Starseeds-Are you a Pleiadian? 10 signs that you could be.

Starseeds-Are you a Pleiadian? 10 signs that you could be.

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What is a Starseed?

A starseed is simply someone who comes to the realization that they have had other lives on different star systems. Starseeds have the sense that they came to Earth to raise the consciousness here and shift current paradigms.

This means we are all technically starseed, it?s simply a matter of whether we become aware of it or not. This doesn?t mean that starseeds are better than anyone else, others come to this life with different goals

The Pleiadian civilization evolved millions of years ago and their DNA has been used to breed many humans.

The Pleiadians offered a genetic blueprint for the very first humans on this planet, developing life on Atlantis and Lemuria, as well as the dolphins and whales here on planet Earth today.

The Pleiades Star Cluster can be viewed from Earth in the constellation of Taurus some 400 lightyears away. Known throughout history as ?The Seven Sisters?, this star cluster is a relatively young constellation. A group of Pleiadians colonized the Erra, a planet slightly smaller than ours and have been interacting with humans for centuries. Also called ?Nordic Aliens?, they have a Scandinavian appearance, golden hair, slightly taller foreheads, and bigger eyes. They take a highly human form, but are actually extraterrestrial!

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Millions of Pleiadian Souls have inhabited the Earth since the time of Lemuria. Their purpose is to advise us about Source consciousness and how to ascend with light, ease, and grace. But how do you spot a Starseed from the Pleiades?

Here are just some of the Starseed traits of the Pleiadians:


People who have been seeded from the Pleiades have an eternal desire for peace and happiness for humanity. Their energy is light, calm, kind and uplifting, and they?re a joy to be around. Others will seek them out to engage with their happy go lucky free-spiritedness.

They need peace and sharing to remain happy and balanced.


Often folks seeded from the Pleiades have a deep desire to please other people so have a habit of repressing their own emotions. Because they are highly sensitive, they can react hastily to criticism. They tend to forfeit their own needs in an attempt to please others which leads to resentment. This can develop into the use of passive-aggressive behavior, hoping their feelings will be acknowledged without conflict.


Pleiadean Starseeds can become physically ill around tension and anger. Often absorbing the emotions of the people around them, this can create energy blockages if not released over a period of time and lead to disease. They tend to release through crying and can attract throat chakra related physical ailments such as coughing or tightness if not empowered to express themselves.


Healing is the key attribute of Pleiadian Starseeds, and they can do it even unconsciously. They have the ability to nurture the souls of others, bringing about a profound sense of inner peace and even pain alleviation.


Their psychic and intuitive abilities are unequaled. Their gut perception of things is superior to the majority of the population and they find it easy to comprehend the intricacies and synchronicities of every-day life.


One of their most profound traits is the ability for verbal self-expression. This can lead them to wellness keynote speaking. They are also exceptionally good listeners because they genuinely care about their audience and offer valuable advice and guidance.

However, it is essential for them to develop communication skills and self-esteem so they can reclaim personal power, learn to communicate freely and become strong within.


Pleiadean Starseeds must learn how to allow others to experience what they have chosen, and not become personally affected. This will be easier when they realize that people have to be responsible for their own personal happiness and self-development. It?s not their job to make others feel happy.

Instead, they must focus on creating their own happiness.


Earth humans seeded from the Pleiades hold great faith and trust.

From a young age, they often have an innate sense of purpose and a desire to seek spiritual answers to life?s mysteries. As they evolve and rediscover their connection to the Divine, they learn to love themselves as perfect beings. This helps them to release old patterns, behaviors, beliefs, and self-doubts.


They can develop patterns of using escapist techniques to enhance their confidence including illicit substances, conjuring up sexual fantasies or romantic dramas, or simply becoming engrossed in sci-fi or the movies.


Pleiadian Starseeds who incarnate on this planet are renowned for their glorious almond-shaped eyes. They have light physical beauty and are born mostly into female human bodies.

They exude intriguing, feminine magic that entices men effortlessly.

These beautiful star people resonate strongly with nature and its creation so animals adore being in their company.

Did these traits resonate with you? If you are interested in reading more the we have several books for starseeds for free download. Just click here to visit our website, click on the Starseeds section on the home page. You will find a selection of articles, and some free gifts to help to with your journey. Namaste.


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