Supernatural Episode Viewing Guide

Supernatural Episode Viewing Guide

Saving People, Hunting Things? The Family Business.

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Welcome to the world of Supernatural.

Is this show the greatest tv show ever made? No, it isn?t.

However this show has lasted 13 seasons on the strength of its characters, the relationships between them and it?s unique mythology- unlike any other show on tv. It has compelling storylines that draw you in and it learns to make fun of itself and nod to it?s own fan base. Again is the best show ever?- no but it might just be the most fun show to become a fan of?

So here is a guide to all of the episodes of the show. I have labeled them one of 4 categories. MUST WATCH, SUGGESTED WATCH, WATCHABLE, SKIP. The MUST WATCH are essential episodes either because they contain important plot developments or because they are great episodes (usually both). SKIP are those that are not worth watching they are poor quality and non-essential. SUGGESTED WATCH is just that, I suggest you watch all of these episodes, they are good quality enjoyable episodes which enhance the overall storyline. Supernatural is a show that keeps building off what came before and a lot of the essential MUST WATCH episodes will have a better pay off and become better episodes by understanding the context (for example the episode of Doctor Who where all of Tenant?s companions come back and he finally tells Rose he loves her is a great episode by itself but it is much better when you know and understand the history between the two and between him and the other companions). WATCHABLE means that they are good enough episodes if you are really enjoying the show but not necessary. These might be episodes you skip over as you are watching the show but go back to if you really love it and want more episodes to watch. My suggestion is to watch all of the MUST WATCH and SUGGESTED WATCH in order, go back and watch the WATCHABLE if you are interested in additional content. As you probably figured there is no need to watch the SKIPs. However, if you are not sure about it you can start with just the MUST WATCH episodes and you just might get a little lost with the seasonal arcs that way (which tend to be pretty important for this show).

I have limited the number of episodes to watch in the first season for a few reasons. First the show takes some time to find itself. The show starts in more of the horror genre and ends up transitioning into something totally unique (part fantasy, part sci-fi, part comedy and still with a touch of thrill and horror). Also the show really picks up in quality as it goes along so while the first season of the show sets up all of the lore and builds the foundation going forward there is a lot to get to and I want to advance you to the good stuff. I am going to suggest you watch the pilot though (even though it is not the best episode) just because so much comes back to that story. For the others I suggest you get through season 1 as soon as possible

A Little Background

Background from the show that you are going to miss in the early episodes:

The show is centered around two brothers, Sam and Dean. Dean is the oldest who has grown up protecting his younger brother Sam. Dean idolizes his father (drives his father?s classic 1967 chevy impala- calls it baby, listens to classic rock music and wants to be a hunter just like his father). Sam always struggled with/fought with their father and ran away from home on a few occasions to get away from the family lifestyle.

As you will see from the pilot the boys ?hunt? the supernatural. Here are a few of the creatures they deal with and how to recognize/ deal with them


o Demons- dark sprits that can possess people, their skin burns when touched by holy water and they cant cross a salt line (yes just regular salt- sounds silly but it is a major weapon in this show), you will learn more in episodes you will watch.

o Vengeful spirits- otherwise known as ghosts. People who have passed on but not ?moved on?. They can injure and kill people. They dissipate when hit with salt or iron and the way to get rid of them is to find their remains then salt and burn them.

o Shape shifters- they can basically turn in to the person they copy and when they do they shed their skin. Their eyes flare when caught on video or camera and their skin burns when touched by silver.

o Werewolves- don?t actually turn in to wolves but have claws and yellow eyes, they tear out and eat people?s hearts. Also vulnerable to silver.

o Vampires- don?t have Dracula fangs but they have retractable fangs that come down and look like those deep sea glow fish. They can only be killed by being beheaded. Also they are temporarily slowed down and immobilized by dead mans blood (blood from a dead person).

Because of all of these different creatures they hunt, the boys carry tons of weapons in their car. They have bullets for their guns that are made of silver and/ or filled with rock salt.

