Sleep with an Onion in your Sock

Sleep with an Onion in your Sock

Give me back my toxins.

Image for postOnion in experiment NOT sliced by professional.

Putting a slice of onion in each sock before bed claims to:

Draw out toxins, clean the blood, purify the air around you, get rid of fevers?

And on absolutely no strong evidence apart from simply having a spare onion, I gave it a try.

Method & Results

  • I cut two slices of onion, placed one on each of the soles of my feet and covered them with a clean sock.
  • At first there was a cool, tingling sensation.
  • It was a hot night and I was restless. Not least because there were onions and socks attached to my feet.
  • I stirred once at around 3am and saw CGI, naked Arnold Schwarzenegger stood in my window. That might be unrelated.
  • I woke up feeling more unwell.
  • There?s not a particularly strong smell of onion in the house though.

You know, the internet is a wonderful place for sharing alternative healthcare and I know, I KNOW ? It?s a wonderful place for bullshit too. But recent research says that even western pharmaceuticals can?t effectively treat sickness more than about 60% of the time.

This was a cheap experiment with a naturally occurring substance (I?m looking at you, Homeopathy.) Yeah it didn?t work for me. It might work for you though. At the very least, experimentation with alternative treatments for minor illnesses and ailments might save you money. Unless you believe in magic water. (Still looking at you, Homeopathy.)

In Conclusion

Putting onions in my socks didn?t give me any noticeable improvements in health although it did provide a Terminator moment. Therefore depending on the results you desire, this could be exactly what you?ve been looking for.

Do you have any alternative treatments that work / didn?t work for you?


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