Single Dad Anime Stories

Single Dad Anime Stories

Most of us have seen the Wolf Children Ame and Yuki, which is a fantastic movie from Mamoru Hosoda, which depicts a single mother with two children, the flick is, those children were werewolves, and she?s a human. She raised them as a human, but not of all become a real human. In the end, the mum has to let go of the male child because he chooses to become a wolf, while the female one wanted as human. Wolf children are one of many Anime that depicts relationship mum and her children, but what about dad and his child?

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It turns out that a lot of them are available and yet to be discovered by us. Many of them not in the way that i expected, for example, like ?My Daughter Friend,? which depicts 40-ish something dad going out with his daughter friend. I want something like, real relationship ?dad to his children? stories which later turns out i found several prominent Anime that depict real ?dad to his child? relationship:

Sweetness and Lightning

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This Anime strikes to the core of all men?s problems, cooking. Well i know some of us may be able to cook, but most of us are not proficient enough cooking. This story tells us about Kouhei and his daughter. After his wife passed away, he always gives his daughter a ?Ready to Eat? meal that is not very nutritious. Later then he met Kotori, a high school student that is working in a restaurant and always teaches him how to cook a proper meal.

This is a fantastic anime to watch with your children because it?s a sweet heartwarming story of a father that tries hard to give his best to his daughter, which is impressive. I like the family vibe on this Anime and teach you to cook; i tried a couple of recipes from this Anime turns out pretty good!

Clannad After Story

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I don?t want to explain this Anime because of this Anime a second season to Clannad, but hell, Spoiler Alert! Skip two paragraphs if you?re going to avoid it!

Talking about a single father is always closely related to Tomoya. After what happened on Clannad, Nagisa and Tomoya graduated from high school and got married. They start their own married life, living in modesty and harmony. The thing is, life is getting better while Nagisa discovered that she?s pregnant with a child, an excellent addition to the small family. Later then we know that Nagisa has some disease that is incurable but persisted in going with the child delivery. Soon after the delivery succeeded, Nagisa died left Tomoya with a child.

5 Years later, Tomoya met again with Ushio, the only child that Nagisa left behind. Ushio, for five years raised by Nagisa?s parents, now know that Tomoya is her real dad. Soon then, Ushio started to live with his real dad, and Tomoya was now learning to become a good dad.

There?s a continuation of this, but i don?t want to spoil the whole premises. Clannad After Story emphasizes Tomoya and Nagisa?s married life, and how Tomoya learns to become a good dad to Ushio in the end. This Anime tearjerking, and i love how the character develops in the end. Truly one of the best Anime ever made! Thank you, Jun Maeda!

Bunny Drop

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Raising a child isn?t easy, and every parent or guardian knows just how taxing all of the daily tasks can be the sacrifices that need to be made in terms of work and social life and the almost constant stream of considerations and worries. The truth is that looking after children is one of the biggest causes of stress and grey hair (or hair loss) among adults. Still, given that the majority of people in the world are (or will be) parents, it?s a little odd that such an important topic is still a rarity in Anime.

Usagi Drop tells us a story about Daikichi, a 30 years old salaryman that discovers his grandfather?s illegitimate child upon death. Seeing nobody wants to take care of Rin, then Daikichi brings the child home and raises her.

This is a fantastic Anime, yet the worse kind of comic. The Anime captures the relationship between Daikichi and Rin, and it has heartwarming moments, funny moments, and most of all, its great to see Daikichi try hard as a great dad. But the comic? Never read the comic because the real ending is terrible.


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Hinamatsuri is that kind of Anime, the one anime that you just want to shut down your brain and enjoy the silliness to let go of all of your stress. But, it doesn?t mean that Hinamatsuri is a bad anime. Instead, it?s perfect and worth to try.

30 Years old, Nitta is a rising up Yakuza in Japan; one day, he met Hina, which is an esper (someone with powers). Knowing this, Nitta takes Hina as his adopter daughter to gain some influence in the Yakuza world, but instead, he learns how to be a great dad.

This Anime is like, the best example of how you do an excellent goofy comedy but heartwarming at the same time. Yes, of course, this Anime has a lot of silliness that burns your brain, but then you also got the heartwarming moments of Nitta being a dad and tries to become a good dad. This may seem a little comedic compared to our list, but i think this is the most interesting one to try first!


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Kakushigoto translated in many ways, into ?working by drawing,? or ?something hidden.? Kakushigoto is about Kakushi, a single father and slapstick raunchy comedy mangaka that wants to hide his occupation to his daughter. He thought that if she knows what he does for a living, then she would be embarrassed because he draws a slapstick erotic comedy manga instead of the usual famous manga that everybody likes.

Same with Hinamatsuri, Kakushigoto is more to comedic approach rather than drama and dangerous, which is i think the easiest way to start! This Anime is currently ongoing, unlike those animes series before by this article released.


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