The boys always carry fake FBI/ Police/ Homeland security badges to help them get access to crimes scenes that they believe were caused by the supernatural. They always give fake names which are usually references to classic rock singers.

Also one other important note- Netflix always skips the ?previously on? scenes which is a pretty nice feature when you are binge watching something BUT for every season finale they do a recap of the season while playing ?Carry on Wayward Son.? It is a pretty cool piece of the show, which is actually referenced down the road in one of my all time favorite episodes. It doesn?t start until season two (if you are watching on Nextflix- it did start season 1 with the original air and is on the DVD) but make sure to start each finale from the very beginning to enjoy this classic element of the show.

Finally, sometimes there is an episode that can be completely skipped but there is one or two important scenes inside. For those ones I will either describe what you missed OR if it is better to watch I will put the timed location (What minute of the show to watch) and you can just watch those sections.


Season 1

o 1- Pilot-MUST WATCH

o 2- Wendigo- SKIP

o 3- Dead in the Water- SKIP

o 4- Phantom Traveler- WATCHABLE

o 5- Bloody Mary- SKIP


o 7- Hook Man- SKIP

o 8- Bugs- SKIP


o 10- Asylum- SKIP



o 13- Route 666- SKIP

o 14- Nightmare- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 15- The Benders- WATCHABLE (but extremely creepy/ horror genre- be ware)


o 17- Hell House- SUGGESTED WATCH

  • This one is only suggested because it is referenced in a big way later on and will pay off if you watch it but it can be skipped.

o 18- Something Wicked this Way Comes- WATCHABLE

o 19- Provenance- SKIP


  • This episode is about vampires and doesn?t need to be watched the first time around BUT there is a huge plot point that comes out of it. In this episode we learn that the old west gun maker Samuel Colt made a gun for a ?hunter? that can kill anything (like anything supernatural). He only made 13 bullets (6 were used up by the hunter he made it for.) In this episode the boys meet up with their father again who has tracked down the colt to try to use against the Demon that killed their mother.


o 22- Devil?s Trap-MUST WATCH

Season 2

o 1- In My Time of Dying-MUST WATCH

o 2- Everybody Loves a Clown- SKIP

  • OK, even though the main episode plot is not worth watching there are some key new characters that are introduced in it and some important plot points SO skip the opening of this episode and just watch the following sections 4:00?15:30, 29:35?31:00, 36:05-end.

o 3- Bloodlust- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 4- Children?s Shouldn?t Play With Dead Things- SKIP

  • Just watch the finale scene in the episode starting at 38:10

o 5- Simon Said- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 6- No Exit- WATCHABLE

o 7- The Usual Suspects- WATCHABLE

o 8-Crossroad Blues-MUST WATCH

o 9-Croatoan-MUST WATCH


o 11-Playthings- WATCHABLE

o 12- Nightshifter-MUST WATCH

  • Yes, that is a Cyberman 🙂

o 13-Houses of the Holy- SKIP

o 14- Born Under a Bad Sign- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 15- Tall Tales-MUST WATCH


  • So these next three episodes are actually pretty good in quality and would be suggested watch in other seasons. However, they are not at all important to the overall plot so I am having you skip them while you are getting a feel for the show and you can come back and watch later if you are interested. OR you can watch now if you are interested. Roadkill is a great suspense/ mystery story, heart is an emotional story, and Hollywood Babylon is a funny story- might be fun for you to watch because it is about actors filming a horror movie in Hollywood 🙂


o 18- Hollywood Babylon- WATCHABLE

o 19- Folsom Prison Blues- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 20- What is an What Should Never Be-MUST WATCH

o 21- All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1-MUST WATCH

o 22- All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1-MUST WATCH


Season 3

o 1-The Magnificent Seven- SKIP

  • HOWEVER- Important character and weapon introduction so watch 32:55- to end

o 2- The Kids are Alright- SUGGESTED WATCH

-Highly suggested watch for later plot point

o 3- Bad Day at Black Rock-MUST WATCH

o 4- Sin City- SKIP

  • BUT some important convos in this episode, watch 12:57?14:24, 17:54- 32:58, 36:10- end

o 5- Bedtime Stories- WATCHABLE

  • Important scene at the end of this episode so watch 32:46-end

o 6- Red Sky Morning- SKIP

  • Totally skippable epsiode just know that Bella (the girl from the rabbit foot episode) returns and the boys save her life.

