How I Survive as F2P Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Player

How I Survive as F2P Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Player

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, made by Konami and from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! series, a video game at first released on Android and iOS in January 11, 2017 for around the world, and for Windows version was released via Steam on November 17, 2017. The game comes with original characters from the series, not all of them to be exact.

This game had a different things from the OCG/TCG, it has three monster field and three spell/trap field, no XYZ and Pendulum summon yet, and not all cards are available. You will start by choosing between Yami Yugi or Seto Kaiba, you can get the opposite character later.

Image for postIn-Game Screenshot of Buying Packs

?So, the title is F2P, does that mean their is money involve in this game because it?s the opposite of P2W??

Yes, you can use real money to get decks, open a pack, and etc. But you can use Gems to do that, not spending money but instead spending time to the game. There are many ways to get Gems in this game;

  1. Complete a mission(stage, etc)
  2. Events, like Anniversary Celebration
  3. Duel Trials
  4. When new box is released

Like this screenshot on the left, you will see that you can buy packs with Gems, or buy it with real money. Max open multiple pack are 10, but it?s limitless if there is no text like ?Purchase Limit?. If you have the card you want, example Ultra Rare(UR)card, you can get it again by reset the box.

?What about decks??

Deck?s is kinda different to packs, and this kinda why you need to use real money. Price of the deck?s is 500 Gems or 1000 Gems, but you can only purchase using Gems once. There is a deck that cannot be bought by Gems, instead forcing you using real money.

?Okay, so what now? Should i just open random pack? Or should i just buy a deck instead??

This is up-to-you to decide, if you playing this for the first time, you will find it hard to get a card that you want, because some of them lock away because only can be drop by Character Event, etc. You can get card from Card Tickets, that reward you if you play certain event, or play ranked matches. But I do recommend you to think what you want at the start, picking between Yami Yugi or Seto Kaiba. Let me tell you what i do if i trying to start from the very bottom.

Image for postSeto Kaiba

If you pick Seto Kaiba, you wanna try to get Blue-Eyes Deck, although it?s not really top tier, but it had some use.

Start by go to the shop, go to Decks tab, and buy ?The White Dragon of Legend?. It?s very good because inside there is Cosmic Brain and Bingo Machine, Go, you will use it often. Don?t forget about other cards, like Dragon Spirit of White, Birthright, and probably Luster Dragon.

Next you wanna try to get The White Stone of Ancients, by open a pack at Lord of Shining, or when i write this down, Selection Box Vol.03, The White Stone of Legend and Protector with Eyes of Blue from Stardust Acceleration, you also wanna get Enemy Controller, extra Blue-Eyes White Dragon(you can get one by getting DSOD World)and maybe some good trap cards like Drowning Mirror Force or Wall of Disruption.

Remember that i wrote Lord of Shining? This is an alternative to build good deck at the start, good for Yami Yugi or Seto Kaiba. What you wanna try to get are Darklord?s.

Image for postMy Darklord?s F2P Deck

This picture shows my F2P deck, time when i made the deck and start over, there is an Event that i can pick one skill of my choice, Destiny Draw(Yami Yugi), a great skill and could be a way to make a comeback. This deck can be played around you Life Points(LP), not only you can revive monster from your graveyard, you can activate your trap from the graveyard from you Effect Monster to give you LP, according to you monster ATK points. But don?t take this lightly, because it?s base on your luck to get this card.

Image for postYami Yugi

If you pick Yami Yugi, you could use Darklord?s, instead trying your hardest to make Dark Magician Deck. But as i mention about Destiny Draw, you can play Yami Yugi to your heart extend with the Deck you want to build.

Destiny Draw allows you to draw a card you pick from your Deck, if you got 2000LP damage or more. Because there is so many ways to play Yami Yugi with Destiny Draw skill, you can visit a website called Duel Links Meta, there is guide about Gems and a Tier list of decks. I?m sure that you will the deck that you are looking for, don?t forget to watch it on YouTube to make sure you know what kinda strategy of the deck.

But if I had to choose, I probably try to get Samurai Deck, especially try to get Legendary Six Samurai ? Shi En from Warriors Unite, because his effect can negate any spell/trap card activation and destroy it once per turn. Or I could go to Red-Eyes deck, buy a Return of The Red-Eyes Deck, and find Red-Eyes Spirit.

Okay let me tell you how I, F2P player can survive. It?s simple really, you need to grind for that Gem and/or follow all the event that came up, especially Anniversary Event, don?t miss it. The more Gems you got, the more you can buy packs to get meta card, so you could build a Meta Deck. But probably the difficult part about it, is about luck, when opening packs nor try to rank up.

One last thing, don?t give up so easily at this game, if you wanna start over because you got a bad luck at opening cards, it?s up to you. But keep having fun, ask your friend to play, and maybe duel so you can get basic idea of your new Deck or custom Deck that you?re made.


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