18 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Listen To

18 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Listen To

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Podcasts are now much like a cup of coffee: they don?t distract you from the business activity but offer a nice value for a very small commitment. It?s a useful habit during a busy day ? you can tune in while multitasking or when going outside to have lunch. For many successful people, it?s now a daily feed that stimulates their brain activity and pushes them forward after the routine drains the mojo away.

Whether it?s the dead-end for your project or just a lazy morning, this list of savvy podcasters can give you a dose of inspiration and let you learn something new about various business skills.

1) Eventual Millionaire

The name speaks for itself, and although these claims can turn away potential listeners, don?t judge too soon. Jaime Masters has held over 350 interviews with millionaires and billionaires to share their stories with listeners who pursue the same goal of reaching these moguls? rank. Their insights shed light on how to avoid obstacles on a bumpy entrepreneur road and help you pinpoint crucial decisions that have led to such success.

2) StartUp

StartUp tells you what it means to kick-off your business. The series is based on real stories of how people struggled to get their companies going and all other aspects of an entrepreneur?s life. They put more emphasis on how to write a business plan, manage conflicts, and distribute roles.

3) Entrepreneurs on Fire

This show was one of the podcast explorers on the horizon. They have featured over 2,000 entrepreneurs and influencers on the show, many of whom described their rough road to becoming successful in sales, marketing, and finance. They also give valuable advice on how to create strategies to transform businesses into something bigger.

4) Mixergy

Mixergy offers you a ton of free courses for the newest of entrepreneurs: they put a lot of focus on startups and the initial growth stage. The in-depth interviews feature countless case studies from many famous businessmen, giving tips on how to make the path to a startup a little smoother. They?re also complemented by transcriptions for each of these podcasts.

5) How to Start a Startup

This show also includes tons of basics on how to take the very first steps for your startup: creating a team, building a product, marketing aspects, and much more. It?s basically the go-to option if you want to charge yourself with great ideas for a business and gain confidence to conceive your own venture.

6) The Growth Show

The active growth phase is the major emphasis for this podcast ? it provides some great advice about your company expansion. The show excels in variety: it includes guests with all professional backgrounds and teaches how to make advancements to enable steady professional and business growth.

7) Unemployable Podcast

Brian Clark, the host of this podcast, can tell you about what it takes for a freelancer or nomad to become a business owner. Even if all you have is a laptop ? he will guide you through the way of making your own venture real by sharing his views on the mindset, marketing, development, and operation aspects of an entrepreneur?s life.

8) Youpreneur FM

This weekly podcast features Chris Ducker who is an expert in creating personal brands. By asking the right questions from his guests, he gets the best advice on how to build your brand from scratch, grow, advertise, and monetize it in the fastest way.

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9) HBR Idea Cast

Like its name, this show is to enlighten you with fresh ideas; luckily, interesting guests like Eric Schmidt from Google can share their views on how to manage talent, become creative, grasp new trends, and dispel the common myths of the business world.

10) The Pitch

They provide some valuable experience: how to impress venture capitalists (VC) so they invest in your project. This reminds me of the TV show ?Shark Tank,? where the ?shark? investor jury rates presentations to decide whether they become business partners or not. This will give you a great view on how to build strategy and behave when your startup requires VC funding for further expansion ? plus, you will get to know which factors impact their ?yes? or ?no? verdicts the most.

11) This Week in Startups

It?s much like a weekly dose of a news digest that covers startup-related topics: the best, worst, most outrageous, and interesting stories from the entrepreneur?s world. With a good portion of humor and experienced guests, Jason Calacanis allows you to catch up with what is going on inside Silicon Valley and the other startup hubs.

12) Seeking Wisdom

Based around 2 seasoned hosts, the show features numerous guests who excel at production, sales, growth, and marketing aspects of the business. They not only teach you how to meet goals but expose the way to do it on a staff management level: how to hire and manage your employees effectively so they could work in harmony.

13) Traction

Unlike other startup-related podcasts, this one is more about the very struggles that CEOs meet on their way. This show is filled with weird, unexpected but inspiring and genius decisions that the owners made to scrap during the earliest stages of their companies. It?s arguably the best option for entrepreneurs who go through rough times to get back on track.

14) The School of Greatness

While being about self-growth, this show doesn?t feed you with platitudes but provides some valuable advice. It?s more about featuring guests with diverse backgrounds: it can be businessmen, athletes, or celebrities ? people who are constantly in pursuit to become greater than their competitors. Basically, what has made great people become great is the very core question of this show.

15) Marketplace

This platform includes several podcast segments about what?s happening in business via special reports. They give you a look at how business leaders adopt technologies and thrive, what are the best ways to implement innovations, and how to make your customers happy and loyal.

16) Jocko Podcast

With some business experience under his belt, Jocko Willink, host of the show, teaches about self-discipline. He is a retired Navy Seal, which adds some flavor to the way talks about leadership and management, and that?s the best part of the show ? it?s good when you need to get fired up with enough courage and ambition when ruling a company. Some of his tips about staff management can be useful as well.

17) The Twenty Minute VC

The podcast showcases those who hide behind the VC mask, the ever-present companions for startups. On this show, VCs share the stories of how they got into investing and which companies they view as the most attractive to inject their money into. Whether you want to become a VC yourself or to attract one to your startup, this show will tell what the successful capitalists are made of.

18) Hustle & Flowchart Podcast

Being one of the fastest-growing podcasts on iTunes, Hustle & Flowchart podcast, hosted by Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier, can be treated as a step-by-step guide to a successful venture. You can learn a great deal on business tactics and marketing strategy from famous entrepreneurial titans and business gurus like Perry Marshall, Neil Patel, and David Allen among many others.

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