Stephen King’s The Stand: a chapter by chapter breakdown

Stephen King’s The Stand: a chapter by chapter breakdown

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Stephen King?s ?The Stand?. A chapter by chapter breakdown. | John Birmingham on Patreon

King?s book, many times revised now, remains the prime reference work for anyone serious about writing an apocalypse novel. It is a huge work that still floats just under the surface of modern pop culture, decades after it was first released. I was looking at the outline of my own world killing project last week, feeling dissatisfied?it?s surprisingly difficult to destroy all of the things, all of the time?and I thought it might help to review the narrative structure of King?s apocalyptic opus.

Half an hour of frustrated web searching later, I had to accept that no such resource existed, at least not on the open web. As a self help exercise, and because I think it could be useful to all humanity, I took a couple of days to go back through THE STAND and write a summary of each chapter, noting when an especially long, or unusually short one broke the rhythm of his storytelling. I?ve also included the first line or two from each to aid recall for those who have read the book before. And who hasn?t? Multiple times!

I hope it helps, and hopefully da King do not object.

The Stand

Chapter Summary.

1. ?Hapscomb?s Texaco sat on Number 93 just north of Arnette??. Stu Redmond and friends sitting at the local store, bitching about the world. A car cashes into the pumps. The occupants are sick, dead or dying. An ambulance takes them away.

2. ?There was a long rock pier running out into the Atlantic Ocean from the Ogunquit, Maine, town beach.? Frannie Goldsmith is pregnant. Her boyfriend is hopeless. She falls over and bites her tongue.

3. ?Norm Bruett woke up at quarter past ten in the morning to the sound of kids fighting outside the bedroom window and country music from the radio in the kitchen.? Norm, Hap and Ralph are all coming down with colds. Hap wonders if it might be something more.

4. ?It was an hour past nightfall. Starkey sat alone at a long table, sifting through sheets of yellow flimsy.? Inside the Project Blue compound. Death everywhere. Starkey and Creighton try to contain the spread. Explain what went wrong.

5. ?Larry Underwood pulled around the corner and found a parking space big enough?? Larry returns to New York, a success who feels like a failure. The city is falling apart around him, but not because of flu. Long recap of his overnight success, after years of struggle. Wayne Stuckey tells him how it is. He?s a chump, surrounded by parasites. Second part of chapter is a long exploration of his relationship with his mother, who loves him, but doesn?t think much of him. The first longer chapter. 6?7K words.

6. ?It was late afternoon when Frannie went out back to where her father was patiently weeding the peas and beans.? Frannie is much closer to her dad than her mom. They have a moment that lasts many pages. She tells him she?s pregnant. He is a perfect parent in response. They both know her mother won?t be. They have a real talk about her relationship, how her mother has changed, her dead brother. Family saga time.

7. ?In the dim light that comes over the land just after sunset ? Vic Palfrey rose out of green delirium to brief lucidity.? The good old boys in Arnette are dying. Vic is in containment. Guys in space suits everywhere. Stu Redman is also contained, but not sick. His is getting pissed off and scared at being a lab rat. Arnette has been quarantined. People are dying.

8. ?On June 18, five hours after he had talked to his cousin Bill Hapscomb, Joe Bob Brentwood pulled down a speeder on Texas Highway 40?? A series of vignettes follow the spread of infection.

9. ?They set on him sometime after dusk, while he was walking up the shoulder of US Route 27?? Nick Andros, a deaf-mute, is mugged. Comes to in the lock up of Sheriff John Baker. Baker, a good man, investigates the attack.

10 ?Larry woke up with a hangover?? Up to his old tricks. This time with an oral hygienist. That doesn?t work out. Ugly scene. ?You aint no nice guy, Larry!?

11. ?Larry found a tired-looking black woman on the lobby level?? Larry find his Mom at work. She?s a cleaner in an office building. He is embarrassed by her and for her. She judges him. But she cannot abandon him. She?s got his number. Reduces him to near tears with tough love. He goes to the movies afterward. A man is coughing.

12. ?There was a grandfather clock standing in the far corner of the parlor. Frannie Goldsmith had been listening to its measured ticks and tocks all of her life.? Frannie?s family history told as a tour of her parent?s home. Nasty confrontation with her mother. Her dad defends her. Slaps Carla Goldsmith. It escalates even more. Frannie?s dad comforts her after.

