Social Repose A PostMortem

Social Repose A PostMortem

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If you?re here you have come from my video on Social Repose or you just so happen to have seen my blogs prior to this and this ended up in your feed. Before I get to my list of addendums and amended information in short Social Repose is an influencer who has used his fame to facilitate sex with other people. He could accurately be described as a serial cheater. He has used manipulative tactics with women to maintain unhealthy relationships. Currently, his youtube channel is suffering from declining fame and growing infamy.

The following is a list of information I am amending to currently reflect what I know about the situation

  • Ayalla was not a fan when she met Social Repose, though this doesn?t change that they dated or what happened in the relationship
  • The post with Cricket will be further amended here. In short, while it seems the wife was a mega-fan Social Repose did NOT suggest anything lewd. I will be sitting down to talk to a person involved soon and will update this when more information becomes available
  • The fight is in talks but Social Repose said to me there is not enough force behind this for him to agree too this.

The rest of this will be speculative and an opinion based feel for what?s going on. Not a post-mortem as I have done before but ?where everything is? kind of deal.

I think the first thing worth talking about is really the big driver for some people behind this our fight. Now Social Repose is a lot less juicy than an Onision fight. People want to see Onision dead and I know that?s not a stretch people would say otherwise but I don?t think most would lose any sleep. Richie, on the other hand, has flopped into obscurity. His fans are these old goth women who look like they spend their free time chain-smoking at a biker bar. The audience really is this a mix of teenage orbiters and old moms. Both love him regardless. Getting him to agree to a fight is possible only because this audience of edgy Gen-Xer?s is dwindling. I stand in a bit of a conflict because of this though. While yes he would agree to throw hands it seems to me like he?s wanted to use this bad publicity to boost his fame, bring him back into the limelight as a loveable anti-hero who can?t keep his dick in his pants. Don?t believe me? Allow me to address a recent happening he had with Chris Hansen.

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In his Discord, he discussed the possibility of going on the show because of his relation to Greg. Making a meme of it. I only heard about this because someone dropped me a tip at my business email. Now I can only say this allegedly but I was also told he wanted to do it in full outfit. I can only speculate as to why but it does seem he is worried about his career based on the talk we had. He is looking for an ?in? a controversy to boost his career. Otherwise, he wouldn?t be looking at this Hansen interview as free publicity. Really there is no reason to be turning this thing with Greg into bread and circuses romp with a makeup-wearing singer. I think it?s inappropriate to use that platform to promote yourself. This is just what I assume, by the way, guys. I can?t read his mind but I came to this conclusion because of how he was acting about the fight. He wanted the fight it seems to become an Idubbz Jinx event. Someone said he would be the next Tonkasaw and I got to tell you it would annoy the shit out of me if it got to that. Me going to fight for him not to show up.

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Our messages reflect his want for something more to come out of a fight. He has an angle with it. My conflict arises from this. Do I give it to him? Do I give him the chance to redeem himself and save his career in a fight he could win given his training and having about a decade on me? I am willing to risk it but do I really want Richie to have a pool of new goth women to cheat on with? I will give that question to you internet. I am going to talk to some people about the fight but whether or not I let my work speak for its self or make a spectacle of these stories remains to be seen. I will update you all when I know more but I don?t want to promise the world and I don?t want to overshadow the hardship all of these people felt.

Next is the title of my video. Now I know yadda yadda commentary. Whatever, I figured I was clear at the beginning but there were definitely people who commented first before watching. People getting hung up on the title are missing the forest for the trees but I will expand on my feelings because I cut some of the beginning comparing part of my video out. Regardless, I keep my ear to the street so I know what?s up and I read pretty much every comment like a fucking masochist. The internet builds thick skin but I?ll reiterate. Here?s how Social Repose and Onision are NOT alike. Onision uses social manipulation on kids basically, He uses his position of power to gaslight a small group of underage people to worship his every move. The physical abuse is also absolutely disgusting. He degrades women into a hole shaving their heads, Branding them, etc.

Social Repose, on the other hand, that fandom is older. This is just facts. The people going to his shows tend to be older as well. Social Repose also won?t lay a hand on a woman ever. That?s not his MO; Richie would much rather harm himself to get what he wants than the other way around. In this aspect, I am referring to his episodes with Ayalla. Social Repose can get laid, unlike Onision. Don?t think that?s worth a mention? Here?s why. Social Repose builds a personal friendly repour with fans. It?s not fucking a fan if you make them your friend. Well, I can tell you it?s hard for people to break the fan/creator or fan/famous mindset. Onision has more of a wise leader kind of deal. He wants to be worshipped, his twitter and his delusions reflect that. So if he were to sleep with someone part of him having this power is what gets him off. I am no expert I am merely making educated guesses here. I will say though I think this is why he enjoys being so fucking awful. If you want me to be reductive about it. In my video, I say something along the lines of Social Repose is what Onision wishes he could be. Talented, charismatic, and able to get laid.

