Sushi Roll VS Hand Roll: The Definitive Guide

Sushi Roll VS Hand Roll: The Definitive Guide

What?s the difference between the sushi roll vs hand roll?

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  • Key differences and similarities between them
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Introduction to Sushi Roll VS Hand Roll

Sushi is a dish of Japanese dish that combines vinegar rice. And fill with many ingredients inside of the nori sushi seaweed wrap.

While it is also offer in restaurants that come in many sizes and shapes and from there arises many confusions between these two types of sushi.

Firstly there?s usually a huge discussion on the difference between maki roll vs hand roll sushi.

But as its name suggest maki sushi or makizushi is another name for the roll form of sushi.

Additionally its name implies coiling or wrapping something. And it?s wrap into a cylinder shape open ended burrito.

Sushi Roll VS Hand Roll

Comparatively the Temaki or hand rolled sushi is shape wrap into a conical ice-cream shape. While they are composed of rice, fish, and vegetables contain by nori wrap.

Besides the difference between the maki roll vs hand roll, similarly they can be filled with a variety of different ingredients.

But the ingredients are always fold from a nori sheet and contains sushi rice.

What is Makizushi/Roll

Sushi Roll VS Hand Roll

In addition to being a great cuisine with many different healthy variety of delicious ingredients. It is usually cut into 6?8 smaller pieces from a roll using a sharp knife.

Since it is divided from or cut into several pieces, the roster is great for sushi party or family dinner with many people.

Generally maki rolls are prepare from home using various popular ingredients like Japanese shiitake mushrooms, omelette, pickled vegetables.

Finally when it is done, makizushi rolls are served with wasabi(Japanese horseradish). Or sometimes also serve along with gari shoga a form of pickled ginger.

Additionally there are many forms of rolls such as Uramaki, Futomaki, Chumaki, Hosomaki. And due to their similarities they are distinguished with the preparation of different flavors.

Subsequently in restaurants Makizushi rolls usually comes in two types: Hosomaki and Futomaki.

Whereas the Hosomaki rolls are thinner. Meanwhile contains a single ingredient like tuna, salmon, or cucumber.

In contrast, the Futomaki is a thicker roll with a more variety of different ingredients inside.

This video explains how to make makizushi:

What is Hand Roll/Temaki

Sushi Roll VS Hand Roll

Instead of like the nigiri sushi that might take you years and years of practice to perfect. Plus if you are a vegetarian looking for a Japanese dish that fits your taste.

Comparatively between maki sushi and hand roll the Temaki roll is a much easier form of sushi that anybody can make in their own home.

Definitely great if eaten as a meal alone. But even if its as a smaller meal it can be used as an appetizer and also as a great party food.

Because guests can simply choose their own favorite fillings they might like for their roll. Subsequently roll their ingredients into the nori wrap on their own.

Meanwhile they are also a wonderful and fun change from regular sushi. However, if you never made sushi before it can be a bit tricky.

But it?s totally worth the effort to get it right, and with a little practice it will become a lot more easier.

Moreover the preparation is very simple. Since all you need to prepare is a platter of sushi rice, nori, and fillings you like such as avocado, sesame, cucumber, mango, or carrot.

Or if you are not vegetarian you can still make delicious temaki rolls with wonderful ingredients such as chicken teriyaki, shrimp, sashimi, or sashimi.

You will find this video helpful:

Conclusion of Sushi Roll VS Hand Roll

Firstly despite the differences between sushi roll vs hand roll they are both great Japanese sushi dish wrap from nori.

Additionally, they are both great cuisines with great nutrients. Since nori contains plenty of folate, calcium, magnesium, and iodine.

Meanwhile, salmon which is a very popular ingredient choice for sushi is wonderful source of omega 3. Nonetheless providing for sushi lovers anti-inflammatory and heart protective elements.

While simultaneously being a great food for guests. Since they can both choose the rolls with their favorite ingredients or fill their own ingredients.

Undoubtedly that?s what is great about eating sushi. Because there are so many varieties in the world. So even if some many suit your taste, you will definitely find others perfect for you.


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