Sharing Girlfriend with another man and let them have Sex — DKODING

Sharing Girlfriend with another man and let them have Sex — DKODING

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Sharing Girlfriend with Another Man! I have been with my boyfriend for a couple of years now and happy! We are both sexually open and we have the wavelength to discuss deep fantasies with each other.

During one of our intimate moments we decided to try something new to spice things up a bit. We had talked about threesome on a few occasions and that my boyfriend is sharing me with another man. ? Sharing Girlfriend with Another Man? has a few rules to follow and if you can be easily jelous then do not try it.

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I confess that I have fantasised being with two men at the same time and the idea would always turn me on. A lot of us have had this fantasy but wonder how many have the relationships to openly talk about it and make it happen?

Now we have to wait for a perfect timing to live out our fantasy. And then one of the days it just happened. While this would stay just a fantasy for most, my boyfriend and I managed to bring this wild sexcapade to life.

For me, it just happned and ?how much my boyfriend enjoyed sharing his girlfriend with another man and have hours and hours of threesome sex.

How I got fu*ked by two men

I would fantasise about two men often. But it became super interesting when I learnt the same idea is turning my boyfriend on and as much. It is his fantasy too to see me fu*king two men. He concluded saying: ? the more the merrier?

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Finding the Right Man

Both my boyfriend and I started the search. He needed to like him too. He would look around in social circles for the this man and I would link in with some of the men online.

I started chatting with the guys online and oh my my ? it was turning me on and ( never did i tell my boyfriend but I was masturbating more then ever before)? Finally i decided on my new man and my boyfriend liked hm too.

Venue was a difficult decision

So where is the act going to take place. Is it our home, hotel or another place? I had to take this call, if I want to stay home or prefer a hotel. I want to be with both of them out for drinks ? come back home or take up a hotel room?

It was not easy decision for me but I could decide on a hotel room and so we were now meeting at the hotel, room was booked and table at the bar was waiting for us.

Will it spice up the relationship or ruin it? Big Question to answer before threesome indulgance

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Though we had spoken about playing it together and we both were extremely comfortable about it, still I needed to be doubly sure, if we both are in total sync. Something like this has to only spice-up the sex game for couples and not end up spoiling it afterwards. So re-affirmations!

Me, My Boyfriend and a Starnger

The day had come and I woke up feeling nervous contrary to what I had thought would be a horny morning. I sat in the balcony, had my morning cuo of coffee and kept thinking about my previous threesome experiences. Those were before getting into my existing serious relationship. I thought, I loved each one of them and there is no need to feel nervous rather let?s start preparing for a super hot night.

And Here comes my boyfriend ? reminding me of my salon appointment. Later, we were suppose to go out for lunch and shopping. He wanted to my buy me a fresh pair of Victoria Secret lingerie ? being his favourite.

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Now, We were ready to leave for the hotel ? packed for an overnight stay. We checked into the hotel room and straight headed to a bar. I was in short skirt, tight top ? with of course my sexy cleavage doing its job for the moods. The mood was starting to strike but we had decided to not over drink. But?You know then.

And before we were getting over drunk , this man arrived. We introcduced each other and my boyfriend offered him a drink. His eyes were on me. We loosened up for about an hour over a few drinks. I got up and said guys we need to be in the room now. This man got up and watched me leave. I was so turned on seeing the lust in his eyes. He wouldn?t wait anymore and so would I. We were in the room now.

My boyfriend offered us another drink. And went off to the balcony for a smoke. He was eager sharing his girlfriend with another man. This man and I were desperate and couldn?t have waited a minute more. We kissed, he pulled off my top, threw away my bra and his hands were up my skirt. I grabbed his shaft through the pants and told him ?take me however you want tonight?

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We were on the bed the next moment and needless to say naked over each other. My boy-friend was watching us and I saw him touching his tool and starting to stroke. I offered him to join us on the bed and he obliged. I was in heaven now having both my men playing with my body from my nipples to my clit and taking turns to go down on me.

I was dripping and the pleasure I felt was unexplainable. This man now enters me from behind and my boyfriend enjoyed hearing me moan and moan loud.

He then lay on his back and held me to f*ck him reverse cowgirl position and my boyfriend offered his c*ck in my mouth. I haven?t had him so hard ever before ? loved it in my mouth.

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The best moment was when we tried DP and it was my first ever DP experience. I felt so full so wanted and so sexy. I came like a cannon and the man threw all his load of cum on my face, my b**bs leaving me with no choice but to swallow it all. By the way i love to eat juices.

Now it was my boyfriend?s turn and he chose my ass. His warm cum felt amazing on my ass and my fingers did the rest.

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We three felt comfortable together. There was no awkwardness to my surprise and it was just hours and hours of f*king before I kissed this man a nice goodbye with a promise to have him over again.

I would love to do it again!

Caution: Sharing Girlfriend with Another Man! ? But What if your boyfriend now proposes to have sex with your best friend or another woman?

Are you game? DKODING in the next article ? ?Me, My boy-friend and My best-friend?

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About the Author: Sareka Van Johnson is a sex blogger and writer. An expert of erotic fiction. She writes creatively and enjoys exploring intimacy in relationships as well as the fiery sexuality between characters.

Originally published at on November 3, 2019.


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