13. ?The red light went on. The pump hissed. The door opened.? Stu Redman finally gets some answers. He?s immune. His friends are dead. He trolls Dietz by coughing when he doesn?t get the information he wants. He has his first dream of Mother Abigail and the Dark Man.

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14 ?Deitz sat alone in the office cubicle, tie pulled down, collar button undone.? He dictates a report on Stu, giving us an outsider?s take on one of our main narrators. He briefs his bosses on the rest of research effort. It is not going well. He gives us some information about the super flu.

15. ?It was two minutes to midnight. Patty Greer, the nurse who had been trying to take Stu?s blood pressure when he went on strike, was leafing through McCall?s at the nurses? station?? Patty sneezes. She infects her co-workers. Very short chapter.

16. ?A day later, on June 23, a big white Connie was roaring north on US 180?? Poke and Lloyd rob a QuickieMart. It does not go well. Lloyd wakes up in jail.

17. ?Starkey was standing in front of monitor 2, keeping a close eye on Tech 2nd Class Frank D. Bruce.? Shit is out of hand at Project Blue. The media are waking up. Starkey authorises lethal response. A reporter and photographer are shot on a back road.

18. ?Nick opened the door between Sheriff Baker?s office and the jail cells and they started razzing him right off.? Sheriff Baker has arrested Nick?s attackers. The are all in the same jailhouse. Nick has dinner with Baker and his wife. She has a cold. We learn Nick is smart. He communicates via written notes. He writes his life story for Baker. They get to know each other by working together. Dr Soames examines Nick?s injuries. Baker has caught his wife?s cold. He goes home. Nick is in charge of the jailhouse. Baker doesn?t show up the next day. Nick needs to feed the prisoners. Runs into Soames who tells him Sheriff Baker is dead. A dozen people in town have died of this flu. The town is cut off. This is a ?breakout chapter?. Captain Trips is off the leash now and gathering pace.

19. ?It had been so long since Larry had been in Times Square that he expected it to look different somehow, magical.? Larry is still in New York. His mom has a cold, and stays home from work. He goes out for a walk. Calls a friend. She says everyone is worried about ?this flu?. When he gets home, his mother is dangerously ill. He rings the hospital. It?s in chaos.

20. ?The Harborside was the oldest hotel in Ogunquit.? Frannie is staying the hotel, writing a letter to a friend about her troubles. She makes a few phone calls, including one to her useless boyfriend. Her dad tells her that her mother has a cold and is still hysterical. Another call from her father. An ambulance has picked up her mom.

21. ?Stu Redman was frightened.? His hospital is more of a jail. The orderlies wear guns now. He thinks the surviving doctors are going through the motions. He?s watching the news now, looking fo signs. He sees a few. He thinks about escape.

22. ?When Creighton came in on June 24, he found Starkey looking at the monitors, his hands behind his back.? All is lost. Sparky quotes Yeats.

23. ?Randall Flagg, the dark man, strode south on US 51?? The Dark Man is in the motherfuckin? house! He walks the earth dontcha know?

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24. ?Lloyd Henreid? was led down the hallway of the Phoenix municipal jail?s maximum security wing by two guards.? Lloyd is a superstar killer. His lawyer is young, but competent. But he has a cold.

25. ?Nick Andros pushed aside one of the curtains and looked out into the street.? Nick nurses Jane Baker. Breaks into a truck stop, takes food. Rides bike to outskirts of town. Decaying bodies on road. Explores town. Most houses silent. A few sick and delirious occupants left. Releases the only surviving prisoner. Sees a newscast abut ?superflu epidemic?. Outbreaks reported globally. Jane Baker dies.

26. ?Some campus group, probably either Students for a Democratic Society or the Young Maoists, had been busy ?? A Boston TV anchor tries to tell the true story. A small town newspaper tries to tell the true story. LA Times tries to tell the true story. Ray Flowers murdered by soldiers live on radio. More media scenes.

27. ?Larry Underwood sat on a bench in Central Park on the morning of June 27, looking into the menagerie.? New York is almost dead and Larry might be going crazy. Monster shouters, dazed survivors, ?Chance of a lifetime, man?. Larry regrets his split with Rudy. He meets Rita Blakemoor. They have a lunch date.

28. ?There was a strawberry pie in the fridge. It was covered with Saran Wrap and after looking at it for a long time with dull and bemused eyes, Frannie took it out.? Frannie buries her dad. Scenes from around town. Harold Lauder visits. She dreams.

