Seeing Spirits

Realizing you are a medium is no easy task. Mediumship can come to someone at any point in their life, but it takes the right kind of person to realize that they have the abilities and attitude to take on the challenge. Many people may have experiences of mediumship when they are very young, but as they get older, they suppress those experiences and never exploit their natural abilities. This article will highlight some tell-tale signs that you may be a medium.

A sure sign that you are a medium is that you have witnessed apparitions at some point in your life. A significant part of being a medium is the ability to connect with people who have passed away. Being able to interact with someone?s spirit whether it be visually or auditory is essential in identifying yourself as a medium and understanding your abilities. If your medium abilities are just beginning to unfold, you may not see spirits directly in front of you. Chances are, at first you may see spirits in your peripheral vision or even in your mind?s eye. Situations may vary when first interacting with spirits, but it is undeniable that you are developing medium abilities.

People?s Energy

Besides seeing visions or spirits, many mediums are aware of a person?s aura or energy that radiates from them. An aura is sometimes described as a visual energy field surrounding a person. This energy field can take the form of many different colors. A medium can sense when someone enters the room, and there is an energy switch. Whether the energy is positive or negative, a medium can sense someone?s aura and may even be able to point out some interesting facts about a person without knowing them.

Childhood Habits

People who begin to unravel the truths about their skills as a medium may take some time to reflect on their childhood to identify any lingering habits that pushed them to this realization. Mediums have interesting childhood?s filled with spiritual and paranormal encounters. Having one or multiple ?imaginary friends? is a good identifier for someone who possesses medium abilities. Experiencing vivid dreams or nightmares as a child or even as an adult can give you insight into your medium abilities. These dreams can plague someone at any time in their life but is a good indicator that a child or an adult has supernatural abilities.

Originally published at on June 1, 2018.


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