o 7-Fresh Blood- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 8- A Very Supernatural Christmas- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 9-Malleus Maleficarum- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 10-Dream a Little Dream of Me-MUST WATCH

o 11- Mystery Spot-MUST WATCH

o 12- Jus in Bello-MUST WATCH

o 13- Ghostfacers- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 14- Long Distance Call- WATCHABLE

o 15- Time is on My Side- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 16- No Rest for the Wicked-MUST WATCH


Season 4

o 1- Lazarus Rising-MUST WATCH

o 2- Are You There God? It?s Me, Dean Winchester- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 3- In the Beginning-MUST WATCH

o 4- Metamorphosis- SKIP

  • You can skip this episode but important plot comes at the following places: the beginning- 8:00; 10:00- 11:23; 22:58- 24:55; 39:00- end

o 5- Monster Movie-MUST WATCH

o 6- Yellow Fever-MUST WATCH

o 7-It?s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 8- Wishful Thinking-MUST WATCH

o 9- I Know What You Did Last Summer-MUST WATCH

o 10- Heaven and Hell-MUST WATCH

o 11- Family Remains- SKIP

o 12- Criss Angel Is a Douche Bag- WATCHABLE

o 13- After School Special- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 14- Sex and Violence- WATCHABLE

o 15- Death Takes a Holiday- WATCHABLE

o 16- On the Head of a Pin- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 17-It?s a Terrible Life-MUST WATCH

o 18- The Monster at the End of This Book-MUST WATCH

o 19- Jump the Shark- SUGGESTED WATCH

  • Highly suggested for later plot points

o 20- The Rapture-MUST WATCH

o 21- When the Levee Breaks-MUST WATCH

o 22- Lucifer Rising-MUST WATCH


Season 5

o 1- Sympathy for the Devil-MUST WATCH

o 2- Good God, Y?All- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 3- Free to Be You and Me-MUST WATCH

o 4- The End-MUST WATCH

o 5- Fallen Idols- WATCHABLE

o 6- I Believe the Children Are Our Future- WATCHABLE

o 7- The Curious Case of Dean Winchester- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 8- Changing Channels-MUST WATCH

o 9- The Real Ghostbusters-MUST WATCH

o 10- Abandon All Hope-MUST WATCH

o 11- Sam, Interrupted- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 12- Swap Meat- WATCHABLE

o 13- The Song Remains the Same-MUST WATCH

o 14- My Bloody Valentine-MUST WATCH

o 15- Dead Men Don?t Wear Plaid- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 16- Dark Side of the Moon-MUST WATCH

o 17- 99 Problems- SUGGESTED WATCH

  • Thsi is not one of the best episodes but there are important scenes which is why it is suggested. Either watch the episode or just the following scenes: 21:34?23:00; 24:33- 26:30; 27:10- 27:38; 30:18?31:13; 33:40-end

o 18- Point of No Return-MUST WATCH

o 19- Hammer of the Gods- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 20- The Devil You Know- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 21- Two Minutes to Midnight-MUST WATCH

o 22- Swan Song-MUST WATCH


Season 6

o 1- Exile on Main St.- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 2- Two and a Half Men- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 3- The Third Man- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 4-Weekend at Bobby?s-MUST WATCH

o 5- Live Free and Twi-hard- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 6- You Can?t Handle the Truth- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 7- Family Matters- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 8- All Dogs Go To Heaven- SKIP

o 9- Clap Your Hands if You Believe-MUST WATCH

o 10- Caged Heat- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 11- Appointment in Samarra-MUST WATCH

o 12- Like a Virgin- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 13- Unforgiven- WATCHABLE

