You Fall In Love With 3 People In Your Lifetime

You Fall In Love With 3 People In Your Lifetime

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Each one is for a specific reason.

It doesn?t matter whether you?ve experienced one, two, three, or none of these people. As you grow through this beautiful journey called life, they will stumble upon you.

This is a bit different from what I normally write but has everything to do with personal development.

I think falling in and out of love is the most intense wave of emotions anyone can feel.

The joy

The pain

The deep connection

The empiness

The gains

The losses

The growth

Love is complicated.

I read something a long time ago that really resonated with me. Both from my own journey and what I?ve seen in friends and family on their journeys.

It goes something like this:

You fall in love with three people in your life.

1. The Puppy Love

This one often happens when you?re young.

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It could be your High School crush, or even your first significant other in College. This one is quite beautiful. The honeymoon phase is so intense, the first fight is even more intense.

Sneaking out to see them in the middle of the night

Biking over to their house just to be with them because you can?t drive

Laying in bed kissing and giggling for hours

Meeting their parents

Meeting their best friend

Going on dates to your favorite sandwich spot

Eventually, you two grow apart or breakup over something silly. Often times, you can?t even remember why.

When you get older and look back, you may question whether the love was real or not.

The truth is, it was. It was love as you knew love to be.

Love is like an onion, there are many, many layers.

2. The Difficult Love

This one stings.

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You get hurt in this one, the breakup could take years to get over. This love includes immense pain, betrayal, abuse, lies, drama and damage.

You will simultaneously have the best and worst memories with this one person. It is a mind fuck.

This love teaches you lessons. This love ultimately makes you a stronger version of yourself. A version you could have never been without this person.

This love is where you grow. You realize what you love about love and what you don?t love about love.

You become picky.

You become closed off.

You become cautious.

You become guarded.

You become self aware.

You know exactly what you want and what you don?t want. Time to work on yourself. Becoming the absolute best version of you that you can be.

3. The Curve Ball

This one comes out of left field.

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It comes blindly. It creeps on you. There is no warning.

You don?t go looking for this love.. It comes to you.

You can put up any wall you want, it will be broken down. You?ll find yourself caring about this person without trying. You?ll have a sense of peace, a sense of calmness about yourself.

This one is different than the others.

They don?t look like your typical crush, but you get lost in them. Their smile, their eyes, their little quirks. You see beauty in their imperfections because you know there is no Prince Charming, no Cinderella, there are just real human beings in an often times harsh world.

You are completely honest with them, you hide nothing from them. You want to marry them, raise a family with them. You thank the universe for them.

You truly love them.

It?s important you reflect on these people. It will be hard, but you have to do it. They made you grow as a human, regardless of the outcome of the relationship. Regardless whether you?re still communicating with them or not.

What is Love? Baby don?t hurt me, don?t hurt me, no more.


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