Can I Extend My Health Insurance to Cover My Parents and Siblings?

A lot has been said about the importance of health insurance. Thanks to the improved insurance awareness, the health insurance penetration has increased. A number of people are buying insurance now. They are concerned about certain issues such as insurance premium price. Due to inflation, the insurance premium price increases on an annual basis. Some people?s health is insured by their employer. Such people seem to be very happy with their insurance arrangements.

The insurance coverage provided by your employer is valid as long as you?re working with that particular company. The moment your tenure with that particular organization is over, you no longer get any insurance coverage.

One more thing with the employer health insurance is that it doesn?t include your family members. Your spouse or dependent children don?t get any insurance coverage. In order to safeguard their health, there are so many people who buy insurance plans. Health insurance plans cater to individuals as well as families. For family health insurance plan, a proposer can buy a health insurance plan for the entire family and add the family members in that particular plan.

When there is an addition to the existing member list then the premium is increased for the obvious reasons. Some people appear healthy from the outside whereas they are unhealthy from the inside. If they have the pre-existing illness then your premium could be hiked. For instance, a family member having controlled diabetics could hike your premium by 50?100 percent. If anybody is your family has lupus or multiple sclerosis, then your premium could be hiked by up to 100 percent.

If you want to know the premium for insuring the additional family member then you need to approach your travel insurance provider to get the quote. If your health insurance is provided by your employer then you have no choice but to buy a health insurance plan as a proposer so that you can include your insurance coverage to your parents and your siblings.

If your parents are senior citizens and you have not got them insured already then buying insurance for them as soon as possible. Health insurance for senior citizens is very important. Before you buy any health insurance plan, keep in mind that you need to give plenty of time so that you are able to check as many insurance plans as possible and make an informed insurance decision.

Before adding any additional member, you need to meet up a particular selection criterion proposed by your insurance provider. Most of the insurance providers let you add your spouse your dependent children and your dependent parents. There are various insurance providers that let you add your parents-in-law as well. If your parents or siblings are not dependent on you then you won?t be able to extend your coverage to them.

In case they are dependent on you for their financial needs, then you can add them to your health insurance plan. Your insurance would need proofs that you have to provide so that their dependency upon you is justified.



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