o 14- Mannequin3: The Reckoning- SKIP

  • This episodes is lame but if you are interested in the Lisa/ Ben storyline you can watch the following scenes: 13:30?13:48; 18:22?21:12; 26:08?29:00; 29:40?30:38; 37:50-end

o 15- The French Mistake-MUST WATCH

  • Ok this episode is one of the BEST but they reference a lot of things from the actors real lives in this one so here are some things to know to make it even better:
  • Jared (Sam) married the actress who played Ruby in real life (dark haired version)- they met filming this show and now they have 3 kids.
  • Fans calls the boys J2 (?J? squared for Jared and Jensen)
  • The boys are known for playing pranks on set
  • Misha (Castiel) loves social media and tweets and posts stuff all the time. The tweet he sends in this episode he actually sent in real life while shooting just for fun 🙂
  • The show is filmed in Vancouver Canada
  • They make a lot of jokes about the boys not getting along with each other but in real life they are best friends. They lived together during the first few seasons of the show before they each got married, their wives are friends, they are both from Texas originally and each moved to Austin so their families can be close, their kids even go to the same preschool. They really are as close as their characters are.

o 16- ?And Then There Were None- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 17- My Heart Will Go On-MUST WATCH

o 18- Frontierland-MUST WATCH

o 19- Mommy Dearest-MUST WATCH

o 20- The Man Who Would Be King-MUST WATCH

o 21- Let It Bleed- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 22- The Man Who Knew Too Much-MUST WATCH


Season 7

o 1- Meet the New Boss- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 2- Hello, Cruel World- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 3- The Girl Next Door- WATCHABLE

  • Just watch the beginning to 5:12 (opening title) to get the resolution from the end of the last episode. Also just know if you skip this that Dean ends up killing a girl named Amy who is a monster but is a friend from Sam?s past.

o 4- Defending Your Life- WATCHABLE

o 5- Shut Up, Dr. Phil- SKIP

o 6- Slash Fiction- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 7- The Mentalists- SKIP

o 8- Season 7, Time for a Wedding!- SUGGESTED WATCH

  • Suggested to see Leslie Oodom Jr!! and intro to a new character

o 9- How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 10-Death?s Door-MUST WATCH

o 11- Adventures In Babysitting- SKIP

  • BUT watch 3:18- 7:29; 13:15- 16:42; 21:40?24:20 to see the aftermath of the last episode

o 12- Time After Time- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 13- The Slice Girls- SKIP

o 14- Plucky Pennywhistle?s Magic Menagerie- WATCHABLE

o 15- Repo Man- SKIP

  • But watch the following scenes: 6:40- 7:46; 23:45?27:02; 40:25-end

o 16- Out With the Old- WATCHABLE

o 17- The Born-Again Identity-MUST WATCH

o 18- Party On, Garth- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 19- Of Grave Importance- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 20- The Girls with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo-MUST WATCH

o 21- Reading is Fundamental-MUST WATCH

o 22- There Will Be Blood- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 23- Survival of the Fittest-MUST WATCH


Season 8

  • Ok, so the beginning half of season 8 is slow and uninteresting mostly because of this horrible relationship between Sam and this dumb girl Amelia. You can skip many of these episodes BUT laced within them are flashbacks of Purgatory which is really interesting. I will put the scenes to watch below and I would highly suggest you watch those.

o 1- We Need to Talk About Kevin- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 2- What?s Up, Tiger Mommy?? SKIP

  • BUT watch 12:02?13:47; 22:55?26:06
  • Then watch 36:58-end: just know at this point Crowley possessed Kevin?s mom in order to steal the Demon Tablet (yes that is Julie from friends J)

o 3- Heartache? SKIP

o 4- Bitten? SKIP

o 5- Blood Brother- WATCHABLE

  • Back story for Benny if you are interested in his character otherwise just watch the following scenes 5:43?6:50; 10:13?13:41; 24:52?25:34; 28:26?29:02; 30:45?32:00; 39:08-end
  • If you watch the full episode you can skip all of the Sam/Amelia scenes because it is lame and she sucks

o 6- Southern Comfort- WATCHABLE

o 7- A little Slice of Kevin- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 8- Hunter Heroici- WATCHABLE

o 9- Citizen Fang- WATCHABLE

  • Another Benny episode. His character is GREAT it is just that the episodes he is in are just ok. Feel free to watch this one if you are interested in him, this is a borderline suggested watch

