Sea of Thieves Tall Tales: Shores of Gold — #6 The Art of a Trickster

Sea of Thieves Tall Tales: Shores of Gold — #6 The Art of a Trickster

An infamous trap-maker knows of the Shroudbreaker ? but will she turn out to be friend or foe?

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Madame Olivia revealed that Briggsy recently paid a visit to Salty the parrot. The self-serving bird may know more about her plans to conceal the Shroudbreaker.

Salty rarely stays in one place for long, but was recently spotted soaring above Plunder Valley. Whether he can be trusted is another matter.

Tale #6 Walkthrough

1. Drinking in the View

In the west cave of the island, find the room with the remains of 5 skeletons. Interact with them to get the correct position described in the story. Once done, a cage with a skeleton will drop down and you will be able to collect the next pages and the Rum Bottle Spyglass.

2. The Trickster?s Key

Depending on the pages you have, either stay on Plunder Valley or sail to Discovery Ridge.

With the help of the bird?s eye view of the island, find the Trapmaker?s mark. The text below it gives you the two elements to line up in the eyes of the skull in your Rum Bottle Spyglass. The mouth, the ?X?, points where to dig.

Dig up the new note and find the second location to dig up the last clue. Find the location and dig up the Trapmaker?s Gunpowder Key.

3. The Trickster?s Stone

Sail to Sailor?s Bounty and go in its caves accessible from the center of the island. Be careful to not destroy the Trapmaker?s Gunpowder Key and avoid the traps in the tunnels.

Follow the Trapmaker?s mark paintings to find his lair and place the Gunpowder Key on the holder in the middle of the chamber.

Fight the waves of skeletons and defeat the captain at the end to collect the Ancient Vault Totem.

? Tip: the chamber has 4 levers you can interact with to activate different traps to help you kill the skeletons.

Ancient Vault Locations:

  • Boar totem: Devil?s Ridge, Southeast beach.
  • Crab totem: N13 Uncharted Island, swim in the North West underwater cave to get inside of the island, the vault is behind a workbench.
  • Moon totem: Crescent Isle, starting from the little bridge in the middle of the island, walk to the northern cave, the vault is on the right in the corner.
  • Scarab totem: Crook?s Hollow, in the cave near the waterfall and some barrels.
  • Shark totem: Kraken Fall, under the archway of the island at the north.
  • Snake totem: Mermaid?s Hideaway, North West of the island, under the archway.

Light up the four braziers on the altar to start the vault.

Taking the Shroudbreaker Stone will close the door of the vault. You?ll have to press the button on the altar to activate each wave of skeletons to defeat. Each Captain has a Medallion to place in the front of the altar. Once the three Medallions are in the altar you will be free to go with your Shroudbreaker Stone.

4. Complete The Art of a Trickster

Return the Trapmaker?s Shroudbreaker Stone to Salty.

Image for postThe Trickster?s Folly

Trapmaker?s Journals

The Perfect Trap

Plunder Valley ? On the central rock of the cave room where the skeletons rest.

Even while being forced to work against my will ? and don?t think I don?t know which bird-brain is responsible ? I still have my pride. As the greatest Trapmaker the Sea of Thieves has ever seen, I must devise something brilliant to protect an equally brilliant treasure. How, then, shall I prove the effectiveness of my creation? Why, by using a few greedy, grog-addled gold-diggers as guinea-pigs! I shall begin my experiments upon Discovery Ridge. A few barrels packed with gewgaws should entice pirates into my game?

Bait and Switch

Discovery Ridge ? On top of the island over a barrel next to one of the Trapmaker?s white mark.

My first test relied on the curiosity of the participant. First, I primed the location with some supplies that might attract a passer-by. Next, a simple wooden lever was placed by the barrels. When utilised, it would strike a flint and so ignite a hidden powder-keg. I had rather assumed natural whimsy would see the lever pulled once spotted, and tucked myself away to observe what came next. The first pirate to arrive promptly wrenched my lever from its housing and absconded with it. ?Nice hat stand?, I heard him remark. Subterfuge bests psychology when dealing with such avaricious crooks. I shall return to my workshop, and to the drawing board?

Making My Point

Sailors Bounty ? Underneath a workshop desk in Trapmaker?s lair.

Recently, I?ve been testing different kinds of blades to see which are the most useful for ?deterring? intruders. I?ve had some success with sword traps, as they look fearsome and have an excellent range. They?re expensive to make, of course. Saw traps use shorter, duller metal blades, and are definitely useful in confined spaces. Still, they lack a certain style? Or should I go back to the tried-and-tested ?wall o? stakes?? Though primitive, you can?t argue with the classics. Decisions, decisions?

We Want Plates

Sailors Bounty ? Next to an anvil in Trapmaker?s lair.

Some experimentation with weight and counterweights have allowed me to devise a new trigger, as well as protection for my workshop. Even working with wood, for metal is precious and in short supply, I can use the weight of any intruder to spring a nearby trap. As sensitive as these devices are, it is nearly impossible to disguise them entirely. Thus, they are best deployed in darker areas. Unfortunately, I have been unable to completely muffle the noise made by the mechanism when someone blunders onto it. A cunning criminal with sharp ears might, I suppose, get enough warning to save their own skin. Regardless, I am making progress?

A Worthy Opponent

Sailors Bounty ? Underneath the bed in Trapmaker?s lair.

The more time I spend with Briggsy, the more I wonder if all pirates are ultimately fated to be consumed by their own greed. Is the endless pursuit of gold and glitter, in and of itself, the greatest trap of all? As an experiment, I have decided to leave a trail that will lead to the very treasure I have been commanded to protect. They?ll be devious clues, of course. Ones that goad, deliberately mislead and test the mettle of those who read them. One last game, then, winner takes all. Is there someone out there on the Sea of Thieves worthy of the stone? We shall see?


  • Rum Bottle Spyglass
  • Trapmaker?s Capstan

Xbox Achievements

The Art of a Trickster (10G)

Complete ?The Art of a Trickster? Tall Tale.

The Trickster?s Folly (30G)

Receive all Commendations for ?The Art of a Trickster? Tall Tale.

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