29. ?That same evening, as Larry Underwood slept with Rita Blakemoor and as Frannie Goldsmith slept alone, dreaming her peculiarly ominous dream, Stuart Redman was waiting for Elder.? Stu escapes.

30. ?Dust blew straight across the Texas scrubland?? Short chapter. Arnette as a ghost town.

31. ?Christopher Bradenton struggled out of delirium like a man struggling out of quicksand.? A minion of Flagg?s lay dying? Flagg drives away. (A chapter cut from the first edition).

32. ?Someone had left the door open between Maximum Security and the cellblock beyond it.? Lloyd Henreid is trapped in his prison cell. Starving. Thinking of eating his cellmate.

33. ?At twenty-two minutes of nine by the clock over the sheriff?s office doorway, the lights went off.? Power fails to the jailhouse where Nick is staying. He is attacked by Ray Booth. Fights him off.

34. ?For a long time, Donald Merwin Elbert, known to the intimates of his dim and confusing grade-school past as the Trashcan Man, had wandered up and down the streets of Powtanville, Indiana.? We meet Trashy and get his life story while he blows up a giant gas tank.

35. ??I want to get out of the city,? Rita said without turning around.? She?s right. Manhattan is a charnel house. Larry has noticed she is older, too. They eat eggs and plan an escape. We get the deets on their brief relationship. They kit up and walk. Apocalypse scenes. Things are tense between them. Rita runs away. Larry goes into the dark Lincoln Tunnel. She catches up with him. They exit NYC.

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36. ?There was a small park in the center of Ogunquit, complete with a Civil War cannon and a War Memorial?? Frannie nurses Gus Dinsmore. He dies. She is in shock. She finds Harold, mowing his lawn. They drink warm Koolaid. Harold is sad. But also smart. He suggest going to Vermont, to a government research lab. He paints a sign on the roof of Moses Richardson?s barn. They leave.

37. ?At first Stu accepted the sound without question; it was such a typical part of a bright summer morning.? Stu meets Glen Bateman and Kojack the dog. They have cold beers, sandwiches and become friends. Bateman has theories. They discuss their dreams. That night Stu has a nightmare that he?s back in the lab.

38. ?As the superflu epidemic wound down, there was a second epidemic that lasted roughly two weeks.? A great chapter missing from the first edition. Dozens of stories of the second die off.

39. ?Lloyd Henreid was down on his knees.? Lloyd is starving and going nuts. Flagg appears and gives him The Key.

40. ?Nick Andros lay sleeping but not quiet on the bunk in Sheriff Baker?s office.? Still in town, Nick almost dies of an infected scratch. He has fever dreams of Mother Abigail. He takes a bike and rides out of town.

41. ?Larry woke up at half past eight to sunlight and the sound of birds.? Happy 4th of July! Rita kills herself with pills. Larry acknowledges some relief. He ain?t no nice guy. Leaves her body in their tent. Almost kills himself on a Harley. Sleeps in a park. Feels like he is being watched.

42. ?While Larry Underwood was taking his Fourth of July spill only a state away, Stuart Redman was sitting on a large rock at the side of the road and eating his lunch.? Stu is carrying a rifle now. He left Glen behind. Harold and Frannie ride up on Hondas. Tense meeting, but Stu and Frannie connect. Harold is resentful. Openly hostile to Stu. They eventually partner up and head west, picking up Glen. Stu realises he does want Frannie. [END OF BOOK 1]

43. ?There was a dead man lying in the middle of Main Street in May, Oklahoma.? Nick meets Tom Cullen. We get Tom?s backstory. Mentally handicapped. Nick can?t leave him. They partner up. Nick finds Tom a bike. They head north. They survive a tornado. Nick is stunned by the emptiness of the country. Nick dreams of Flagg. They meet Julie Lawry. Sexy but cruel. Nick has sex with her, but realises its a mistake. He drives her away. They meet Ralph Brentner.

