Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Writing Together is a publication aimed at bringing writers from all backgrounds together. We welcome new writers who just need somewhere to begin posting stories and receiving feedback, or experienced writers who want to add their personalities to the group and offer advice.

Our submission guidelines ask that your submitted story fit into at least one of the following categories:

  • Response to our Writing Prompts
  • Write about writing
  • Tell your story, share memories, express yourself
  • Inspirational pieces and self-improvement topics
  • Humor
  • Fiction

To become a writer for Writing Together:

Fill out the below form. If you have any issues, please email us at [email protected].

This space is to help you get writing if you are in a slump, and to get to know other writers (through their writing styles, advice, etc). Also, by writing with us, you will get your work out there in front of a larger audience! All published stories will be shared with Writing Together?s growing audience on Twitter and Facebook.

Process to submit and publish:

1.Please submit unpublished drafts. When you are finished with your piece, select Writing Together as its publication. For instructions on how to do this, go here:

Add draft or post to publication

If you’re contributing to a publication, you can submit your stories to the publication. Your story can be published?


Medium Partner Stories are now finally able to be published easily in publications. It is up to the writer whether or not they would like to submit their article to the Medium Partner Program. These stories can earn you money based on the interaction your stories receive. If you want to learn more about what Partner stories are, check out my post on the topic:

Medium Basics: Why Be a Member?

Behind the mystery of the $5/month Medium Membership.

Writing Together is excited for you to post members-only stories.

Not only are members-only stories promoted by Medium, but our publication will allow you to grow your audience, and make more money on those stories! Let?s see what great things happen!

2.After submitting your draft, check back in the next couple of days for private notes. Sometimes, Medium does not notify you of responses to these notes. Your best bet would be to open the article, and scan the right margin for asterisks (*) showing private notes. The editor will send private notes letting you know if revisions have been made, and if any clarification or requests are needed. If you do not receive feedback or your story is not published, it may not have been selected for the publication.


  • The editor of Writing Together may make grammar/spelling/formatting/etc. changes to your draft. We want your writing to look polished and attractive to your readers! You have the option of restoring your draft to its previous version if you dislike the changes. In this case, your article would be withdrawn from submission.
  • After submitting your story, watch your notifications for private notes in left in your draft by editors. If you haven?t received communication within a couple of days, your story may not have been approved to be published.
  • The editor may substitute/remove your chosen Medium tags in order to draw a larger audience and categorie your story on the publication.

And that?s pretty much it! Now, get writing and submitting to Writing Together! For some inspiration, check out:

Written Promptly Together

If you are looking for ideas, be sure to check out the latest edition of Written Promptly Together, our publication?s installment of writing prompts, created by Christine Graves.

Written Promptly Together ? July 2018

This is the first issue of Written Promptly Together, a list of writing prompts for fiction and non-fiction writers?

We are excited to have you as a writer!

Email me with questions at [email protected]

Check out our Facebook page, and join the Facebook Writing Together on Medium group to engage in our community!

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