Stag & Vixen to be?

Stag & Vixen to be?

I had not heard of a Stag until we started on our journey. There where so many terms out there, where did we fit in? Not that we need terms to define us. But we have decided that the term Stag for me and Vixen for my wife best defines the lifestyle we choose to live.

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Unlike what seems to be a common theme in a cuckold relationship, as a Stag I do not have a small cock in fact my cock is the perfect size for my wifes pussy. It reaches the back of her vagina just fine, its not too skinny either. I please her in our love making, we have a great sex life. We treat each other with respect at all times, when we invite another to fuck her the Bull must do the same. I am confident, professional and have a high self respect.

So why do I like a Stag lifestyle? Simple.

We where already a strong couple to the outside world, internally we had cracks due to various reasons. We thought we where stronger than we where. Now, this lifestyle has made us better than what the outside world veiwed we are now a super power couple and it has been noticed by just about all that know us. Only nobody knows why.

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The lifestyle has improved;

Love – I love my wife more today than the day I meet her.

Trust – Our level of trust is at a level that most couples only dream of.

Communication – Is at a level that we have never experienced in our relationship. There is nothing that we hold in now. We say what is on our minds without fear of judgment. If we are not together we want to be communicating wheather it is phone, texting or sexting.

Respect – Our respect for each other is incredible, unlike at any other time in our relationship.

Teamwork – After 20yrs we had become a bit you do your jobs I will do mine. Now we want to do everything together.

Commitment – We have never been so committed to each other and our future.

Confidence – My Vixen is super confident, she dresses sexier, looks sexier, almost has a glow to her, carries herself with more pride, feels awesome, loves the attention she receives from all that meet her now.

Honesty – We now say exactly what we feel, without fear of judgment. We can say I would like to try this, if it?s outside her comfort zone she will say so and I will not take it to heart. Usually we find a compromise that makes us both happy.

Conflict resolution – we can argue now come to a resolution without bringing unrelated issues into the conflict (dirty fighting) we resolve our issues without making them worse.

My social skills – I had become quite anti social. Did not like socializing or being around groups. My wife has noticed a significant change in me. I am not hiding in the corner waiting for the night to be over anymore.

Sex life – Our sex life is incredibly good, we now have sex at least once a day, usually more. We just can?t keep our hands off each other. The quality of sex is unbelievable. My stamina has improved so much my wife can?t get enough. My penis has grown considerably so much that my wife use to comfortably give my a blow job now she struggles to get the girth and lengh in her mouth.

When we meet with Bulls she goes for hours, so far it has not been her that has needed a short break but us to reload. My Vixen is always super horny. Neither of us can get enough sex, after she has been with a Bull. Even if I had multiple orgasms in that time she says when he leaves and I reclaim her, my cum load is huge.

For those considering becoming a Stag with a Vixen wife. Be prepared for some amazing positive changes in your life if you are both ready for it.



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