44. ?He was cracking up ? baby, don?t you just know it?? Very long chapter. 23K+ words. Larry fears he is going nuts. He gave up the Harley after crashing it again. While he sleeps, a boy, (Joe/Leo) sneaks up on him. Larry?s nightmares fade for the first in weeks. He meets Leo and Nadine after they follow him for miles and Leo attacks him with a knife. Larry tames him with music. The see Harold?s barn sign. Larry begins to track them by Harold?s chocolate bar wrappers. He finds their initials carved into a heart. Larry is learning responsibility by looking after Nadine and Joe. They find some small motorbikes. Nadine nearly crashes hers. Larry starts to grow attracted to her. They meet Lucy Swann. We get Lucy?s back story. They realise they?ve all been having the same dreams. They get to the Stovington Lab where Stu was held. Harold has left message that they are moving west to Nebraska.

45. ?She tottered out onto her porch at twenty to eleven on the morning of July twentieth.? Mother Abigail is in da house! Eating toast and remembering things. She prepares a chicken dinner for her guests. Weasels try to take it. She banishes them back to the corn. Text day her guests arrive. Nick, Ralph, Tom and more. Mother A tells them they are all to go west. To Boulder. To deal with the Dark Man. But first, they have a rest at her farm. It is an extended an peaceful interlude.

46. ?It was late evening, July 27. They were camped on what the sign, now half-demolished by summer storms, proclaimed to be the Kunkle Fairgrounds.? Stu?s party is growing. they are taking meds to control the dreams. Frannie palms hers because she?s pregnant. She is now writing a journal. Partly about the trip, partly to tell her child abut the lost world. A party member, Mark, has appendicitis. The chapter proceeds a while in Frannie?s diary entries. She is not generous to Harold. Stu operates on Mark. Mark dies. Another long chapter. Approx 12K words.

47. ?When it happened, it happened fast.? Stu?s group runs into a larger survivor group. Four men, eight women. In Frannie?s PoV we see the ambush play out in a gun battle. They are all incompetent fighters, except for Stu, and his is only competent, not a superman. A brutally realistic depiction of sudden, chaotic violence. The captive women save Stu?s party by turning on their captors. This is how Dayna Jurgens and Susan Stern join Stu?s party. The scene was cut from the original release. We get their backstory. Frannie thinks Stu is attracted to Dayna. She gets jealous. Later, Harold tries to kiss Frannie and profess his love. It goes poorly. Very poorly. Frannie goes to Stu. They talk. They kiss. They make love. Harold sees them. Later he sneaks away and reads her diary. He begins his own journal.

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48. ?He came staggering and flapping up a long upgrade, the heat of the sun stewing his stomach and baking his brains.? Trashy! Trashy?s been doing it tough. Suffering from burns. Wanted to die before the Dark man came in a dream and offered to lift him up high, to let him burn the whole world. Some recounting of Trashy?s epic journey. Meets The Kid. (Another section originally cut from the early editions). Ugly story. The Kid, a criminal, rapes him. Flagg sends wolves to punish the Kid. Trashy arrives in Las Vegas. CIBOLA! He works on a hydro electric dam, he witnesses a crucifixion, he meets Randall Flagg. 24K word chapter, which is a helluva long time to spend with Trashy.

49. ?When Lucy Swann woke up it was fifteen minutes to midnight?? The Judge has joined Larry?s party. He talks to Lucy about Larry, a man struggling to be good. Lucy is sleeping with Larry, but knows he is drawn to Nadine. Nadine is weird and dark and denies she has been having dreams. Switching to Nadine?s PoV we get her backstory and a sense of her entanglement with Flagg. She is drawn to Larry, but not enough to break with the Dark Man. She is torn. First shorter chapter in a while. Only 7K words.

50. ?Dawn was coming up, painting the eastern sky a delicate rose color. Stu Redman and Glen Bateman were about halfway up Flagstaff Mountain in West Boulder.? They discuss human nature, society, big thoughts. The coming showdown. Mother Abigail surveying her flock, feeling pretty pleased with herself. Larry and Lucy arrive to pay their respects. Joe reveals his name as Leo to Mother A. Nick Andros takes stock. Larry visits Frannie, tells her about following Harold?s signs. He sees Harold very differently to her. He makes Frannie feel guilty. Harold sits in the dark, stewing and writing in his journal. 19K words.

51. ?Ralph?s posters announcing the August 18 meeting went up all over Boulder.? Larry meets Harold. Harold is is not what he expected. Larry and Stu meet, and discuss Harold, and the Committee. Frannie checks her diary. Finds a chocolate thumbprint. Horrified, not just that Harold has read it, but at what she has written about him. The ?ad hoc Committee? meets for the first time. Lots of post apocalypse administrivia to deal with before moving on the Dark Man. Some of the chapter is reported as the minutes of the meeting.