Again, feel free to skip Sam/Amelia scenes

o 10- Torn and Frayed- SUGGESTED WATCH

  • Skip any Sam/Amelia scenes, she is gone after this episode- FOR GOOD!

o 11-LARP and the Real Girl- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 12- As Time Goes By-MUST WATCH

o 13- Everybody Hates Hitler- WATCHABLE

  • HOWEVER watch 3:40?7:37 to see what the key from the last episode opens up. This actually becomes the boys? home for the rest of the show!

o 14- Trial and Error-MUST WATCH

o 15- Man?s Best Friend with Benefits? SKIP

o 16- Remember the Titans? SKIP

  • Just know that over the last few episodes Sam has been starting to weaken because of the trials, he is shaky and spitting up blood and of course hiding it from Dean. But Dean can sense that something is wrong and is worried about his brother. He prays to Cass to help protect Sam. If you are interested in hearing it that prayer it is 40:00- end

o 17-Goodbye Stranger- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 18- Freaks and Geeks? SKIP

o 19- Taxi Driver-MUST WATCH

o 20-Pac-Man Fever- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 21- The Great Escapist-MUST WATCH

o 22- Clip Show- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 23- Sacrifice-MUST WATCH


Season 9

o 1-I think I?m Gonna Like It Here-MUST WATCH

o 2- Devil May Care- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 3- I?m No Angel- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 4- Slumber Party? SKIP

o 5- Dog Dean Afternoon- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 6- Heaven Can?t Wait- WATCHABLE

o 7- Bad Boys- WATCHABLE

o 8- Rock and a Hard Place? SKIP

  • But watch 38:40-end

o 9- Holy Terror-MUST WATCH

o 10-Road Trip-MUST WATCH

o 11-First Born-MUST WATCH

o 12- Sharp Teeth? SKIP

  • But know that Sam and Dean run into each other as they are both hunting. Dean tells Sam about the Mark and they agree to work together for this case. You don?t need to watch this episode but there is an important convo at the end so watch 37:05-end

o 13- The Purge- WATCHABLE

  • More important covos at 2:35?4:00; 38:29-end. This episode is the introduction to a reoccurring character who is pretty cute but the episode itself is just ok. You can decide if you want to watch or just the scenes above.

o 14- Captives- WATCHABLE

  • You can skip the middle of this episode but two important scenes beginning-9:50; 34:44-end

o 15-#thinman- WATCHABLE

o 16- Blade Runners-MUST WATCH

o 17- Mother?s Little Helper- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 18- Meta Fiction-MUST WATCH

o 19- Alex Annie Alexis Ann? SKIP

  • Plot point to know for the future. This episode features a girl named Alex who is a teen who was kidnapped by vampires, the boys rescue her and at the end Sheriff Jodi Mills takes her in and she becomes like her adoptive daughter.

o 20- Bloodlines? SKIP

o 21- King of the Damned-MUST WATCH

o 22- Stairway to Heaven- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 23- Do you Believe in Miracles? -MUST WATCH


Season 10


o 2- Reichenbach- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 3- Soul Survivor-MUST WATCH

o 4- Paper Moon? SKIP

o 5- Fan Fiction-MUST WATCH

o 6- Ask Jeeves? SKIP

o 7- Girls, Girls Girls- SUGGESTED WATCH

  • Episode just ok but major character introduction

o 8- Hibbing 911- WATCHABLE

  • Jodi/Donna episode- really cute if you like these characters but non-essential

o 9- The Things We Left Behind- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 10- The Hunter Games- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 11- There?s No Place Like Home- SUGGESTED WATCH

