Just a ridiculous amount of computing power.

I?ve built a new capability for Epic members who want to run sims faster. SwiftSim runs SimC on multiple servers at once, which speeds up processing especially for those really large Top Gear and Droptimizer sims.

Image for postProcessing screen now also shows each stage?s process for Smart sims. Orange border for Epic only!

Up until today, all sims have been running on virtual machines using 32 CPU cores. With SwiftSim, sims can take advantage of two Raidbots 32-core worker servers running in parallel.

Speedups are most significant for larger sims. A sim that would normally take 10 minutes will finish in closer to 5 or 6 minutes with SwiftSim. Large gem/enchant sims that often take a full hour to run would now run in closer to 30 minutes when SwiftSim is active.

Smaller sims get some speedup but it may not be as significant. For example, an eligible sim that currently takes 2 minutes may run in 1.5 minutes.

Full Details

SwiftSim is available for Epic subscribers when running Top Gear or Droptimizer sims larger than 8 combinations and when running Advanced sims with more than 8 profilesets.

The other tools (Quick Sim, Stat Weights, Gear Compare, etc) don?t run in a way that can be parallelized across multiple servers.


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