Shame Shame Shame

Shame Shame Shame

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I picked up my son from camp. Part of the routine is that we spend some time afterward at the playground, specifically the sand area. He likes to use the mechanical scoops and I like to sit on the bench and watch. And whereas most adults will keep walking past me and not make eye contact, cats and small children can sense my bright pink aura. A little boy, 4 or 5, bee-lined over to me.

?You want to play Shame Shame Shame??

All I could think was, well, I hope it doesn?t involve running because that would indeed be a shame shame shame.

?I don?t know that one,? I said. ?What is it??

He put out his hands as if to play a hand-clapping game.

?Oh,? I said. ?Is it like Dr Pepper??

Back in the day when I was a camp counselor, I learned a hand-clapping game with the Dr Pepper jingle.

?I drink Dr Pepper don?t you know, it?s the original taste that I love so??

It?s got some high and low claps, a knee slap, some finger snaps? I was pretty good at it. I had it down cold actually.

?Like this,? I asked humming the tune, my hands going up and down and up again, snapping, and waiting for a high clap.

The kid was all like, um, no, weird old man, let me just show you.

?Ok,? I said. ?I guess not. You show me.?

The handclaps were pretty basic as there were no snaps or high/low claps. But these were the words?

?Shame shame shameI don?t want to go to Mexico no more more moreThere?s a big fat policeman knocking at my door door doorHe grabbed me by the collar and he made me pay a dollarI don?t want to go to Mexico no more more moreShame on you?

The last three words came with finger guns and then he shouted, ?Snoo snoo!?

It was quite a bit to take in. All I could manage was, ?What?s ?snoo snoo???

?It?s the new word for shoot. And I won because I shot first.?

?Um,? I said not knowing where to even start. ?What is this called again??

?Shame Shame Shame.?

?Where did you learn this??

He shrugged and ran off because he was 4 or 5 and I was some slow old man unable to appreciate his game. Rarely does the Venn diagram of my West Chicago suburb contain elements of Trump?s Twitter feed, yet there I was?

I did a little research/googling and it turns out this is a nursery rhyme that had its start at the turn of the century? two turns ago, and originally it was about Macy?s, or so says something on the internet.

The REAL Origin Of “I Don’t Want To Go To Mexico” Rhymes

Edited by Azizi Powell This pancocojams post provides information about the “I Don’t Want To Go To Mexico” rhymes and?

Ring Around the Rosie has long lost its connection to the plague. I think we?re all cool and relatively oblivious to that. After all, doctors no longer wear those horrifying bird masks?

So contextually in 2019, this innocent ?shame shame shame? clapping/rhyming game felt? very not right. Sorta like the little girl at the Trump rally who didn?t know what to do and then eventually started chanting ?send her back? with all the others.

I can’t stop thinking about the little girl behind Trump and the hate she’s being taught | Will?

I’m terrible at guessing ages, but if I had to guess I’d say she was about 12 or 13. She was wearing a bright summery?

The long and short of this is that I try to compartmentalize the President of the United States? reality show buffoonery/theatrics so that they don?t trigger/enrage me; as if I can contain it to the ditch with all the other waste and runoff, and keep my tap water clear. But the streams seem to be merging.

Fun fact: The lyrics to the Dr Pepper jingle are radically inclusive?

?I drink Dr. Pepper don?t you knowIt?s the original taste that I love so.And the taste is making Pepper?s everywhere I go?..I?m a Pepper, he?s a Pepper, she?s a Pepper, we?re a Pepper!Wouldn?t you like to be a Pepper too? Dr. Pepper??


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