Lastpass Free VS Premium

Lastpass Free VS Premium

Lastpass Free VS Premium

I know you were looking for a comparison between the free version of Lastpass to the Premium one. However, during my research (and I researched almost all of the password managers available, trust me about that) I found out that the best one is actually 1Password.

Here?s a quick comparison between the two:

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If you?re interested in Lastpass after all, keep reading.

LastPass Free Vs Premium

With LastPass, you have the option of choosing either the free account or the premium account. Some people start with the free account just to get a feel for how the app works and then if they decide that they want to take full use of the app, they upgrade to the premium account that has a fee of $3 a month. Let?s take a look at what both of these account types have to offer:

LastPass is one of the best password managers out there because it packs in a lot of features for a cheap price. In this LastPass Free vs. Premium comparison, we discuss the free features as well as the competitive advantage of the premium plan.

While the free plan gives you all the basic features you need for managing passwords efficiently, we still highly recommend getting the premium version of LastPass to get access to advanced features if you haven?t got it yet. LastPass offers a free trial period of 30 days so you can get a feel of the premium plan. After the trial period, you?ll still be able to enjoy your LastPass Free account.

Now, let?s compare the LastPass Free vs. the Premium plan.

LastPass ? Premium Version

LastPass Premium offers all the features from the free plan ? all-device access, password vault, auto-fill, password generator, secure notes, security challenge, multi-factor authentication, LastPass Authenticator, and password sharing.

However, the LastPass Premium has a couple of extra features you surely don?t want to miss out on. Before you get the premium version, check them out:

Emergency access. You can nominate trusted people to get access to your LastPass account in case the need arises. This will be especially useful in case of emergencies and if you?ve forgotten your master password. Simply enter the e-mail address of your trusted individual and specify a waiting period after they?ve requested access to give you some time to reject their request as a form of confirmation.

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Priority customer service. As a LastPass Premium user, your queries will be addressed in the fast lane compared to users of the LastPass Free plan. You can have your concerns resolved immediately.

1GB encrypted file storage. LastPass Premium provides more space for your digital backups in security notes. That?s more than enough to store tons of important files including membership cards, warranties, subscriptions, home improvement receipts, insurance policies, and legal documents.

Advanced multi-factor authentication. LastPass Premium offers improved security by integrating the use of other password applications such as Sesame, YubiKey, and fingerprint authentication.

One-to-many sharing. This is also a key upgrade from the one-to-one sharing in the free version. LastPass Premium allows you to share passwords with multiple people for more convenient access.

LastPass ? Free Version

All-device access. Whether you use a desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet, LastPass provides access and syncing across multiple devices. You can log from anywhere at any time with ease.

Encrypted password vault. This is where your passwords are stored together with their corresponding usernames and the URL where the account is used. You can view, search, edit, delete, and generally manage your passwords in the vault. LastPass also allows organization if you want to group your login credentials into folders such as work, socials, and more. Records in this vault is encrypted, meaning that even if it?s hacked, your info will appear as a bunch of muddled data.

Auto-fill. LastPass automatically enters your passwords everytime a login is prompted.

Browser extension. LastPass is readily available as a browser extension so it?s there inside your browser whenever you need it. You don?t have to click out of your window to activate LastPass, making it extremely convenient for users.

Password generator. Like an alert soldier, LastPass automatically generates passwords every time you sign up for a new account somewhere in the World Wide Web.

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Secure notes. Aside from password management, you can also use LastPass to store digital backup copies of any important documents such as passports, credit cards, identification documents, or any other important information you don?t want lost.

Security challenge. This allows you to audit your passwords so you can keep them up-to-date.

Multi-factor authentication. This adds a second layer of security to confirm your log-ins.

LastPass Authenticator. You can use a free LastPass Authenticator app for your Android, iOS, or Windows device for added security. This supports three ways to log in, including time-based 6-digit codes, SMS 6-digit codes, and one-tap push notifications.

One-to-one sharing. As you may have some accounts that you share with trusted people, such as joint bank accounts and shared video streaming sites, LastPass Free allows you to share certain passwords with a single person. Simply go to your LastPass Vault and click the ?Share? icon beside the item you want to share. Input the email of the person and you?re done! Your information is still encrypted even if you share it, so you have nothing to worry about.


LastPass is a great password manager that removes the hassle of remembering all the accounts you have on different websites. It?s easy to set up and is loaded with features to ensure the security of your login information.

While LastPass Free offers the basic feature set, we highly recommend getting the LastPass Premium to take full advantage of the convenient elements and advanced security options. At only $3 a month, you can take control of your digital life with a password manager that does all the work for you.

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