Snow Bunny: What does “Snow Bunny” Mean? Helpful Examples

?Snow bunny? is a common idiomatic phrase that is used today. Here you will find the meaning of the idiom and the story behind its origin. You will also see the phrase used properly in everyday conversation/statement examples and other ways you can say the same in a much more literal way.

Snow Bunny

Snow Bunny Meaning

This idiom actually has four different meanings and the meaning being used needs to be determined by the context that it is being used in.

The first meaning of ?snow bunny? is a slang phrase used to describe a pretty young female that likes to snowboard or ski a lot. The second meaning of ?snow bunny? is a slang phrase used to describe a child who is learning how to ski or snowboard. The third meaning of ?snow bunny? is a slang phrase used to describe a Caucasian woman who is dating an African-American man. Finally, the last meaning of the slang phrase ?snow bunny? is used to describe a person who is addicted to the illegal drug cocaine, specifically a female person.

Origin of this idiomatic expression

The idiom ?snow bunny? started in the 1950s when it was first used to describe a woman on the slopes. Bunny was already being used as a word to describe a pretty woman and snow was added to signify the enjoyment of the woman spending a lot of time on slopes with snow. Sometime in the 2000s, the term was adopted to mean an attractive female whether on the snow-covered slopes or not and was also adopted by the African-American culture to mean a Caucasian woman who liked to date or was in a relationship with an African-American man. In recent years, it was also adopted to be a descriptive term for someone addicted to cocaine.

?Snow Bunny? Meaning

Examples in Statements

A statement made by a ski resort advertisement.

?This is the perfect area to come and visit if you are a snow bunny .?

A statement in the local paper about a bar.

?The snow bunnies were out in full force tonight as people crowded into the famous bar on Hanover Street.?

Examples in Conversations

A conversation between two male friends at school.

Friend 1: Hey, did you see the new girl this year?

Friend 2: Yes, she is in my second-period class. She is a real snow bunny.

A conversation between a girlfriend and her boyfriend.

Boyfriend: Hey, would you like to spend the weekend in Aspen with me and my family?

Girlfriend: Oh I don?t know. I?m not the snow bunny type.

Other Ways to Say ?Snow Bunny?

There are many ways you can say ?snow bunny? in a literal sense. Other things you could say include:

She is hot

She is a looker

She likes to date African-Americans

He/she has a horrible drug problem.

The alternative you choose highly depends on the context for which it is being used.

Snow Bunny Meaning | Picture

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