Social Repose is also significantly better at manipulating people then Onision is. Onision can?t convince a blind deaf person his acting is good while pouring kombucha all over himself. He is not believable at all and part of that is because a case has been made for him not being a reliable narrator. The trail was blazed before me but not as strongly for Social Repose. He?s amazing at gathering sympathy, so much so that I said in my video I could see myself liking this guy. Remember when he uploaded this video it was during my research. He was aware of it at the time and honestly, I should have beat him to the punch. In our interview, he talks about how he is upset about what this break up caused for his career instead of any of the damage it caused to the people involved.

Meanwhile in the two-year gap of ?relationships?, he spent a lot of time hoeing about. No problem right? Well again I still haven?t gotten cleared on everything but he did not respect the boundaries of the women he was going to see. On top of that, he spent time in that two-year gap leading on women emotionally. Making them unavailable to see anyone else while he pretended to care about them. Sending them into an emotional car crash unsure of what they should do with themselves because who would say no to the ?famous Social Repose?. Once Roii stepped in she was able to sever the unhealthy ties that Richie had bound this woman too. Facebook is also another issue with this idea of him ?getting better?. Social Repose uses this to build that relationship with a female fan to either flirt or be sexual with them online.

Social Repose then uses his tours one of which happened recently to have sex with ?friends? on tour. I can tell you right now while he?s having sexual relations with of age women it doesn?t make it any better to be abusing your star status to have sex with the people who will willingly throw themselves at you. This unbreakable tenant of fandom is something I have examined at length. It?s most unbreakable in communities where it is tight-knit and dissent is often shunned. Social Repose and Onision both cultivate such communities. It?s part of why I don?t have a discord. I don?t want to encourage that stuff. The other part is that it?s just too much work at this point in my life.

Without digressing too much I am hypothesizing that the ?I?m getting better? angle is all part of this schtick he has to avoid damage and gain viewers. Similar to the Onision angle of sperging out in order to pay the bills. In short, I am saying it is an act much like his admittedly worse contemporary. It?s just that though, Onision is his contemporary. They both use emotionally manipulative tactics. They both prioritize their careers over people as we have seen with how he feels about Jaclyn, Ayalla, and Roii. Both use underhanded tactics on the platform to save their dying careers. I do think they are alike in their opinions of themselves. I think Richie sees himself as a tortured starving artist. He claims as much in videos and in our talks says he wants to focus on the art. Even off-air he claims he much prefers that because it has more soul but really its built on the backs of women he treated like dogshit. Onision claims to be a tortured comedian wronged by society for not seeing his genius.

These men would both berate their fans when the fans are really all they have left to pay the bills and don?t get me started on how cheap they both are. At least I assume Social Repose pays his taxes if only he could pay the people he works with. I am not saying Social Repose is as bad as Onision I am saying they are very much cut from the same cloth to ignore the fact that there are a lot of similarities is a bit like covering your ears for fear of ?another?. I will say though once again I have not seen Social Repose go after underage women. Young yeah, but if an 18-year-old wants to have bad sex with a washed-up youtuber fine. Again though I think this is missing the forest for the trees. I believe the info in my video speaks for its self.

Social Repose is not a good guy you can see so in his text messages with Roii saying he needs to have sex with her enough in order to be able to be polyamourous again. You can see this in how he discusses Jaclyn or feels about my past video on him. He thinks himself a tortured artist but it?s self-inflicted torture from being both selfish and horny. Social Repose thinks very highly of himself and I can tell you that the sad boy stuff is an act. This isn?t a conclusion I came to overnight. After my first video on him, I and a few others came down hard. So much so I remember the night I was away on a short vacation. Post my original video Social Repose uploaded a video. He was upset visibly at all of these ?drama? channels who had brought the hurt on him for ripping into Jessie Paige and CrankThatFrank. I felt bad for him that I had gone too far and really didn?t have any hard feelings post that video.

Then I spoke to him for about two hours and honestly, I liked him. I thought he was a cool guy. I felt really bad I was going after this guy who keeps making a dumb mistake. Then people started coming to me with story after story. Information matched up and Social Repose?s narrative started to crack. Still post video people have come and spoke to me. It?s a lot of responsibility I am honored people trust me with information like that. I pride myself on transparency and good journalism. Moving forward with Youtube?s new changes. I may not do this again but in the meantime I am happy to say I feel I have made a difference, stay safe internet.



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