52. ?In the early hours of the morning, Mother Abagail lay sleepless in her bed.? Mother Abigail has a vision and wanders into the wilderness to repent her vanity. Everyone panics and searches for her. Frannie sneaks into Harold?s place while he is helping with the search. Glen?s dog Kojack turns up in Boulder. He?s followed them there across the whole country. We get Kojack?s travel story from the doggy PoV. Good dog, Kojack!

53. ?Excerpts from the Minutes of the Ad Hoc Committee Meeting August 17, 1990.? Our heroes are elected as the leaders of the Free Zone. Nadine tries to seduce Larry. He chooses Lucy.

54. ?Excerpts from the Minutes of the Permanent Free Zone. Committee Meeting. August 19, 1990.? The committee votes to send scouts to the west. Most post apocalypse admin. Discussions of how to grow a republic. Stu to become a marshal. (Frannie alone votes against it). Harold works hard for the burial committee, cleaning up corpses. He gets nicknamed ?Hawk?, which causes him to question his motives. Nadine is waiting for him at home. She seduces him back to dark side.

55. ?The Judge?s house overlooked a cemetery.? Larry asks him to go west. He goes. Nick, Ralph and Stu ask Tom to go west. They hypnotise him. Dayna Jurgens also goes.

56. ?Stu spent the next day at the power station, wrapping motors, and was cycling home at the end of the workday.? A large group of survivors come in. One is a doctor. He delivered twins, who died. Stu tells Frannie. Another town meeting selects Stu as marshal. Hears from the Power Committee and the Burial Committee. Tom leaves. Frannie goes to the doctor. Harold builds a bomb.

57. ?Larry and Leo were sitting on the curb in front of the house.? Larry and Frannie discuss Harold again. They know something is up. Larry remembers seeing a ledger under the fireplace. The power comes back on. The power gets turned off quickly. Boulder is full of appliances that need to be turned off. Larry and Frannie break into Harold?s house. They find the pieces of a walkie talkie kit. And Harold?s Ledger. Nadine plants a bomb at Ralph?s place. Flagg psychically enters her, turning her hair white.

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58. ?Fran and Larry sat at the kitchen table of Stu and Fran?s place, sipping coffee.? Stu finished reading Harold?s ledger. They wonder what he is planning. Harold and Nadine ride out of town. The Free Zone Committee meets at Ralph?s place. Harold detonates the bomb. BUT! Mother Abigail has been found by the search committee. The explosion doesn?t kill everyone as intended because they?d started to run outside to meet her.

59. ?Birds. She could hear birds.? Fran wakes in hospital. Baby is alive. Nick is dead and eight others, including Sue Stern and Chad Norris. It was a miracle. But Mother Abigail is close to death. Larry beats himself up because he could have averted this by going with Nadine. Town meeting. Everyone demoralised. Brad Kitchener lifts spirits by announcing the power will come back on. Glen takes over the meeting and uses sociology to win back the crowd. They talk about Flagg, a mass encounter session. Mother Abigail summons the Committee. She orders Stu, Larry, Ralph and Glen to go west. Fran freaks, screams at her. Mother Abigail heals her injuries. Fran refuses to agree to her plan. Mother Abigail next morning. The Four leave on their quest.

60. ?She and Lucy watched the undramatic start of their quest from the steps of Larry?s house.? The questers leave. Two page chapter. [END OF BOOK TWO]

61. ?The dark man had set his guardposts all along the eastern border of Oregon.? The Judge runs into an outpost and is killed. Flagg eats one of his minions because he wanted the Judge taken alive.

62. ?Dayna Jurgens lay naked in the huge double bed, listening to the steady hiss of water coming from the shower?? Dayna is fucking Lloyd and working a crew in Vegas. She is taken before Flagg but kills herself before he can make her talk.

63. ?On the late afternoon of September 10, Dinny was playing in the small city park that lies just north of the city?s hotel and casino district.? Tom is in Vegas. So is Julie Lawry. Short, three page chapter.

64. ?On the late afternoon of September 10, Dinny was playing in the small city park that lies just north of the city?s hotel and casino district.? The dying man is Harold Lauder. He?s come off his bike. Flagg probably had something to do with it. Harold shoots himself in the head.

