Did John as you out yet?

Friend 2: Yes, he did yesterday.

Friend 1: What did you say?

Friend 2: I told him I was thinking about it.

Friend 1: What is there to think about? You should swipe right !

A conversation between two co-workers regarding a recent job proposal.

Co-worker 1: Did you go to that job interview the other day?

Co-worker 2 : I did and they offered me the job on the spot !

Co-worker 1: Wow! So when are you leaving?

Co-worker 2: I told them I would think about it.

Co-worker 1: What do you need to think about? I thought you said the job was great!

Co-worker 2: Well, the pay is more than what I am making now, but the benefits are less.

Co-worker 1: True, but its an opportunity you may not be offered again. I would swipe right .

Other Ways to Say ?Swipe Right?

Like all idiomatic phrases, the phrase ?swipe right? has many other ways you can say it instead and convey the same message.

Other ways you can say this phrase include:

I would accept

I completely agree

I would do that

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