Share Amazon Cart / Wishlist

Share Amazon Cart / Wishlist

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Shopping Cart Share is the most complete and easiest cart management extension.

The easiest way to share amazon cart is by using and its chrome extension. You can save, share and manage your shopping cart like never before.

No more moving items from cart to wishlist and backwards use our native integrated interface from your amazon website itself to share your cart or whole wishlist with just a click.

With shopping cart share extension can

1- Share your amazon shopping cart

2- Save your amazon shopping cart for later

3- Clear your amazon cart with one click

4- Import a shared shopping cart with a click

5- Move others amazon wish list to your shopping cart with one click (they don?t need to have the extension installed)

How to Share Amazon Cart

Image for posthow to share amazon cart

1- Open your amazon cart.

2- Click share within the same amazon interface.

3- Send your cart link to anyone you would like to share the cart with.

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Move Wishlist to cart

Image for postHow can i move my amazon wishlist to my cart

Open any wishlist and click move wish list to cart ? Thats it ! Yes, our extension will automatically detect the wishlist and integrate *move wishlist to cart* feature directly to the amazon interface.


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