  • FYI the last episode with Charlie ended with her leaving and going to Oz (yes like the wizard of Oz, it is as horrible as it sounds and that is why we skipped it), but that plot bleeds into this episode so you need to know before watching,

o 12- About a Boy- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 13- Halt & Catch Fire? SKIP

o 14- The Executioner?s Song-MUST WATCH

o 15- The Things They Carried? SKIP

o 16- Paint it Black? SKIP

  • But watch these scenes 1:25?4:05; 14:03?16:38; 19:28?21:27; 30:16?33:24; 37:00-end

o 17- Inside Man- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 18- Book of the Damned-MUST WATCH

o 19- The Werther Project- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 20- Angel Heart- WATCHABLE

o 21- Dark Dynasty- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 22- The Prisoner- MUST WATCH

o 23-Brother?s Keeper-MUST WATCH

Season 11

o 1- Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire- MUST WATCH

o 2- Form and Void- MUST WATCH


o 4- Baby- MUST WATCH

o 5- Thin Lizzie- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 6- Our Little World- MUST WATCH

o 7- Plush? SKIP

  • BUT watch 1:51?3:10; 37:50-end

o 8- Just My Imagination- MUST WATCH

o 9- O Brother Where Art Thou? ? MUST WATCH

o 10- The Devil in the Details- MUST WATCH

o 11- Into the Mystic- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 12- Don?t You Forget About Me- WATCHABLE

o 13- Love Hurts? SKIP

  • But watch 37:13- end and just know in this episode the monster turned in to the persons deepest desires and Sam is about to ask who the monster turned in to for Dean

o 14- The Vessel- MUST WATCH

o 15- Beyond the Mat? SKIP

  • But watch the following scenes 3:30?5:20; 16:38?17:20; 29:50?31:00; 31:33?32:35; 33:18?35:24; 36:50?37:38; 39:50-end

o 16- Safe House- SUGGESTED WATCH


o 18- Hell?s Angel- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 19- The Chitters? SKIP

o 20- Don?t Call Me Shurley- MUST WATCH

o 21- All in the Family- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 22- We Happy Few- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 23- Alpha and Omega- MUST WATCH

Season 12

o 1- Keep Calm and Carry On- SUGGESTED WATCH


o 3- The Foundry? SKIP

  • But watch 3:30?7:40; 10:17?11:11; 12:06?13:00; 16:31?21:21; 29:05?31:35; 35:50?36:51; 38:20-end

o 4- American Nightmare? SKIP

  • But watch the following scenes and just know that in this episode they meet a psychic girl who is being abused by her family and as a reaction she is killing people but she doesn?t know she is doing it. In the end the boys let her go and tell her that she can control her power and not hurt people: 5:00?6:40; 38:15-end

o 5- The One You?ve Been Waiting For? SKIP

o 6- Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 7- Rock Never Dies- WATCHABLE

  • Just know that Lucifer escapes from the bottom of the ocean and needs a new vessel


o 9- First Blood- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 10- Lilly Sunder Has Some Regrets- WATCHABLE

  • Watch last scene 39:28-end

o 11- Regarding Dean- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 12- Stuck in the Middle (With You)- MUST WATCH

o 13- Family Feud- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 14- The Raid- MUST WATCH

o 15- Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell? SKIP

  • But watch 6:37?9:49; 14:38?17:11; 21:00?21:19; 23:02?24:29; 25:36?29:30; 35:38-end

o 16- Ladies Drink Free- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 17- The British Invasion- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 18- The Memory Remains- WATCHABLE

  • Just know that Ketch goes in to the bunker when the boys are out and plants a bug under their table. Then he calls them later and pretends that Mick Davies went back to the UK and tells him that they are reporting to him now

o 19- The Future- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 20- Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 21- There?s Something About Mary- SUGGESTED WATCH

o 22- Who We Are- MUST WATCH

o 23- All Along the Watchtower- MUST WATCH


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