65. ?North of Las Vegas is Emigrant Valley, and that night a small spark of fire glowed in its tumbled wilderness.? Flagg is in the desert, worried that he can?t see All. Nadine comes to him. He impregnates her. She goes insane.

66. ?At about the same time that Nadine Cross was beginning to realize certain truths which should perhaps have been self-evident, Lloyd Henreid was sitting alone in the Cub Bar?? Trashy caused a fire that destroyed a lot of military equipment and killed some important techs. Julie Lawry tells Lloyd about Tom. Tom leaves Vegas, passing Flagg in the desert dark.

67. ?The Walkin Dude was back in Vegas.? Lloyd tells Barry Dorgan, head of security, to pick up Tom. Barry reports Tom is gone. Lloyd tells Flagg, who does not react well. He orders searchers sent out, and tells says Trashy must also be killed, but quickly and painlessly. Then two helicopters blow up, sabotaged by Trashy. Back to Tom, who is visited by Nick in his dreams. Nick guides him. Flagg kills Nadine in a fit of rage.

68. ?Oh, how history repeats itself: Trashcan Man was once again being broiled alive in the devil?s frying pan?. Trashy searches for redemption.

69. ?Whitney Horgan found Lloyd in his room, lying on the big round bed he had most recently shared with Dayna Jurgens.? Whitney and Lloyd discuss Flag, losing it. Whitney is cutting out. Lloyd drinks himself to sleep.

70. ?Trashcan Man had found what he wanted.? A nuke, of course.

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71. ?It was nearly midnight on the evening of September 17. Randall Flagg was in the desert, wrapped in three blankets, from toes to chin.? Flagg send out the Eye, finds the questers.

72. ??You know,? Glen Bateman said, looking out toward Grand Junction in the early light of morning, ?I?ve heard the saying ?That sucks? for years without really being sure of what it meant.? We get a recap of their journey west. Stu breaks his leg in a washout. Glen, Larry and Ralph go on. Kojack stays. ?And they never saw Stu Redman again.?

73. ?The three of them camped sixteen miles west of the place where they had left Stu.? Larry, Glen and Ralph move closer to Vegas. Kojack catches a rabbit for Stu. The others are captured by Flagg?s men a few days later. Imprisoned in Vegas, Glen goads Flagg. Enraged, Flagg orders Lloyd to shoot him. Lloyd does. Next morning Larry and Ralph are led to their public execution, but before Flagg can kill them, Trashy reappears with his nuke. A glowing ball of fire from Flagg?s finger, silences Whitney?s protest at the execution, and then sets off the nuke. ?Silent white light filled the world. And the righteous and unrighteous alike were consumed in that holy fire.?

74. ?Stu woke up from a night of broken rest at dawn and lay shivering, even with Kojak curled up next to him.? Stu writes a note to Frannie, attaches it to Kojack?s collar. He sleeps, but is awakened by an earthquake. The nuke. Stu crawls out of the canyon, sees the mushroom cloud. Stu and Kojack begin the return trek. Tom finds him a few days later. They find car, get it going.

75. ??I almost died, you know,? Nick said.? Ghost Nick tells Tom to get medicine for Stu. Stu fights pneumonia for two weeks. They drive on, finally having to see out the month in a Holiday Inn. They find a snowmobile. They crash the snowmobile. They continue the return trek, finally making it to Boulder.

76. ?Fran lay awake with the reading lamp on.? Stu returns to Frannie. (Two page chapter.)

77. ?Stu was sitting in a chair drawn up to Fran?s bed when George Richardson and Dan Lathrop came in.? The doctors tell Frannie her baby will probably live.

78. ?They had finally put the winter behind them.? The Free Zone has a picnic day. Lucy is pregnant with twins. Frannie tells Stu she is homesick for Maine. Stu is also feeling the urge to move. The Zone does not need them anymore. Stu agrees they will leave. ?Dusk, of a Summer Evening. They sat on the porch as the sun went down.? Months later Stu and Frannie are at Mother Abigail?s home with their son, Peter. Stu worries about the future; not their?s, but everyone?s.


Flagg, or something like him, wakes up on a tropical beach. Fearful natives fall to their knees to worship him.

?Life was such a wheel that no man could stand upon it for long.

And it always, at the end, came round to the same place again.?

If you?re a fan of the King or, you know, the world ending and stuff, I?m doing my best to burn it all down with my very own End of Days project right here.


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