Big Gay Crush: Brie Larson

Big Gay Crush: Brie Larson

by Alyssa Sileo

My housemates at school can?t go a day without hearing me say it, so I figure I should make the world more equal by sharing it with all of the internet too. I love Brie Larson. So Much.

I became interested in this Renaissance woman in the fall of 2019, after I decided it was due time I watch Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame. I was already in love with Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie from Marvel?s Thor movies and that makes life great, so it was time to find a second superheroine to obsess over.

My admiration of her was instant. It?s 2020, so I want to share 20 reasons why I love Brie Larson:

We gotta start with her performance as Captain Marvel. It gets me emotional every time I watch it. The woman has RANGE. She?s so powerful.

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Brie won an Academy Award for the film Room at age 26. That?s out of this world.

My gosh, that smile. (I admittedly have not watched Room ? because I know for a fact that I will not be able to handle it ? but it?s a must-watch if you want a clue-in on Brie?s aforementioned range.)

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She can wear any kind of style ? be it femme, masc, toeing the line, or defying description ? and make it fashionable.

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She is as vocal as she can be (considering the iron grips Marvel has on all their cast members) about how it?s time for Marvel to put queer superheroes on screen. Or another way to phrase it is put out superheroes on screen. Because there?s already queer ones in MCU. I mean, it?s just pure science. Also, Carol Danvers went for the leather jacket and the flannel when she had to find Earth clothes. Like, she just naturally went for it, and no one had to tell her to do so, boom. Carol is the WLW of all our dreams. Carol Danvers, destroyer of men.

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I ship Carol!Maria, because it?s real, but I also ship Carol!Me.


Joy is Brie Larson and Brie Larson is joy.

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She is so strong. I just. I can?t. Someone help me.

She took the last name Larson because it?s from her great-grandmother, but also because as a kid she loved the American Girl Doll Kirsten Larson. (This is something I really would have done as a kid, honest to goddess, which you all would know if you?ve even taken a peek at my Baby Gay blogs.)

She?s a jedi.

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This pure Twitter post.

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She auditioned for the movie Unicorn Store, got rejected, and then was asked to come back and be the director. And then she played the protagonist. That?s the sort of energy I?m taking into 2020! This film is just pure fun. Check it out on Netflix.

She cares about social advocacy and posts a lot about places to donate to and movements to follow. So cool. Swoon.

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She hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live and invited her fellow castmates from the upcoming film Just Mercy, and also invited Bryan Stevenson, the lawyer and activist of the film is based on. She really loves the folks she works with and the art she commits to.

She?s just?so?beautiful?HELP?and literally she can wear her hair ANY WAY and it looks GREAT.

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She can SING. Multiple friends sent me this video when it came out (this was actually before I started really getting into Brie) and I was in the middle of a panic attack or something, whatever it was, I wasn?t feeling well. But then I saw this when they sent it?and immediately felt okay. And I also felt gay. Very gay.


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She reposts cosplays of her characters really often. (I?ve been trying to get her to notice my cosplays, it?ll happen one of these days.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT SCOTT PILGRIM FOR A SECOND? I love the graphic novels/movie, it just takes me right back to high school (and I?m actually working on an adaptation of Scott Pilgrim?and that?s all I?ll say) but it actually wasn?t until this winter that I watched the movie in full. She plays Envy Adams and?I?I am typing, not speaking, but even then I can?t make coherent words. So we?re just going to drop this link of her scene and you can imagine how it was for me to watch this.

She?s super goofy, super smart, super sweet ? she?s so many things and she is so open about her journey as an artist and person.

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The TL;DR is that I?M SUPER GAY and I hope she has an amazing year of 2020.

About the Author:

Alyssa Sileo?s Thespian identity comes first and foremost in anything she carries out. As a member of the Drew University Class of 2022, she studies theatre arts, women?s and gender studies, and Spanish. She?s a proud NJ Thespian Alumni and member of their state chapter board. She is the leader of the international performances network The Laramie Project Project, which unites worldwide productions and readings of the acclaimed Tectonic Theater Project play and encourages community-based LGBTQ+ advocacy. Alyssa is humbled to serve as the 2017 Spirit of Matthew Award winner and as a Youth Ambassador for Matthew Shepard Foundation. She believes there is an advocacy platform tucked into every piece of the theatre catalogue and intends to write outreach into the canon.


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